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Success Story!!!
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Default Weekly Weigh-In 12/2 - 12/8

Hi guys, mind if I start this one this week? I lost 2 pounds, and noticibly lost in bulk as I put on my size 14 pants I've been saving since summer and they fit. I bought ahead when they were on sale my next size down. That was a goal for the year --- to be able to wear these pants.
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'0"


I hate to be the downer.. but I am gaining weight at a rapid speed. I feel like I'm driving a car with no brakes. It's a terrible feeling. I'm eating like it's cool
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JML _ WOO HOO!! That is terriffic!! Good for you!

I'm up again too. 293 again.

My husband said he thinks we in "first of the year" mode. Not cool!
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if only she'd lose weight
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S/C/G: 360/see ticker/180

Height: 5'7


I am holding steady & strong @ 300. No loss, no gain. I'm glad to have maintained over the Thanksgiving holiday, but now it's time to move my ***!!!
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JML... WAY TO GO!!!!!!
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S/C/G: 302/179/170

Height: 5'6"


i'll be an upper! i lost 3 pounds over the weekend, breaking the 20 pound mark. yay!

my remward? david took me out to chinese food for lunch today -- and i ate SO much less than i wanted to! so i am not overstuffed and i am proud.
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My weight has stayed the same AGAIN this week I must be doing something wrong I haven't lost anything for ages. Will have to work harder I think.
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hot mom wanna be!
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Hi everyone!
I have lost 7 pounds since Sunday! I weighed 250 on Sunday, 248 on Monday, 245.5 on Tuesday and 243 this morning! I know it sounds unbelievable but it's true. For the past month or two I have basically stayed the same weight within a pound or two- not REALLY trying to lose, just not gain. This week I have been sticking to 1400 calories and the weight (mostly all water I know) is coming off. I have been cutting back on salt too which is a biggie for me. Anyway I hope this isnt a cruel joke and the weight pops back up tommorow! I finally made the 70 POUND mark!

Congrats to gonzostar and JML!! JML you are doing super. I would be so psyched to be in those 14's. Right now I will be happy with size 20 and work on 18. Hey that's almost a "regular" size!
313/243/200 (70 pounds down)
43 to 200!!
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S/C/G: 320/210/180

Height: 5 feet 7 inches


I lost 1 pound. What wonder stress does on a holiday. LOL
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Lost 1.4 pounds this week, which I am plenty happy with! Puts my total weight loss at 92.4 pounds

Laura: CONGRATS!!! Who cares where the weight came from that you lost... you lost it & broke through that barrier! Keep it up!!!!
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You all really fascinate me. I will be reporting a loss next week!

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Congrats to you who have shown such great losses (7 pounds in one week! WOW!)
Hang in there for those who have gained.

Me, I cann't believe it, but I have actually lost weight in the last two weeks since I've weighed myself. I did not stay on plan, ate out way too much and celebrated the weddings, birthdays, and Thanksgiving holiday way more than I had planned. When I left Phoenix I was a unhappy 208 pounds, and today I am an amazed 206.
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Mind if I jump in here? I just posted my info on the bio sticky and I'm ready to join in, if there's room!

I had lost a respectable amount of weight since July and I too am seeing it start to creep back up! I keep sabotaging myself for the most incredibly stupid reasons. Can anyone relate?

Anyway, I weigh daily just to keep on top of things and this morning I was at 245. This is down about 2 pounds from last week. I'm pleased, but I haven't been doing what I need to as far as my eating goes so I know that it's only a matter of time before I start another upward swing...unless I get things back in check.

I'm looking forward to getting and giving some support here! Maybe now I'll go try to figure out how to do one of those signature thingies!

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S/C/G: 261/158/below 160

Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


I was really pleased to see 1.2 lbs. gone after Thanksgiving. Definitely not what usually happens during the holiday season.


Started WW on 10/11/02

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Congratulations to everyone who lost , and hang in there for everyone else

I didn't weigh myself at the beginning of the week due to my TOM.

Pleased to say I lost one more pound for a total of eleven pounds gone since 11/1.

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