Having an Exercise Partner: Helpful or Detrimental to Your Fitness Routine

If you’re hoping to start working out regularly, you may be wondering if having an exercise partner would prove helpful or detrimental to your fitness routine. While there’s no singular answer, as much depends on your partner’s personality, you’re likely to find that having an exercise partner can be helpful to your fitness routine in a number of ways. If you ever believe that your exercise partner is detrimental to your fitness routine, don’t rule out finding another partner.

You Can Motivate Each Other

When you’re exercising alone, you only have yourself to answer to and it’s easy to find excuses to skip a day or two of working out. However, the more often you take a break from your regular fitness routine, the harder it is to find the motivation to get back on track. Another reason to stay motivated is that you’ll lose whatever endurance you’ve built and strength and fitness progress you’ve made if you take a long break or work out only for irregular periods.

When working out with an exercise partner, you can both keep each other on track. You can encourage each other to work out even on bad days and you can remind each other of the progress you’ve made. You may also feel guilty about letting your partner down, so you may not even bring up the idea of canceling a work out on your bad or busy days.

You Can Make the Time Pass Quickly

You may not look forward to a fitness routine simply because you feel bored or don’t want to “waste” the time. Working out alone can make the time pass by slowly. However, if you get along with your exercise partner, you can chat with each other and catch up as you workout. Not only is this multitasking so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting time, but it’s sure to make the experience more enjoyable and the time pass by quickly. Just be sure that you’re both paying attention if you’re handling potentially dangerous workout equipment.

You Can Celebrate Each Other’s Successes

When exercising alone, you may be too hard on yourself or lose sight of the progress you’ve made. You may also be overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you before you can reach your goals. When you have an exercise partner, you can more easily look at her progress from an outsider’s perspective. She can also see your progresses more clearly. You can celebrate each other’s successes every step of the way, further motivating each other to move forward.

When a Partner Is Detrimental

Despite all of the advantages of having someone with whom to exercise, there’s a possibility your partner can be detrimental to your fitness routine as well. This depends largely on her personality. If no amount of encouragement can convince your partner to stick to the routine or to celebrate her successes, she may not be the best choice for a partner. If you find yourselves arguing while working out instead of chatting about pleasant topics, you should look for another partner.


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