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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 4/8-4/14

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, I think it's another good one!!!


Right now you can take one step, one clear and unambiguous step, toward whatever it is that you most desire. Situations and circumstances may seem to work against you, yet nothing can stop you from taking at least one positive step forward.

When tomorrow dawns, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're already well underway. Then take another step, and suddenly you've created a powerful momentum.

You can get anywhere you wish to go by moving toward it every opportunity you get. One step after another will surely get you there. Yes, it would be nice to make big leaps, and perhaps you'll have the opportunity to do so along the way. In the meantime, though, keep taking one step after another.

Even on days when the going gets rough, there's a way to move forward at least one step. Keep in mind that you've taken those steps before and you can surely do it again.

Put time on your side, and put momentum on your side. Take one step forward every chance you get, and you'll end up getting wherever you want to go.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default Definitely a Motivational Monday

Love that quote!!!

Well I got on the scale a little early - I have an obsession with the scale - it was calling to me!!! Well the first week has passed and I lost 1.5 lbs! I just think of it as a 1.5 lb block of butter, and it really makes me smile!!!! Last night was so beautiful here in North Florida, that I took a good brisk long walk with my hound. My house is spotless and I have too much energy! Now everyone will have to watch out for me at work I might clean their acts up too

Thanks to this board, just reading all your posts has helped me - it keeps me thinking that I can do it, I can do it!!!

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Default Monday

After a weekend where I undid everything I had accomplished the whole previous week, that was a great motivational quote. How in the world can 1 1/2 days = a 3lb gain??? I even did cardio and ran on Saturday morning before starting my slide. Oh well, this is a new week, and I resolve to not let the weekends get out of hand again!

Deb- Welcome back!!!! of course we missed you and need you. If you doubt it, read the posts from last Friday on. There's a great big wagon circling the continent! Hope you had fun, from the reports by FROG and Monet, you did.

Sef- You missed your true calling in life. A fire and brimstone preacher, with naughty jokes thrown in . Enjoyed your sermon.

Frog- If I were you, I would take a "rest week", but try to eat clean with maybe a few treat meals. I came back really rested for C2, only lost a little bit in the lifting capabilities, actually felt leaner (I did run a few times which I'd missed) and really couldn't wait to start C2. I had a great first week, though you wouldn't know it by my behavior this week-end! I really think you need the break from the routine and regimentation. Just don't make it one long free day- I kept SB legal the whole time as well. Just MHO.

time to go to the bus stop and walk the dog-

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Post Monday

Whew…I finally got through all the posts since Friday. You girls have been busy. Sickness, confession, humour, weigh-in reports, home decorating….what a variety!

I feel like death warmed over. I will join the ranks of the sickies. I have what I think is the flu, but no sore throat or fever. I am very dizzy, all my muscles ache and I have had a headache since Friday. On Saturday night, I got up from my fitful sleep to go to the washroom and I collapsed in the hallway. It was very bizarre because my legs just turned to rubber and down I went. Hubby ran to me and had to help me back to bed. Everything went black and was spinning. Not fun. Hopefully this will last only another day or so.

Eating over the weekend with all this company and our eating at someone’s house one night and a potluck at the church last night made it hard on me. The dinner at the others house was sooooo not SB. It was beef stew with loads of potatoes, some carrots, tomato sauce and the tiniest bit of meat. Homemade fresh white rolls, NO salad!!, homemade pickles with sugar and cherry cheesecake for dessert. I basically ate the tiniest spoon of stew, one roll and one pickle. I felt terrible, but knew I had to eat something and not be rude. No dessert of course. Oh well….Potluck at church I chose to eat some illegal type things because basically it was all illegal too. There is usually something there for me but not this time, and with the way I was feeling, I just ate some and will see what happens on WIW. By the looks of the confessions, I was in good company this weekend! I was weighing in at 164.5 on Sunday so that is good!

I can’t comment on everyone’s posts because I feel wretched…gonna go upstairs where it is warmer.
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Default Good Morning Everyone!!!

WOW!!! It is so beautiful here in Cinci today! After the shock of snow on Thursday, the weekend ended up really nice. Well, at least the weather is warm, I should add it is cloudy...but warm!

Sorry to hear of everyone being sick! I hope that all of you get to feeling better soon!

I have a big AMEN to SEF ( I think). We have all sinned and fall short of the SB King.

I hope you are feeling better! Maybe it would not be a bad idea to see a doctor. Blacking out is not a good thing. Ususally being sick does not cause that, so please becareful!!!!! Your dinner at church sounded good! Do you have them every week? We have them once a month. We also have a big, and I mean BIG, breakfast every Sunday before and after the service. We have a chef in our "family" and he does such an awesome job!!! Since there are several of us at our church that are doing SB, he caters to us.
This Wed., we have our family dinner at churcha dn the chef...Mr. Steve, my kids call him, is making fried fish w/ SGWW flour!!!! I can't wait!

Frog...thank you. I like my fireplace too! Good luck w/ the [email protected]!! Like I had said before, I think it is awesome. They have a new cat. coming out??? That will be interesting. I really like their stuff!

You know how are bodies are. There is now way you really gined all that weight. Our bodies like to go up and don't worry about it! You are is a new day, a new don't worry! The worst part is when you cheat and it didn't even taste good!

I have a busy few days coming up.....have a nice one ladies...and gent!

In Him,

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Default Motivational Monday....sigh

It is not going to be easy trying to be motivational today. I made a big mistake and stepped on the scale. Remember the four pounds I was so excited about losing? Well, two of them are back! I have NO idea why! I did not go off program. I may have had an extra starchy carb yesterday, but that is all. I drank water, etc. I feel rather frustrated. This weight thing has been a nightmare for the past 15 years of my life, and especially the past four, as I stuck to low carb, and now SB, not cheating, and not losing either! I feel like I am so pumped up with drugs...Glucophage for insulin resistance, Armour for thyroid, Accupril for BP, phentermine for weight loss, diazide for water... and still no steady results! At this rate, I may be at my goal weight by 2020! If I live that long!

So what can I say motivational after that? Look, if I can stick on a program for four years with NO results, ( I have to admit, I did not gain, and that was an improvement with my thyroid problems!) then you all who can lose can stick to it too! The one thing I have found through the years is that the longer I do this, the easier it gets! It used to be really hard for me to stick to a diet. As a teen, I was happy if I lasted a week! Now I am old, and you know, I don't miss that stuff I can't have much.

They say it takes 30 days for something to become a habit. What is 30 days, but one month? a small price to pay for a life long habit of healthy eating. I would like to challenge everyone to try and make SB a habit starting today. Just give it 30 days, without cheating and see what happens!

GRACIOUS: Hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank God your hubby heard you fall in the middle of the night! Mine would have slept through it, and stumbled over me when he got up in the morning, and asked me why I was sleeping on the floor! (he just is not 'with it' in the middle of the night!)

MEL: Hey, I am with you! I guess the gain must be water! What else can it be? Hang in there! I bet it goes away in a day or two! Maybe we can blame it on the weather??

TRANQUIL: Look, Jacksonville is not that far from Atlanta. If your house is spotless, and you have too much energy, why not jog up here and clean mine? Lots to do here with extra energy! Do you like to paint?

GOTTA: It does get harder each time you fall to get back on the wagon. But you got to! What you need is something that will help you remember how bad the sugar and high glycemic stuff is for you. Maybe reread the SB book, or do some research on the web and find some articles on the dangers of too much sugar. If nothing else, remind yourself that you are helping to keep your body healthy, and prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Also, you will FEEL better if you get on program and stay there. It does get easier! I can't remember how long it took me, but as I mentioned above, the longer I do this, the easier it becomes. My daughter brought me a piece of Easter candy the other favorite malted milk egg, and I refused it! She was shocked. So was I! But I just did not want it! Get yourself some legal treats to help weather the storm. Someone mentioned somewhere that you need to just stay legal and not worry about the amounts to begin with. That helped me a lot. I might eat a whole box of triscuits, but at least they were on the program. Eventually, my appetite calmed down with the loss of the cravings and now a handful of triscuits suffices.

DEB: Its great to have you back! I think you were sorely missed. By Friday everyone seemed to be getting naughty, and it reminded me of Farmer Boy, Laura Ingalls Wilder's book about Almonzo's childhood. The parents went off for a week to visit relatives and left the kids at home alone, with the oldest boy in charge. They ate all the sugar, used up most of the precious ice making ice cream, along with a lot of other mischief. Seems that was happening here! Great motivational quote! Thanks!

Well, I better get on the treadmill. Hope everyone has a good day!
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Default Happy Monday!

Good to finally have time to get back online - I'm starting to see that I am here the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday or Thursday I have a million things to do, and only get a chance to lurk......

Didn't make it to water aerobics today - have a doctor's appointment that I had forgotton about <<<sigh>>> Definitely tomorrow. Well, I guess it was in the air, but I caught whatever bug you ladies had going around - I had dinner at my mom's house last night and they had El Cheapo chicken nuggets, shoestring potatoes, green beans, and ice cream. I had about 4 nuggets, maybe 1/4 c. of the potatoes, quite a bit of the beans, and sadly, and ice cream cone. The 2 1/2 hour drive home was miserable after eating all of that junk! But, I also was able to clean out all of my cabinets and get rid of the illegal junk I had, so my mom has all of that now. Amazing how much more room I have now!!!

Adron is out of town today and tomorrow, and since it's a company thing (should I believe that ), I know he's going to have a hard time staying legal. Knowing him, he'll be pretty close though! We were discussing that at lunch yesterday - how he could stay legal while eating out. He said they usually go to a steakhouse on these trips, and he didn't know what to eat instead of the potatoes (he hates sweet potatoes). When I suggested soup, he got so tickled! I doubt if he would eat the steamed veggies, so I'm hoping that he'll find something that suits him....

BTW - [email protected] is a wonderful thing! I had a friend that did that in addition to her other two jobs, and she loved it. The products are beautiful!
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Good Monday Morning Everyone!!!!

Yes, I have returned!!! Another vacation is behind me and thankfully so. Glad to be back safe and sound, though I can't say I'm liking being back to the heat and humidity-and rain!

Well, first things first, or should I say, most important things first is to talk about my visit with FROG! How I so wish we could of spent more time together and more alone time together, but I am so thankful for the time we did get to spend. FROG is such a good sport, my kids and nephew had a blast with her, "dressing" her up in their wigs and having her imitate LITTLE RICHARD, ELLIE MAY CLAMPETT and gawd knows the others. I took pictures, couldn't let this opportunity go by without getting some serious blackmail shots! We also were able to get in a couple games of scrabble, which I love but hadn't played in years. FROG played a card game with the kids-I sat out and thankfully so-my butt just hurt watching them still playing after 3 hours. The evening FROG came in we met in town and while my Mother took the kids back to the mountain house (as we call it), FROG and I went to OUTBACK where she treated me for dinner-it really was the first real decent meal I had since we had arrived. Friday FROG and I went for a walk/run, where she thought I would be leaving her in the dust-NOT! I told her I don't do hills, only jogging down them, not up. She definitely left me in the dust and easily so. I couldn't even get my engine in gear that day for some reason and shortened the session not only due to that, but timing-we had gotten a late start. Let me tell you all, that FROG has definitely changed since I saw her in January! I could immediately see how she has thinned out and not only that, how she's gained some nice sleek muscles, esp. in her arms. AND, she totally impressed me by running up this steep hill in front of my Aunt's place that I have to walk up, and when I do, I look like one of those distance skiers who have to lean forward-she made it look so effortless the way she jogged up that "peak" she had me in awe. Saturday morning we had to head out early so we could get to GA to let the kids go to SIX FLAGS. I felt bad we had to all be up and out so early and didn't like that I had no time to just sit with FROG before we had to all scoot out the door. I have to say, it was the coldest morning that we had while we were there and as FROG drove away I noticed ICE/FROST on her car! I was sorry to see her go and REALLY enjoyed our visit, despite it being way to short for me.

FROG, THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for coming all that way for such a short visit, it really made my vacation memorable and I know it did for the kids as well. Thank you so much for the foot goodies, that was so sweet of you to bring that for me and you can be well assured I will put it to good use, along with having ELI make good use of it on me Also, thank you for bringing my MOM the linen water, I just can't get over how you'd not only bring her something, but something so appropriate that she thoroughly would enjoy-you have no idea how she loves that stuff and how many bottles she has-she uses them all. I also can't thank you enough for treating me to dinner-it was yummy and the best meal I had all week. I can't wait til you and BILL have the chance to come up there one day when ELI & I get up there to spend some quality adult time together! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!! Oh yes, MOM said to tell you "hello" and that she's sorry she sent you off without your morning coffee on Saturday.

I called MONET on Friday to let her know we decided to take the kids to SIX FLAGS and she so nicely agreed to meet my MOM and I at HARRY'S. She was easy to spot since she so nicely told me what she was going to wear. Once again, it was like seeing an old friend after being away for a while. You can easily tell that she is definitely the artistic type. She has an artistic looking flair about her, so I think. And, I would so, if anyone has the chance to meet her, try to do so around meal time-she sounds like she's a fabulous cook! Where FROG leaves me in the dust with jogging, I can see MONET could easily leave me in the dust not only in the kitchen, but at the grocery store! I would love to try some of her delectable sounding creations as well as her artistic ceramic creations-but until then, hope to see some pictures!!!! She was so sweet to take MOM and I to a ME grocer where I purchased a few goodies for ELI before heading back to HARRY'S. For those of you who don't know HARRY'S, it USE to be a great place, unusual farmer's market among having tons of other unusual items. I wasn't impressed and in fact, was quite disheartened during our visit to see it had really changed a lot and didn't have the draw it did in the past, not to mention many of the goodies it use to have as well. I did manage to finda 60% chocolate that I hadn't heard of before and a salad dressing too. Of course, I did take a few pictures before MONET headed off and will post those when I get them developed. The pic she posted of us does neither of us justice!!!! You cannot see the beautiful face she has and I have to tell you all, her hair is beautiful! Yes, she has gray hair at her young age, but it's beautiful. She reminded me of an old friend/customer JODY that also had gorgeous gray hair at a young age-hopefully, my pics will do us some justice.

MONET Once again, THANK YOU! I really enjoyed our visit, if even for just a little while. I hope next time I run through HOTLANTA that I will be able to spend a bit more time with you and maybe throw myself at your mercy to try some of that delicious sounding food you make. Thanks for the heads up on that rice, I'm looking forward to trying it soon. That dressing I bought, I opened it last night, just to see what it was like-delicious! I would recommend it, even though it's a lot more expensive than anything I've ever bought, I do think it's worth it-now if the price of lettuce would just come down!!! Thanks again for driving my MOM and I to the ME store-I'll have to come up with some ideas for you and that couscous, though I'm sure you have lots better ideas of your own. Next time, I promise, I will bring you some STARBUCKS COFFEE!!!!

So, here I am, home and hopefully back to normal. I started my day with trying to get back into my usual routine so I got myself out there and did my 4.5 miles in 46:15. Got home right before it started to rain, though I did have a few sprinkles in the middle of my walk/jog.

Here's my run-down of my vacation:

I loved my parents place! My parents bought this 2b/2b trailer up in the mountains, sight unseen. There are 14 or 16 (can't remember which) homes up this section in this development and there are only 3 trailers up there, which they no longer allow anyone to put up there and these 3 were "grandfathered" in. My Aunt built a modular home at th top of that hill the FROG ran up to and then the next place is my Grandparents trailer, the next it my paren'ts and the last one is my Grandparents other place, which they stick my Aunt in when she comes to visit. My parents place is by far the nicest and biggest of the lot-I really enjoyed it and look forward to being able to spend more time up there in the future.

WEATHER: The weather was gorgeous! We had one day of some rain, but after that it was just beautiful and we couldn't ask for any better weather. It was cold, that I have to admit, esp. the last day when we saw the ice/frost-it was in the low 30's! The wind chill made it even colder. I'd much rather have the cold than the heat we came home to last night.

EXERCISE: I was able to get in 4 days of walking/jogging. Not being use to the hills up there I jogged down and walked up those darn hills. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday I was able to do 4.8 miles and then petered out when FROG & I went on Friday and figured we got in maybe 2.5 miles. I had a dog experience on Wed where this big black dog came for me and I had to pull out my mace. The owner was in her car coming down the yard and took her sweet time to come get the mangey animal. I said to her, "can't you get your dog any faster??" and three times she said "what?" Heck, I thought I was back in Miami and the woman didn't understand me-no, she was just pissed that she had to get out of her car and come get her flea bitten dog who was bearing his teeth not even 4 feet from me! She tells me "he won't hurt you!" and I said, "like I'm suppose to know that!!!!" Some people have a lot of nerve-she's the only folk up there that I can say was nasty, everyone else was wonderful-they all wave at you even though they don't have a clue who the heck you are!!!!! FROG & I had a dog encounter on Friday but it was a friendly one-eyed dog taht posed no threat, but we didn't know it when she came charging down to us.

EATING/FOOD: Well, I had all good intentions of being 100 legal during this trip, taking up with some of my foods, shake mix, my scale, journal, etc. The trip up there, I was fine but I made a BIG mistake and bought a organic brownie mix that I made for the kids and thus ended up eating almost the entire pan. I don't know what happened to me. TWO YEARS of being OP, going on vacations and never going off plan, parties, events, etc. etc-nothing phasing me and my way of eating and a flippin pan of brownies throws me off the deep end! Yes, you heard right-the wagon came and got me and threw me off one of those mountains up there! Landed right on top of me too. I've always told you all that the reason I don't cheat is because I know myself and once I start, there's no stopping me-well, I don't lie and I stayed true to form and I just kept going and going and going, like the evil Energizer Bunny-there was no stopping me. I ate more chocolate in this past week than I have in the past 2 years! Then I got into some SF ICE CREAM, something I would NEVER even think of eating here at home-well, I had SF ice cream twice in one day and two other times, not to mention the 1/2 gallon of Breyers we had in the fridge at home. Oh geez, don't let me forget the SF butter pecan ice cream at Ryans, gawd forbid!!! Oh yes, and the CRUSTLESS CHEESECAKE I made with FROG in mind, who only had a little sliver while I had most of the cake!!!! I was like a monster-I didn't even know myself. I ate some things on this trip that I didn't even really like-you'd think if I was going to eat something I'd really indulge in some things that I could not get here at home, things that would be really great-but no, I ate stuff I wouldn't even consider worthwhile. AND, to top it all off, I felt awful, sickly. I can't believe that wouldn't even stop me from eating like a lunatic-nope, I just kept going and it went from bad to worse. Come Saturday, the day we were leaving, I told myself I'd try to be good-didn't happen, said the same on Sunday-wanted to hit Italiani's for lunch in Orlando, they chose GOLDEN CORRAL instead, wasn't totally bad there, but did manage to have more chocolate and found a FROZEN CUSTARD joint while in Ocala that I just had to try. I had bought peanuts for ELI while at Harry's, ate the entire bag in the car, chocolates, anything I could get my hands on. When we got home I ate a bunch of chocolate I had opened as well. I had lost all control!!!! Of course, not drinking hardly any water during this entire vacation didn't help either-have no idea what happened there. Besides a bit of water here and there at restaurants, I didn't even drink a whole 1.5 liter bottle of water the entire time I was gone-bad Debbie!

FEELING: This sort of continues the above. I knew even before I made those brownies, in the store when I had them in my hands that I was going to eat them, something deep inside made me feel that and it still didn't stop me from buying them. I do thank G-D that when I thought about going back to buy a few more boxes to bring home that I had some common sense to say no because I knew if I did so, that I'd not only make them, but eat them once again. I didn't think that it did THAT much damage, but after I kept going and going with my bad eating I started to feel bad-not only bad that I had lost all control, knowing the fact that 2 years of being OP seemed to have taken a back seat, but also feeling sick, lethargic and worst yet, lying in bed at night and feeling my skin crawling and stretching. I knew the pounds where coming on my body and I could actually feel the tingling in my skin. You'd think that right there would stop me from continuing on, but it didn't. It seemed what I had read from so many articles and had read in many posts of the past that once you let that sugar back into your system it's so hard to stop and that seemed to be what was happening to me. Yesterday, as well as Saturday, being in the car most of the time, driving, I could feel my pants being tighter than they'd ever felt before. When we stopped for the night on Saturday and I took off my clothes, I could see how evident that was from the elastic red streaks on my stomach from my clothes-not a pretty sight, nor did it feel good either. I'm sure not drinking water didn't help me any either-totally dehydrated and my lips being chapped big time sure confirms this.

TODAY!: Last night when I went to sleep I said enough was enough-the past is over, I'm home and back into my own surroundings with everything easily at hand-there are no more excuses. I can't conitnue on another day and screw up or I can get right back in the saddle and try to undo the damage I've done. I woke up with a sense of renewal and started the day with doing my 4.5 miles. I've already had 1/2 of a 1.5liter bottle of water and I've had LAUREN hide all my SB LEGAL CHOCOLATE. I am re-committing myself as of today, this morning, this moment to be back on track 100% and not to let myself go like this ever again. I am not proud of what I did, quite the opposite, and I have to take the appropriate course of action before things really spiral out of control any more which can easily undue all the hard work I've done for the past two years. I think my commitment to this WOE is stronger than this temporary insanity I had this past week and I know that I can get back to the way things were and should be.

SCALE: Believe it or not, there was the exact scale that I have at the mountain house, but not once did I get on it. Maybe it would of been good if I had, maybe seeing the scale going up would of jolted some reality back into my head, but I stayed far away from it, even though the kids told me it weighed them 20lbs less!!! BUT, last night when I came home, I was determined not to get on the scale until at least WIW to see the damages that had occured-I knew it wasn't going to be a pretty site. This morning when I woke up I had a internal fighting match with my conscience about stepping/not stepping on the scale. If I got on it, at least I would see the damage all this had done to me and maybe that would help me get back OP easier, and then on the other hand I thought if I could just get to WIW maybe I would be able to do a bit of the damage before seeing what damage was left. I have to say, I stepped on the scale and even though there's a definite gain, it's not as bad as I thought. I figured I'd be up close to 130, but I was 123. NOW, I'd like to kick myself from here to NC! Just to think that if I had stayed OP I'd probably had lost, or stayed the same, but after what I ate yesterday, I wish to God that I'd of not eaten all that stuff because that may just be the icing on the cake to make the scale go up. Anyhow, there's no use crying over spilled milk-it's over and done with, I gained some weight and it may take me some time to get my body back in gear, detox and lose those pounds-but I'm back, back at home, back on the board and BACK ON TRACK!!!!!!!!!!! I've read one of our old MM posts that I have up on the fridge from not too long ago called MAKING CHOICES and it's definitely something I'll be reading over and over again today and the next few days to follow.

So, how is everyone???? I really did miss you all. Has anyone been MIA/AWOL since I've been gone? Do I have to send a APB out for anyone?? Any NEWBIES?? If so, WELCOME!!!!!! I'm not going to even attempt to read the board from last week, so it there's anything really important, could someone please give me a heads-up???

I'm starting this week anew, so I better get my responses on the board before I have to write a book!!!!

TRANQUIL, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!! Another Floridian!!!! We passed through JAX on the way up. Sounds like you are doing well your first week of SB, CONGRATS on your 1.5lb loss. House, spotless, too much energy-care to come to Miami for a visit and clean mine-it was bad enough to start with but now with having to clean out the car with all our stuff it's a lot worse-could definitely use the help-need a vacation, of sorts??? I'm sure you've already found how wonderful the gals are on the board-don't hesitate to ask for any help-we're all happy to throw in our 2 cents. Hope you'll try to attend one of our next SB GET TOGETHERS!!!

MEL, as you've read above, I too have had a gain-so you are in good company. Haven't had time to respond to e-mails, but I know you sent me one. Did you e-mail me your snail mail addy so I can send you a check? Is your SIL holding those coffee beans for me?? Will get up there probably next week, but will give her due notice.

GRACIOUS, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. If your ears were burning for just a little while on top of all the other stuff you were feeling that was because MONET & I were chatting about you for a bit

KIMMY, loved the pics!!!!!!!!! Always great to put a name and a face together, not to mention the great body transformation!!! Fireplace? Those are almost non-existent down this way-would love one, love how they look, but would look pretty darned stupid in Miami!!!

MONET, I wouldn't worry about those 2 pounds coming back on-you know you are eating right and they are more likely just mystery pounds, not fat pounds like I gained. After we left you on Sat we went to KOHLS, found 3 tops-liked the store. We never made it to BREWSTERS couldn't find it. Sorta drove around aimlesly until we went to get the kids-MOM didn't know what to do, I sure didn't know where to go-not so bad though driving around, but would of difinitely been better if we found BREWSTERS-next time!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

ADRON, eating OP is actually easy when you are on a trip if you prepare right-I've done it so many times in the past-this time I had good intentions, but bad ones outdid the good for some reason.

ROSALIE, THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Thanks for getting last weeks board up and running for me, you made going away easier knowing I didn't have to worry about the board being started!!!!

THANKS TO YOU ALL for keeping the board hoping this past week!!!! If I get any free time, I will try to glance at the goings on of last week.

Okay gals, it's almost 10:30am here and I am going to mosey along and try to get some things accomplished before the day is gone.

I'll check in later!!!


SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Height: 5'6"

Default Monday Monday... :)

Good Monday Morning everyone

I'm about to run to the vet... took the kitten on Friday, and his worm check was negative, and Saturday 2 hours after they closed, I found uhm... evidence... to the contrary. Tapeworms for my 11 week old kitten So I gotta go get him some meds... Heck, why not... everyone else in the house is on medicine, why should he be any different!!LOL!!!

Found out yesterday my dad has a BAD case of the shingles. He's in a LOT of pain from it. They thought he had a heart attack, because of the pain and numbness he's had from it, but then the welts came up and they diagnosed him with shingles!!

Kids are feeling a little better, still coughing a lot, but it seems to be becoming more productive, and less choking. Once they cough it up, they can stop for a while, it doesn't just keep going. I guess I'll have results today or tomorrow from the 'official' test.

I'm still wondering about these Pretzels... I thought someone said sourdough was legal? These are Snyders Garlic Bread flavored Nibblers... it's Unbleached wheat flour, water, soybean oil, soy flour, salt, garlic, yeast, dairy flabors, spices, parsley, soda. So... are they ok? It says Sourdough Pretzel.

I can't wait till Thursday to go pick up my fresh baked Sourdough Whole Grain Whole Wheat bread from Alabama Bread Company!!! I'm gonna plan a meal like a roast or something that would be extra good with a slice of fresh bread with a little butter on it... YUMMMMMMY!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I stayed OP, but was AWFUL about drinking water... I drank waaaay too much Fresca. Today I vow to kill at least 1/2 gallon of water! I should drink the whole thing, but I'm trying to set a reasonable goal for myself... and I know I can drink half the gallon. I bought distilled water, my mom said to buy it in gallon jugs and it tastes better. So I got 3 gallons and they HAVE to be gone by the weekend..!!!! I'm making myself drink them all... that's not counting the bottled water I take to the ballpark, in the car, etc. I'm not allowing myself more than 1-2 fresca/other SF/CF drink per day. One with lunch, one with dinner maybe. Other than that.. it's H2O!!

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Default I'm new in these parts..

Hello, hello.

I'm really excited that Quivondra has introduced me to this support group - I'm going to need it! Thanks Quivondra!

The weekend started off perfectly - great workout on Friday. Then Quivondra and I walked a few miles saturday morning. My day was excellent on Saturday - ate great all day. Then, sadly, I stayed up far too late on Saturday night - and blew my day on Sunday.

I had purchased cookies for a rehearsal I was having with some musicians at my house - and I ended up eating quite a few of the leftovers. It's very difficult to motivate - to actually cook something healthful when you're that tired. Anyone have any suggestions...? I suppose making things in advance that are easy to prepare is the best option.

At least I'm back on track today!

Thanks for the support - and I'm really excited about being on here. I have a good 50 lbs to lose....and as I've lost about 3-5 lbs so far, I'm well on my way!

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HiedieHo MELF!!!!!

Just realized in all my efforts to be serio/funny I never answered you.

May 18 sounds good to me!!!

Take care Shirley
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Had a wonderful weekend, albeit a cold one. Friday night Fran and I worked out and I forced her into taking a Pilates class. Quite a workout! Saturday Fran and I walked all over Brooklyn, including the promenade where saw the skyline of Manhattan...pretty striking I tell you. After that, my boyfriend and I walked every where and went from fruit market to fruit market. Our fridge is stocked with fruit and veggies now so I won't be tempted to cheat. I cheated this weekend, there is no question of that ...but I'm still with it and I'm exercising as much as I can . It's really true what they say about making an attempt to walk to destinations. Obviously that's much easier for me than some of you. I live in a city so I never have the need to drive...time constraint is my only problem. I guess that means I just need to walk faster

We all have a whole new week to burn burn burn! Let's do it!

Fran- Welcome and thanks for your support!

Deb- Glad you had such a good time. We really did miss you. Rosalie was amazing keeping up the board though

Sorry so many of you are sick ...hope you all get better asap.
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Hello Again!

Monet: I will be right on over and after I help you clean and paint, we can hike up Stone Mountain? hehehe - rather be doing that today than being in the office!!!! Spring Fever...... and from what I read from Deb's report, you can teach me how to cook some of my favorite ME food!!!

Deb: Thanks for the welcome and the congrats - ooooh Miami, what fun!!! I could really get in a lot of trouble around the Cuban Cafes!!! My mouth just waters thinking of fried plantains, black beans, and that delicious beaten steak sauteed with lime juice, garlic and chopped onions...mmmmmmm, I can dream on!!! I would love to attend a get together, do you have them often and in any special designated place?

QUIVONDRA AND FRAN: oooooh you both are sooooo lucky!!! That is the one thing I miss about living in the NYC area, great walking places - I never drove anywhere when I lived up North...I was also very healthy and thin too Well, you guys sound like you got it going - nice having a buddy to walk with and be on the same WOE!

Oh back to boring work - and it is so nice out. For lunch I am meeting my friend at the Health Food store, supposedly they have remodelled and now have a little cafe! I am crossing my fingers on this one - will help on deciding where I can eat lunch when I forget to pack one.....

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Happy Monday everyone. We had big thunderstorms last night, but the sun is shining today. The wildflowers are unbelievable.

Jack-K - The antique prices in Round Top are pretty good. They open it up to dealers on Tuesday, I think, then to everyone else on Wednesday or Thursday. I ended up not getting to go. The weather was gross on Saturday and I would have been going by myself. Oh, well, just have to save my money for October.

Beth - Bless your heart. Yes it will all end, just keep the faith.

Chris - Glad to hear your son is doing better. Have fun with your daughter at the concert. I actually kind of like their music, but from what I understand at the concerts, you can hardly hear them over the girls screaming.

Sef - I loved your jokes. All of the guys in our office are hunters so I can't wait to forward the first one to them! Hey, when you make your meatballs, do you fry them off in the skillet first or bake them. I've tried both ways (only made meatballs twice) and doing them in the oven first was a lot easier, but they sure dried out. Maybe I baked them too long. Any tips? I've been getting my agave at the same place you got yours. They are in Pflugerville now by the way. I was so excited to find them. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, let me know.

Pooch - I love Trading Spaces also. Did you see the one with the moss on the wall? The other day, they painted a stripe on this woman's hardwood floor. I thought she was going to have a stroke. Can't really blame her. I got a kick out of your 8 y/o wanting to snuggle. My 10 y/o still likes to snuggle (on his terms, though).

Kimmy - Yikes, snow?

Tranquil - My youngest son was 3 when he was potty trained also. It was absolutely a control issue with him. My pediatrician just kept reminding me that he didn't know any kids that started kindergarten that were still in diapers, LOL.

Monet - Sounds like you had a great time with Deb.

Fillise - I like what Toni said. None of us are perfect, you included.

Fruit - You're right about the one guy on Trading Spaces. He has way to high an opinion of himself.

Gotta - This is the first WOE that I've really stuck to that didn't involve supplements or diet pills. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. Even though I still have a LOT to lose, I feel good about every day that I stick with it. You can see that we all fall off the wagon, but it really is worth it to stick it out. If thinking about 1 day at a time is too overwhelming, think about it one meal at a time. Remember, we're all going through the same thing. That's what makes this board so great.

Gracious - Hope you're feeling better soon.

Deb - Welcome back. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Fran - Welcome aboard.

Whew, I'm sure I missed something or someone, sorry. Gotta run now. I'm taking off this afternoon as I have about a jillion appts. Have a great day everyone!
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