How Air Fresheners and Scents Affect Your Diet

Although there is not a huge amount of research that has been done on the subject, many people believe that an air freshener can help you to lose weight. This may seem like a strange concept to many people, as air fresheners and other scents are not tied into food at all.

A set of preliminary studies on certain types of air fresheners and scents showed that people who have stopped to test out these scents when feeling hungry were inclined to lose more weight per month than other people who were attempting to diet but did not use scents. There are perhaps a number of different possible explanations for that. As with any other dieting strategy, the important thing to realize is the true mechanisms by which you lose weight, and to be aware of how much you’re eating at all times.

Scents and Hunger

Many companies will claim that they’ve created a scent or an aroma through an air freshener that can curb hunger pangs. It’s true that your sense of smell and your sense of taste are deeply linked; if you’ve had a bad cold, you’re likely to notice that foods in general just don’t taste as fulfilling. In these cases, you may be less likely to want to eat excessively. If the food doesn’t taste as good, why would you bother to eat it? Therefore, there is some basis for linking air fresheners and other scents in with your sense of taste, and since your sense of taste is related to your level of hunger, this may be a connection point.

In the preliminary studies that have been done, patients sampled a scent that was familiar to the food that they were interested in eating before they ate it, but after they had the craving or desire to eat it. By satisfying their sense of smell, they were oftentimes less hungry as well. Unfortunately, this may not be a practical at home solution, unless you have air fresheners and scents for every type of food that you might potentially want to eat at any given time.

Other Benefits of Air Fresheners

Another idea as to why air fresheners might be beneficial for your dieting strategy has less to do with the air fresheners themselves and more to do with the time that you’ll take to smell them. When you’re hungry, taking the time to stop your action and to do something else that is not directly related to eating is oftentimes beneficial. By smelling your air freshener instead of immediately grabbing the food that you were interested in, you give yourself the opportunity to think about what you were going to eat and, in many cases, to reconsider.

For more information about how scents can potentially help you to stop from eating compulsively or to manage your diet in a more effective way, speak with your doctor with any more questions you might have.


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