How to Make Family Exercise Fun for Kids

Are you thinking of ways to make family exercise fun for your kids? Are you having a hard time motivating them to do a physical workout? If so, then you should start planning fun and creative activities that would help your kids realize the value of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the keys to teaching kids the importance of proper nutrition and exercise is to emphasize maintaining a healthy body in their formative years. Expose your kids to the benefits of healthy living—a stronger body, increased confidence and having more energy for enhanced performance—in order for them to make exercise a regular part of their lives.

Make Physical Fitness Exciting and Enjoyable

Exercise is a word often associated with work. To inspire your kids to leave the sedentary clutches of the television, video game console or computer, plan physical workouts as family games and group outings. Children are energetic by nature, so try disguising fitness activities in a game format to make exercising fun and exciting. Let your kids correlate playing fun games with doing exercise.

Prepare Family Activities

Planning activities that involve the whole family is a great way to encourage your kids to exercise. Divide family members into teams and offer nutritious prizes for the winning squad. Have your kids invite their friends to join as well. Competitions motivate kids to work harder. Group games like basketball, soccer and volleyball will surely make your kids enjoy a family activity while also getting some much-needed exercise.

Think of Different Activity Options

Kids are easily distracted because they have a short attention span. Therefore, you should always provide your kids with a variety of physical activities that will not only maintain their interest levels, but will also help them learn which activities they enjoy the most. Plan an assortment of activities at regular intervals that will be appealing, interesting, challenging and fun to your kids. Mix things up often so each activity does not become boring and predictable. In addition, everyone, including your kids, has strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, think of activities that will bring out the best in each of your kids.

Set a Good Example

The best way to encourage your kids to exercise is to let them see you engage in fitness activities. Be a role model by making exercise a daily task. Children are keen observers. If your kids see you take interest in doing physical workouts, they will be more inclined to do fitness activities themselves. Reinforce the benefits of exercise by incorporating an active lifestyle in your kids’ everyday lives. For instance, instead of driving short distances to a local convenience store or to a friend’s house, tell your kids that you are going to walk because walking helps you to get more exercise. Set a good example, and let your kids see you enjoy the benefits of healthy living through exercise.


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