How Often You Should Do Cardio Pilates

When it comes to exercise routines, cardio Pilates really separates itself from the rest of the crowd. It is something that you can do everyday, while reaping the benefits of a dual workout. Essentially, cardio Pilates is an excellent way to combine the endurance and calorie burning effects of cardio with the core toning and strengthening that comes with Pilates. 

Mixing Cardio Pilates Into Your Routine

Now the thing with cardio is that it can get mundane and does not always work every part of your body that you are after. This is why a cardio Pilates workout is so beneficial. When you look at Pilates for beginners, you should always be warned that your muscles and core are going to be sore the day after a big workout. So, engage in Pilates activities every other day in order to give your body the rest you have earned.

What if You Want More?

Once you have the hang of cardio Pilates, and start to notice and feel the Pilates calorie burn, you are going to want to do it more often. Success with Pilates is very rewarding and will make you want to push yourself even further. Once you feel comfortable and are no longer worn out or sore after cardio Pilates, you can start working out more often. Unlike other exercise programs, there isn’t really any inherent danger in performing pilates movements everyday. The key to the process is variety.

Variety is the Spice of Life and Pilates

Joseph Pilates himself was an advocate for many variations of exercise programs. Get in tune with yourself; feel which muscles need to be worked harder and which are being overworked, and adjust your routine accordingly. If you crave Pilates everyday, which is common, it may be best to alternate between intense pilates movements one day and then a relaxing, less intense workout the next day. This can allow you to continue toning your body without struggling to get out of bed the next day.

The bottom line is that when it comes to cardio Pilates, it is best for beginners to alternate their Pilates workouts every other day. Once you begin to feel more comfortable, there really is nothing wrong with toning your core with daily Pilates. Just listen to your body, and get in touch with what it is telling you. If your muscles ache for a day off, reward them. You can only overwork yourself for so long before your body gives in.


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