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I cheated the 4th and at least 1 or more days to follow, but back on track now! 6 18.75%
I feel like road kill, the wagon went over me, but today, I'm back on track! 5 15.63%
Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! I need an appt. at the DD! 4 12.50%
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Thank you all for the picture compliments. I love my hair cut, too. It's due for trimming and highlight touch-up on Thursday. It's a little longer than I prefer in the photo. It's so easy to care for: just scrunch(?) and blow-dry (while hanging my head upside down!).

Laurie: Congrats on the recaptured weight. It does feel good to have progress. How's our Boogie?

Trish: WTG on the smaller sizes. I am actually wearing a pair of size 12 shorts this summer. Haven't seen that size in several years. It's really funny how different stores' clothes are sized. I bought some size 10 pants at a friend's shop and some size 14 shorts at SteinMart. Go figure.

Here's my Tuesday Tip: one of the good things I remember from my JC days.
How to curb a binge or at least keep it small:
Prepare a serving size of whatever you are craving, put it on a plate and go sit down at the table to eat it and eat it slowly (see tip below). Wait 15 to 20 minutes. If you still want to eat, prepare one more serving as before, go sit down to eat it. This does work.

One more tip from JC: Put your fork or spoon down on your plate when there's food in your mouth. Do not pick the fork or spoon up until you have chewed and swallowed. When there's food in the mouth, there's no fork in the hand. This slows down your eating and gives your brain and stomach time to converse with one another about being full!

Later, people. I've got some household chores to do.

Poopsie Bubblekisser
196/162(TOM surprise)/130
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Default Good afternoon...

Eating is going well, not no meat like I had hoped but doing good on all other fronts. Walked 3 miles yesterday morning and one in the evening. We got 3 in this morning but it was slower due to the heat. The scales were MEAN...ugh...oh well can't cry over the numbers. Will weigh in tomorrow..know I'm doing the right things and move on from there. I found this neat article. ...

Pathway to Healing
Natural remedies for optimal health

Corn Tops List of Foods Triggering Symptoms of Arthritis
By Dr. Cherry

Are you aware that if you suffer from arthritis you should avoid corn?
That's right. Several studies have implicated corn (and its derivative
corn oil) as a major food contributing to arthritic symptoms. Although
we are still not exactly sure how, it is suggested that certain people
may have allergies to corn and these allergic reactions may trigger the
immune system in a way that contributes to arthritic symptoms.

`````````````````````````````````````````````````` `

Well off to finish cooking before it gets hot. Sorry no individual post lately. The time as been moving at break neck speed this summer.


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Default Happy Tuesday!

Gracious – That is a great treat to go get hair done, etc. – I like those treats, and they always make you feel so much better. Glad you had a good anniversary!

Trish – It is miserably humid and hot this summer here as well. I have to run out after work and get more chicken cutlets – I am addicted to this salad I made now! Hahaha – that and deviled eggs – which I made with the Lite mayo – yummy.

Quilter – Working out at the gym has become part of my routine – I am comfortable at the gym, starting to know the people there, and I don’t feel right if I don’t go….then when I get home, my hound will “roo” at me to go for a walk – she knows that after we eat dinner, we normally go for a walk – she starts bouncing all over the place….so I cannot say “No” to my pupper!!! Plus, my Gram depends on me to be her walking partner as well… and I don’t want to let her down because she does so much for me.

Country – thank you for posting your recipe – I am going to try making it for Wednesday night….

VaFly – Sadly, the cute man was not in the pool today – so I read a magazine and there was an interesting article in this month’s Allure about different diets – it showed before and after pictures and described the diet, etc. I really don’t like the whole wheat pasta myself…it does have that cardboard taste….

Deb – Well the next time you go for an annual – you should mention it to them that once a month before TOM you throw up….at least ask if that is a normal thing… ease “our” collective minds

Quiv – You can do it!!!

Country – Wow – you really are doing well with the walking!!! Keep up the good work!

Well, hello to those I missed, and hello to those who have not posted…. I need to get busy here at the office and work…..

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Boy, I only got on the board once yesterday and late today and I am really behind. Looking for rain here today, hopefully. It's been in the 90's. I got my walk in yesterday and today and still had time to come home and do my weight training. It is nice to get it out of the way early. I have added some jogging to my routine so I hope it helps.

I shouldn't be on here, so busy at work, but just couldn't stay away.

Yellow Rose, it was nice to hear from you. Glad your are doing well. Hope you can get back on board soon.

Gracious, Happy Anniversary! Your evening sounds lovely. What a nice DH. Enjoy.

CountryMom, What a bummer about the new scale. I think I would stick to the old one LOL. Good luck on jump starting your wt loss. That will be a lot of walking.

Serene, Glad you are back on the wagon. Sit tight this time. Sometimes those binges just aren’t worth it.

Chris, On your dressing recipe, I don’t think rice vinegar is legal either. But someone may know more than me.

Trish, WTG on getting into a smaller size. It does make you feel good.

VA Butterfly, You can eat fruit with your food. It is only if you have digestive problems you should refrain. I always eat fruit with my lunch. Glad you had a nice 4th. I didn’t like the ww pasta, so I bury the 100% duram semolina. It’s supposed to be legal and we can’t tell the difference. Try Classico sauces. They are good & legal.

Tranquil, Glad you are also back on the wagon. You and Serene are supposed to support each other, not get into trouble together. Boy talk about occupying your mind while you exercise. That is the best. Your lunch is making me hungry,

Sef, Glad your DIL made is back safely. It is nice for GC to visit with relatives.

TV, Sorry you are feeling so down. You probably should get back on your meds. Sorry can’t help with the hysterectomy problems, haven’t had one yet.

Sef, No my friend wasn’t shocked. They all know what I am doing and are very supportive. They always try to have something for me to eat. It also helps me stay legal, because I would be embarrassed to eat off P and them know it. I would feel like I was failing.

Heartmom, WTG on losing those 3 added pounds. Maybe try spreading out your carbs. I really try to stick to 2, but sometimes I have to have 3, but I have them each at a different meal.

Bob, Great idea, Call Deb’s mom. Maybe that will get her there. Hope you feel better soon. It’s not the same without your wit and wisdom.

Mercy, Man you have had a roller coaster of emotions, wedding funeral, hospitals, You need a break. Congrats on staying OP. Hope your niece is feeling better.

Jred, Loved the pic of your and Beth. You are 2 cuties. It is great that you got to meet each other.

Quilter, on the carbs, try to plan ahead. I start with my dinner. If I don’t have any carbs planned, then I see what I can have for lunch. If I still don’t have carbs planned, then I eat cereal and toast for BF. Or eggs for BF and a sandwich for lunch. I usually don’t have carbs for dinner unless it’s pasta. Good luck. Enjoy the show.

Fillise, Hope you have a good day. You can do it. Hang in there.

Gracious, Happy Bday to you. You should treat yourself. How nice. Glad you had a nice anniversary.

Deb, Glad you are feeling better today. Is it ever going to stop raining?

Quiv, Glad you are back on track. Those carbs can kill you. I have been off salads for about 2 weeks. I was eating them for lunch every day and just got sick of them. They always taste better out then home made.

Toni, In case I don’t get on tomorrow, Have a great birthday. And a good WIW.

Jred, Thanks for the tips. Will have to try them.

Country, Thanks for the tip on corn and arthritis. I have RA and since doing SB it is better. Don’t know if it is the corn, sugar or just the weight loss itself. I will pass this on to a fried you has some kind of arthur, but hasn’t been officially diagnosed yet.

Hope the scale is good to everyone tomorrow. Have a great evening everyone.

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Hi ladies,

Just placed my vote next to the roadkill answer and need to read back on 4 pages of posts.

I did make my daughter's cake yesterday for her birthday, and I did partake in a small piece. It was heath bar cheesecake and it really didn't taste all that great. Maybe that's a good sign. Everyone else loved it. BTW, have I ever mentioned that I live in a houseful of skinny-minis? I weigh more than my 6'3" son.

I've been perusing the zillion other places out in cyberspace to find more info on perimenopause, natural progesterone cream, and progesterone deficiency. It's very interesting and eye opening. And today I see that the NIH has taken away any endorsements of HRT. There is so much to learn. I'm convinced women get the short end of the stick when it comes to medical issues.

Stopped in town for a quick hair trim before I had to pick up my daughter from track. Why are the stylists so scissors-shy? I asked for a 2' trim but she kept insisting that I only need 1 inch off. It's naturally curly (I hate it) and she said it would be too short. I'm one of those types that feel that if you p*ss off the stylist, she'll really give you a bad cut just so she can say I told you so. This was one of those walk in places. It looks ok. Chicago is having lots of heat and humidity, so with my type of hair, it just looks frizzy anyway.

Fly-In regards to the YaYa's movie...the movie was a combination of the 2 books that she wrote: Divine Secrets and Little Altars Everywhere. Nothing ever compares to great books, but the movie was very good.

I'm off to do more laundry. Take care all you SB mama's!
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Hi Everyone

Hope you are all having a good Suguar Busting day! I see that the board has been very busy the last couple of days and it's been a few days since I have posted so there is no way I can catch up. I messed up a bit on the weekend - I was at a barbecue for my grand daughter's nineth birthday. I had a barbecued spiced sausage on a ww bun. It was a large one - I haven't eaten that many carbs at one sitting in a long time. I also had some birthday cake which was all ice cream. Only a small piece though. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit salad as well. Yesterday and to-day so far eating has been good. I had chicken and salsa with broccoli and cauliflower for lunch and will be having chili for dinner with a salad. Just have to keep my hand out of the trail mix snack bag later. I did a little exercise to-day - about 1/2mile of WATP and 1.5 miles on the stationery bike. Didn't want to overdo it as I am going to badminton this evening and I may go for a quick swim afterwards. There is a swimming pool in the communuity centre where I am going this evening so will be a good way of cooling down after badminton.

Fly - Have you tried the Classico pasta sauces? Most of these have no added sugar. This is what I use and find it as good as the other sauces. Check the labels though if you try it as a couple of the varieties do have sugar added. I've used the Sundried Tomato and Tomato and Basil. I have the Red Wine and Herb but haven't tried it yet. You said that the legal pasta didn't taste good. What brand do you use? I use the Catelli Healthy Harvest. This is the only one I have seen in the stores so can't compare it to any other but I really prefer it now to the regular pasta. I gave a lasagna dish to my dd recently and got no complaints from the kids. So I assume they didn't notice any difference. I do think the difference in taste though is less noticable in lasagna than in spaghetti.

CountryMom - I had the same problem as you with a new scale. Mine was 5.5 pounds heavier than my old one. I started off just deducting that amount and staying with the old numbers but that got tedious so decided to go with the new numbers. So I upped my starting numbers so I can still see the total number of pounds lost since starting SB.

Have a good day everyone.

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HiedieHo All!!!

Have just been busy with this and that so have to play catch up here.

MERCY: You have been busy! And you stayed OP to boot! Hope all is well with your niece.

JRED: Two pretty young women! How nice your DD and her GM made a quilt. One of the great disappointments in my life is neither of my children share the interests my DH and I had/have. My DD learned to crochet with her aunt. She made a granny square afghan, entered it in the Junior Division at the fair, won first prize and never did another stitch again! Neither of my kids are readers, crossworders, etc. But they have other interests and are wonderful! The bathroom my GD and I share has a Wyland motif. The walls are painted to tones of sea blue divided by a Wyland border paper. The shower curtain is a Wyland mural. The vanity accessories are dolphin inspired. My Gd had a picture and a plate of undersea scenes and they are on wall, as they are what inspired her.

QUILT: I am keeping the pictures 5 x 7, except for a couple like the one and only family picture we had taken professionally.
Just think how proud you'll be when you sit back and admire your kitchen and know that you did it! You'll forget the sore knees then!

GRACIOUS: Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary. You're worried about 34 being close to 40!?! Age has never bothered me. You start getting older the day you're born and it continues all your life so why sweat it. I never lie about my age either, I figure everyone will know anyway it'll be on my tombstone! I didn't believe the tip about spraying your nails, but was desperate enough to try it one day. I think it was a tip from Heloise.

VA: I make my own sauce. Saute some green pepper, onion, garlic in non stick skillet or use a little olive oil. Put in crock pot, add a couple of cans diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce. Then you can add chicken sausage, ground meat, whatever. Season with Italian spices to taste. No real recipe just wing it. My family wasn't happy with some of the bought legal sauces so I did this and they liked it. Diced tomatoes give more texture than stewed tomatoes. You could use plum tomatoes, whatever suits tyour fancy. I used the Classico and liked them, but kids didn't and sometimes it's a pain to cook two different menus.

COUNTRY: Don't know if it's the lack of corn or not but my arthritis does not bother me as much as it did before SB. Could be the 60# loss, but it started to be better before that much of a loss.

JACKK: You know you're right! I always find it a little easier to stay OP in front of people, would not want them to think I am a shirker, which I can be!! I guess I'm a closet cheater!

GYM: I always complained that beauticians were scissor happy! I never wanted it too short and I always came out with it shorter than I asked! We are never happy with the way we look!

Well, this isn't getting anything done. Have some paper work for HFH I have to do. Our meeting is Thursday night.

Hello to anyone I missed!

Take care all. Shirley
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Help! I need a Tuesday tip. The new page is huge on my browser. I can't read responses without moving the page back and forth so I can read an entire sentence. It is annoying!

Is this happening to everyone--or can anyone advise me on what I have done to my browser and how to fix it? I'm not having this problem on any other website.

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How odd--when my reply posted it was fixed. Then I noticed I was on page two (I used the quick reply box--am using it now too). Page two seems to be fine, the problem is only on page one. Oh well--at least I can read all your posts again!

So far so good today. It's been busy and I have a meeting tonight after which I will probably go out to dinner. I'll do my best to stay on track.

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SUSAN...I think it was the pictures ...mine was big on page 3 and then over to 4 and voila it was fixed!!!


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Hi all!!

I can't believe we are on page 4 already!!! Wow. I've had a pretty good day so far as far as eating is concerned. I have got to get my exercise routine together. Iuse to walk everyday then got so busy so I haven't been consistent in about 3 weeks (too long). My neice is having surgery tommorrow so I know she will be feeling better soon. I am looking forward to chat tonight. So I am making dinner and getting ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Gracious- I'm gald you enjoyed your anniversary. Yes my husband is a Pastor. We will have to talk sometime. I hope you have a wonderful birthdayand enjoy your new hairdo.

J-red- Your pictures are very nice. The 2 of you look great!!

Trishaloo- Thanks, I'm praying all goes well for my neice.

Tony48-- Don't worry about me. I'm going to rest and do nothing this evening after I make dinner.

Jack-K- I see you are really on track with your exercising. Keep up the good work,

Well have a nice evening everyone!! Hoping to talk with you at chat tonight.
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Default Tuesday night!

Well girls, I really didn’t feel well at all today. Upset tummy. Started yesterday afternoon feeling really bad, but made it through the day. This morning hit me HARD. I felt exhausted after an entire night’s sleep. And the belly rumblings were still going on and being very inconvenient. I made it to work and lasted abotu 2 hours and said, enough. Came home and slept and had a little something to eat. Have to tell you that I did eat some soda crackers today. It’s the thing that can really help me with an upset tummy. Sorry for the cheat, but I felt I had to get my belly well. What do you all do with an upset belly?

So here’s the bad news: I don’t feel well enough to go to the concert tonight. BUMMER!!! So I guess I’ll be on the chat afterall.

DEB---What a great motivational thought from yesterday. I loved the line about every weakness can be a point of strength at the VERY MOMENT we decide to overcome it!!! That is so empowering!!! Viva la Ralph Marston!

CHRIS---Awesome job at the party withstanding all the yummies!!! I think that it must have been great to HEAR how wonderful your cake was rather than TASTE it. Good job!!!

FILLISE---One of my girlfriends bought that article from the Times magazine. I left it on my desk and haven’t had time to read it yet. Thanks for sharing part of it.

GRACIOUS---Congrats on the 13th wedding anniversary. Hope you had a lovely romantic time. So glad to hear that your “no starchy carbs” is working to get you back where you were. Is this going to be a permanent change or will you allow yourself 1-2 servings a day after you get past your vacation damage?

CM4H---Are you going to get enough protein this week? Make sure that if you are leaving out the meat that you are stocking up on beans. Toot toot toooooot!!!!

SERENE---Glad to hear that you are feeling back to normal. This morning I officially gave up alcohol. (I do that a lot!) Maddie-girl is doing well. She scared the guys who delivered the stove today. It was funny. I went out on the front porch and she’s behind me doing her miss bad *** bark and you should have seen them back up. Kind of funny. Of course, as soon as they walked through the door, she took off for the bedroom to hide! Miss Ferocious. How is your gang of 4-legged children? What are their names?

TRISH---Hey! Congrats on losing so many sizes and in PANTS no less!!! Go get the movie Oh Bro Where art Though? It’s so great! I had to watch it twice to really “get” it. And if you like the music, there’s a documentary called Down from the Mountain that you would LOVE!!!

FLYGIRL----Aren’t you a sweet!!! How nice! My kitchen walls are a wonderful light shade of sage . . . kind of like a pistachio!! Our cabinets are a honey color and we put that new fake brick flooring on. Oh and the accent color that looks great with the green walls is kobalt blue. So it’s green, blue and then white woodwork and appliances. Hey, I’ve got my fingers cross that your dh sticks with this woe. It will be so much easier for you if he stays on with you. Tell him that all those diets advertised on tv DO NOT WORK. And that even if you do lose weight on them, you will gain it all back and more. So I sure hope he gets that a slow loss is the way to go. Perhaps you all should hide the scales for a while.

TRANQ---That chicken salad you made sounded wonderful!!!! I am looking for all sorts of new ways to grill since we just got a new outdoor grill. I loved your description of your pup “rooing” at you for a walk. We can’t even say the word “walk” we have to spell it. I think she’d eventually going to learn how to spell it. I am so happy to hear that your workout has become a daily habit. That’s so great!!!!

JACK-K---Girl, you are awesome!!!!! Thanks so much for your tips on handling the carbs. Your planning ideas are fantastic!!!! I know one thing that will help me and that’s to stock up on cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese and it’s about the only thing that would substitute my “need/want” for some carbs. Like my first thing I would choose would be some triscuits and then the second would be a toasted ww pita with butter on it. So I really need to get some cottage cheese to take care of needing a snack.

JRED---Did I tell you that the pics were great? Glad that you got it enlarged so we could see it better. I know what you mean about not being able to get to the remodeling. We’ve lived here since 93 and I finally had enough of that pink kitchen. But it’s really tough waiting. Personally, I would have preferred that we hire the pros to gut the room and start from the base. So anyway, we opted for this cheaper/quicker version of an update. Sometimes a coat of paint will make a world of difference. I’m hoping really hard for you that your DH is able to find work real soon. That’s a bad spot to be in.

FILLISE---Way to get rid of the illegal stuff in your house. You have made it SOOOOO much easier for yourself. Not to be sounding like a cliche, but just keep saying “no thanks” to the temptations. And pretty soon, you won’t even consider them. Be sure to share what’s in the Rosie mag about weight. I know she’s struggled with her body image for a long time.

Well, I’m sorry if I missed anybody. I went through the posts from yesterday pretty fast. I just hate to not give you all the time that you deserve. But it’s hard when you get behind. So anyways, now it’s time for the chat. I hope we don’t have any trouble getting

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Me again! Just wanted to apologize to the girls on the chat. KimmyTK had the frozen computer and called me. So I just finished up with her. So I'm sorry I left the chat so abruptly. We had to make plans for our meeting this week. She's bringing her digital camera, so she'll have a pic to post MUCH sooner than if I had to actually get film developed and then scan the pic.

Okay, hugs to you all. And a wish for a HAPPY, HAPPY day tomorrow!!!
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Height: 5'8"


How do I get into chat? I clicked the chat button and a message popped up saying someone with my user name was logged into the chat?
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Just a quickie...

Wasn't able to get on the computer tonight, Michael had some homework (already) and you know that with me, as I'm sure it is with anyone with kids, homework comes first over Mom wanting the computer. Sorry to of missed chat as well

Will have to try and catch up tomorrow, way past my bedtime already, but waited til he was finished to get on here and give you all a hello

Least you forgotten TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!! I wish us all good luck with the metal monster!!!!

"Talk" to you tomorrow!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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