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Thank you Cat90


Who IS Richard Simmons???
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oops sorry've never heard of Richard Simmons he's a little diet guru who does' nt quite fit the bill because he is hardly buff but he is lots of fun and motivates people with his "cruise to lose" and exercise videos..i have one myself and you basically 'dance' away the fat he has a website:
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Originally posted by BritinNJ
You know someone told me that their WW leader told them to keep away from fizzy drinks, even diet ones as they have something to do with the bubbles that makes us retain something or other. prob fat cells or something. Really can't remember all she said, so maybe you being off it has done the trick?
I've just read this in a magazine.....
Does sparkling water give you cellulite?
The fuzzy stuff might be more interesting to drink, but if you're after baby smooth thights, it won't help. Sodium, added in the carbonating proccess, makes the body retain water. And if your've got cellulite , you need to get rid of water. Partly made of water, cellulite traps toxins that harden - and toxins in any food or drink can contrubute to the problem. While drinking lots of water might lessen cellulite by flushing toxins out, those who reach for a sparkling variety, where the sodium helps the body retain water, could be adding to the problem!

That's got to be the same for fizzy drinks as well as it's made by the same process?! So Teel giving up fizzy drinks has got to be a good move! no water retention or cellulite!!! How's you back?

LOL @ Cat.....only drinks beer
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Hmmm interesting Tulip Glad i don't drink it now..wonder if its the same for beer?

I have'nt been posting my stats here but i was down .5lb last week and 1lb this
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