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Old 07-11-2002, 10:22 AM   #106  
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Hoooo Booyyyy - What a day I have in store.
Went into my closet this morning and my clothes bar has fallen all the wall! Maybe a little too much weight? I knew I had too many clothes in there, but really, how rude to pull away and drop all those clothes onto the floor. It's time to put on my carpenter's hat and fix the sucker. I should also go through those clothes and put away the things I don't wear anymore.
Plus my hair appointment is at noon.
The taxi motor is warming up to take babygirl to gymnastics and other DD to the ortho for a check-up. Wish me luck!

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Just a quick post, I forgot yesterday was Wednesday. I did weigh though. Didn't lose anything but didn't gain either. I didn't weigh this morning but feel like I must have lost a ton of water. Was in the bathroom all day and all night. I upped my water intake and I think that must be making a definate impact. Obviously, I haven't been drinking enough.

We have a family reunion to go to this week-end in East TX so I'm hoping I don't sabotage myself too bad. They usually have a few things that are OP (bbq chicken, salad). Hopefully, I'll be able to steer clear of the goodies.

Happy BD to the birthday girls!!

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I'm about to start the lasted "Left Behind" book, so if you don't see me on here for a couple of days, my nose is in the book.
Gotta fix that closet first, tho.

Later guys.
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Happy Thursday Everyone! (are you sure it's not Friday).

Did not sleep at all last nite, boy am I dragging today. Got to sleep around 11, DD got in from Fla around 12:30, could not get back to sleep, she was walking around putting things away and the floor was creaking something horrible. We walked late last nite (3 miles) an I had already walked my 2 miles in the morning. My legs were really tired and they hurt all nite. I finally fell asleep around 2:30 or so. It was really hard to get up at 5:15 to get my walk/job in. I drug my lazy arse out of bed. It was hard to jog too much, my feet and legs were tired and hurt. Did have to cut off the last block. Needed to lay down for 15 before getting ready for work. It's early to bed tonite.

Now to catch up.

Jred, Congrats on the lose fitting pants. Sometimes we hav to measure success by how our clothes fit instead of the numbers on the scale.

Heartmom, WTG on getting rid of that 5 pounds. Who cares if it is water, it is still 5 less pounds on that scale.

Deb, Going bargain hunting today since you have a free day? Hope you enjoy it. I'm not one that likes being alone. I get bored to easily.

Sheann, What wonderful news agout your son and DIL. I truly hope they can work things out. Especially when there are kids involved. Will continue to keep them in my prayers. WTG on recommiting to this WOE. I am half way thru the SB book myself again. Sometimes you just need to re-read it to get you focused again.

Rosalie, Nice going at the BBQ. Sometimes, all that food doesn't even bother you. Sounds like you went prepared.

Gracious, Your new haircut sounds cute. It is nice when you pay so much for soemthing that you end up liking it. Sometimes those stylist can really give you a far out hair-do. I don't think they even look at you to see how you wear your hair when you walk in. Hope you had a great bday. Regarding the IQ test, GIRL POWER!!

Mercy, Almost 15 pounds. That is great. Keep up the good work. Do you have alot to lose?

BKM, Nice to hear from you. It sounds like youhave been very busy. Bummer about your niece. We used to have a cockapoo too. She looked more like a cocker than a poodle though. Her name was Truffles. My DH adored her.

Music Teach, Cute wallpaper, Is that Indians? I love Pooh, very cute. Sounds like you have had a busy week. It's nice to be productive.

Bob, I'm a true-blooded Kentuckian, I did not find anything to relate to in your joke. LOL You are giving us a bad rep.

Sef, Your chicken sounds good. I need to find some legal crock-pot recipes. I hate trying to come up with soemthing to fix for dinner. If I don't that leads to trouble.

Quilter, Glad your sickness didn't last very long. Yum, salmon patties. Haven't had them in years. My mom made the best but mine doesn't taste like hers. I have been craving fish too. Glad you like your new stove. The lady who lost all that way really did have a big life change. She would never go out of the house or even let friends in to visit. Now she is a physcologist at at University here and she iw working with overweight children. What a remarkable change.

Country, That's almost 5 miles a day. I think that is awesome. I wish I could get that much in. Keep up the good work.

Songbird, Thanks for the link on the article, will check it out. Come back and join us. We would love to have you.

Serene, Red wine is legal according to the book. I don't like it b/c it is soo dry. I usually dring a white ziffendale. Hasn't really bothered me yet. If you figure out a way to drink those margaritas let me know, I really miss them. WTG on the 1.5 loss. Stay legal this week and hopefully you won't see a gain from the binge. Good luck.

Jred, I had the same thing happen in my DD closet, It feel 2 times before we finnaly got it anchored. What a nusiance. Have a great day.

Trish, Plan ahead for the reunion. Take something you can eat, take along some bread and triscuits to dip. Plan now to be 100% OP and you can do it. Have fun.

Fillise, I'm looking forward to the new SB book. Hope they have added some things (other than carrots). Going to check out the article in Times. Rosie & Oprah have really gained their weight back. With their money and being in the public eye so much, you would think they would have better success. I need to keep my SB book on hand too. I won't lend it to anyone.

Jenn, I hope you have good luck at the Dr's. Can't wait to see that new hair-do.

Gracious, Wow you are kicking some butt. 7 lbs. Keep up the good work.

Have a great day. Hope I can check in later. Tomorrow is DH birthday and I need to get out tonite and buy something. Men are so hard to buy for. Need to get to grocery. I have almost no food in the house. Probably be Sat before I do that.

PS. I just had to fill out a form for health insurance. It was sure nice to be able to put down a decent wt instead of my "other wt" for a change.


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Old 07-11-2002, 01:08 PM   #110  
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Hi y'all. Hope y'all are staying cool today. Things are back to normal now. With all the painting done and everything put away. Didn't get up early enough to walk. I'm taking advantage of my summer break. I did do the WATP 2 mile tho. so good for me.

JACK-K: Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. Wow! that made 5 miles yesterday. WTG!

JEANIE: I love those books. This isn't a new one is it? I didn't think there was another one out yet.

TRISH: Have fun at your reunion. It's hot here too, just not so much rain.

GRACIOUS: WTG on those 2 pounds and especially on being down 7 pounds from vacation.

JENN: Hope your dr. visit goes well. Maybe he'll have a clue as to why you're feeling sluggish.

QUILTER: Have y'all finished the kitchen yet? I've been slow on catching up on the board so I may have missed something. I told my kids that they couldn't redo their rooms till they were old enough to do it themselves. Too much work.

SERENE: WTG on that 1.5 loss.

COUNTRY: 13 miles in 3 days????? Man you're doing great.

Gotta go. Sorry I didn't get to everyone. Maybe later.
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Well, I weighed this morning and it said 230.5. So I am officially back on track(yay). Since Saturday, I have not cheated not one bit. I think I have stuck to SB 110%. I am so proud. Usually the weekend is my downfall. But not this time! I can't wait until next WIW when I will be back in the 220's. BTW- someone said it was 8 pounds I lost- not yet, but as of today it is 5 1/2 pounds(all of which I had gained back,lol)
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Old 07-11-2002, 01:52 PM   #112  
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hi everyone,

My DH and I went to the Outback last night. I got the Alice Spring Chicken. I think it was legal.....bit cheesy but good. I also got the sweet potato (no butter or brown sug). I ate half last night and half for lunch today.

I had my DH take a pic of me since the one on my bio was so small.

Look no more double chin!!! LOL

Hope the pic loads.


Ok It did'nt work....Its on the bio page if anyone wants to take a peek.

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Old 07-11-2002, 02:08 PM   #113  
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Angry Happy Thursday.....

I am shoving salad down my gullet and trying to cool off from my workout. I just rode the bike for 30 minutes, then got kicked off by others waiting for a bike – so I did stomach crunches (75), my stomach is sore from all the crunches I have been doing every day…I am on a deviled egg kick! I have been using Light Mayo – and I don’t over fill them with the yolk mix – so hopefully they are a bit lighter on the fat than the normal recipe….

Gracious – the WATP – can you explain it a little to me? Is it walking in place? I am interested because it sounds like something I could have at home for the days when the weather is rainy and/or too hot….and my Gram can do it too…..but most of all, DS can do it with me on those lazy days we don’t want to go out Think of me while your eating those strawberries – how I love those berries!!! Way to GO!!!!!! You are doing great losing!!!!

Music – Good going on the exercise!!! You know painting, home improvements always brighten up my life – I love it when I accomplish something in the house….the colors for the rooms and border looked great!

Jack-K – You are doing great with the exercise!!!!! Don’t push yourself too hard that you get hurt! I wish I could get up early enough to go out in the mornings, but there is just no possible way unless someone drug my tushy out of the bed and out the door – which won’t be happening at my house - hahahaa

Songbird – Thank you for sharing the Times’ article….

Trish – Hope you have a good time at your reunion and are able to stay OP!!!

JRed – Good luck with your day – and fixing the closet – what a pain in the rump for that bar to fall – Hope you like your hair and see you when you finish your book

Jenn - Hope your visit with the doctor’s is successful in helping you!!!

Fillise – I saw the front of the magazine with Rosie and Lara Flynn Boyle, but have not had a chance to read it – If only I looked like Lara Flynn Boyle!!!!

Quilter – I am jealous of your weather!!!! I go outside and vavoom – soaked! The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Serene – Great going on the weight loss!!! Keep up the good work!!! And, you can come over for salad any time – I can use you as my food tester/critic for the new salads I want to try!!!
Mercy – glad you niece is finished and okay with her surgery. Gallbladder surgery was not an easy one for me – so I can sympathize – hopefully she had the scope surgery and will be all healed up quickly!

Country – Wow, you are really getting the miles in – that is great!!! Keep up the good work!!!! 140 pounds is not a bad goal – and means only 16 more for you to get to!!! Not bad!!!!

Chris – Dinner sounds yummy – good job in keeping legal!!!! Very pretty picture – it is not too small at all….your right, No double chin!!!!! Yeah!!!!

better get to work - Bye

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Old 07-11-2002, 05:18 PM   #114  
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TRANQUIL-The tapes are called *Walk Away the Pounds* and they are by Leslie Sansone. They are individual tapes that are different lengths and times. The 1 mile is only 18 minutes long, 2 miles is 30 minutes and the 3 miles is 47 minutes. Each includes a warm down and stretch in those times.

I really like them a lot because I find her motivating and they fit into my lifestyle of being home with the kids. I do them during the day and sometimes the kids try to do them along side of me, which is fun for all of us. You can personalize each workout by adding heavier weights or using the weights throughout the entire workout.

There is *walking on the spot*, side steps, kicking back, front kicks, knee ups and a combination of arm movements where she targets different muscle groups. There is a focus on keeping your balance and using you trunk muscles as well. An all around good full body type workout that can be done at home. You don't need much space, just move the coffee table out of the way and you are grooving!

You might be accustomed to a more intense workout, I am not sure of your exercise habits. Perhaps it is best to see it first. I would recommend the 3 mile tape though. It is the most intense and you feel like you got a good workout from it when you are done. For those who are just starting to exercise I recommend the 1 mile tape. It gets you up and moving and that is what counts. The 2 mile is a happy medium but like I said earlier, I use them all depending on the time of day and in different combinations.

Hope this helps.
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Old 07-11-2002, 06:53 PM   #115  
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Hi all

Just a quick post to say all is well my neice came home today. Thanks so much for the support from you wonderful guys.

Gracious- My husband has been Pastoring at this church for 5 years. We have 2 boys they 12 and 9 year old.

Jack K- Yes I have alot of weight to lose about 80 more pounds.
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Old 07-11-2002, 09:13 PM   #116  
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Hi all-
I am still alive and kicking - but have been way, way off course. Can I come back on board? We went away for the 4th, and for some unknown reason I scarfed away more M&Ms/raisin/cashew trail mix than I would have every imagined. And - anything else in sight! So, I come grovelling back, once again. Yup - tire tracks all over me from that dang wagon!!!
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Old 07-11-2002, 09:45 PM   #117  
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Default Great walk...

I had one of the best walks of my life tonight. Did I burn up the miles or beat speed records...nope. But I had the sweetest time with my youngest. He alternated between holding my hand and running like the wind. We stopped long enough to grab some blue bells on the way home. I'll attach a picture at the bottom for those who have never seen them. They grow wild on my ten acres..the whole pasture is full in late spring and summer.

The sun looked like a giant orange ball as it slowly sank in the sky. Tator said he wanted to watch it set because it was so beautiful. The storm clouds were rolling in quick so we only made it 20 minutes and .9 miles...but what great minutes they were.


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Old 07-11-2002, 10:19 PM   #118  
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Boogie hit something on the keyboard that made my print on the computer really big! I have hit all the keys trying to get it back to normal and nothing has worked. HELP!
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Old 07-11-2002, 10:31 PM   #119  
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Evening All

Just a quickie to tell you all I didn't die and go to shopper's heaven! Left the house around 9:30ish this morning and didn't get home til after 8pm - too pooped to post, so will try to catch up tomorrow.


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Red face Good Night

Well I am getting tired now, just finished cleaning the kitchen, the Flylady would be proud, folding laundry, and time to crawl up the stairs to my bed.....

Gracious - thank you, and I am going to check into finding an inexpensive one of the 3 mile tape - since I have been exercising so much - the 3 mile sounds like the perfect one.....

JBug - Welcome back - Here's to you jumpin' on the wagon and getting back on track!!!

Heartmom - Hope you get things back to normal with the computer....

Country - that sounds like a delightful walk - and the picture was very pretty! I understand the specialness of your walk - those are what take us away from the stresses of the day and remind us of the precious innocence of our children.... Mine is with his dad tonight - so tomorrow morning he will be back....

Deb - Hello......

Night, Sabrina
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