How Having an Exercise Partner Can Increase Weight Loss

Having a dedicated and supportive exercise partner will not only make exercising more enjoyable, it will also help increase weight loss. It is important to find a well-rounded and goal -oriented exercise partner to facilitate your weight loss goals.


For many people, the fact that they are held accountable for their actions is the reasoning behind much of their behavior. For example, when you run a red light, a police officer will hold you accountable for your action and cite a ticket as your punishment. The same is true for working out. Having an exercise partner to hold you accountable will likely make daily choices regarding diet and fitness easier to decipher. Decide on a time to meet at the gym for a workout, the pool for water aerobics or the park for a job and stick with it. Hold one another accountable for being there to make time for exercise a priority. An exercise partner that is quick to cancel workout appointments or one that complains about the weight being to heavy will not help you lose weight. Instead, you might find yourself sitting at the corner doughnut shop together.


It’s likely that we have all experienced working out alone. What happens when those last two repetitions with the dumbbell are too tough? When you are tired after an hour of resistance training and you know you should do at least 30 minutes of cardio, but you don’t want to, what do you do? For many, the answer is simple: you quit. Having an exercise partner will give you the extra push to overcome these battles, making you recognize your full potential during a workout. It’s much easier to stay on the stair climber when you have a partner cheering you on. Having an exercise partner that encourage you to add more weight, do additional repetitions or jog one more mile will help increase your weight loss, endurance and strength.


A motivating exercise partner can help increase weight loss by acknowledging and recognizing your successes. They may notice simple accomplishments, such as improved form or balance and they may also notice when you’ve lost body fat. Because we, as humans, feed off of acknowledgment, it will be beneficial to hear your exercise partner praise you for your efforts. Positive reinforcement will help motivate you to continue your weight loss goals, even when the going gets tough or less than perfect. In addition, make sure that your exercise partner is willing to provide acknowledgment even if they, themselves, are not seeing progress. Having a jealous exercise partner that cannot acknowledge your successes in times of their standstill moments will not be beneficial.

Fresh Ideas

Just as two people alike, no two workouts are alike. You might be stuck in the same routine at the gym, whereas your exercise partner can bring some fresh ideas, providing new exercises. In addition, when you have a partner, you can them do fun and effective partner exercises to help burn calories and build strength.


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