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Old 07-10-2002, 12:17 AM   #61  
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Hi everyone!

Well, we are getting our first big monsoon storm here in the Phoenix area. High winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rain and all that stuff. Funny part of these storms is that they can be very "local" in nature. It can be a raging storm here and dry as a bone a mile down the road. I didn't realize that a storm was approaching, and when the first big *BOOM* from the thunder came along it scared the S**T out of me! Just wasn't expecting it... the damn house rattled.

Anyway, I am still stalled at 181. I guess I found the secret to a maintenance plan for me since I have been at this weight for about a month now. I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I will be under 180. I'm still lifting weights and doing an occasional cardio session, though I have slacked off a bit over the holiday.

It has been some time since I have posted on this board, so I am very behind with what is going on. I hope everyone is doing well these days, and I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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S/C/G: 285/210/130

Height: 5'1


Hi everyone
I've been reading the posts and trying to get a handle on this SB stuff. Many of you talk about starchy carbs and having no carbs at all. What is a "starchy carb"?
Aren't all carbs starchy? I can't give up my carbs right now. I had a bit of a fight giving up my real sugar in my coffee! I really dislike artificial sweeteners. I'm slowly adjusting to Splenda.
I am also trying to sneak SB foods into my family. We are all overweight and after reading the SB book I'm cringing every time someone pops the tab on a Coke!
I did make the SB stuffed peppers the other night and the were awesome! My husband helped me cook them and didn't complain much except for the brown rice and after he ate them said "We're cooking these again!"
I was wondering if sugar free ice cream is OK to eat once in a while?
And I'm eating Cementine oranges like they are going out of style! Is it because I cut our fake sugar?
I used to put 2 big spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee and I drank like 4-5 cups a day. Now I'm down to maybe 2 cups with Splenda.
Is feeling dead because I'm sugarless now?
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"I'm working on it!"
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Angry WIW

Morning All!

Well, WIW was ok. I'm the same as last week at 171. Yesterday I was at 175 I know it's all my fault. It's been difficult to get back on the wagon since the Canada Day long weekend. I do well for a day then eat chocolate and cookies like a crazy person for a day or two. Hadn't done much exercise either.

Getting on the scale and seeing that 175 yesterday scared the crap out of me. Yesterday I ate close to 100% OP (had a bit of crust on some quiche) and drank water like crazy. I've done my exercise both Monday and Tuesday I have to be very conscious to eat properly and exercise. DH's boss's pool party is in just over 6 weeks! I have confidence in myself tho, cause I bought a 2 pc bathing suit the other day!!!! That could be a scary picture

CHRISB thanks for posting the other ingredients to the salad. And for reminding me about I never even thought about the rice vinegar JACKK Thanks for pointing that out. I looked at my vinegar and there was dextrose in it Carbs were 1.7 grams per TBSP. I chopped up some broccoli, carrots, celery, red onion, snow peas and mushrooms and added some of the dressing--about 1 1/2 TBSP to the 2+ cups of veggies. I'm guessing I had no more than 1 serving of the vinegar and Miracle whip in the amount I added to the veggies so I think I'm ok. But it's also the first time in a while I've had that many veggies!

GRACIOUS Happy Birthday You think 34 is close to 40? I'm 38! You're only as old as you feel and I usually have to really think about how old I am cause I want to say I'm 26! Enjoy pampering yourself. Glad you had a nice anniversary. I've ordered the WATP set. Found it on DVD at for the same price as the video set at Chapters/Indigo. It should be here in a week or so. I'm looking forward to it! Hmmmmm....I'm looking forward to exercise???

JRED & BETH Wonderful pics! You both look GREAT!

QUILTER Enjoy your new Kitchen! That was the first reno we did on our house. I LOVE color. We have a "crayon box" house with each room a different color.

TONI Happy Birthday to You! Enjoy your day!

EVERYONE I MISSED Even tho I didn't respond to everyone, I do think of you all!

Have to go now. Have a great SB day all!
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Default WIW

Good morning to all! I was happy to see that I am down a wee bit more and can report I have lost 5 of my vacation pounds this week!! I know that the water consumption and exercise has really boosted me so I will keep it up.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and I send my Happy Birthday out to TONI as we share this special day together! {hugs}

ZANNE & SEF- I know 34 isn't *that* close to 40 but it is closer than 33 is! Actually, I don't care much about my age either. Whenever people have guessed my age I usually get between 26 and 29. I look very young for my age and it has caused a few raised eyebrows where my hubby is concerned. He is only 3 years older than I am but looks older for his age...all sage and serious like a Pastor should when he looks a good 5 years older and I look over 5 years younger we chuckle at some of the comments we have gotten over the years! Makes me feel great!

ZANNE-You are going to love the WATP tapes. I find them enjoyable, so much so, yesterday I did the 3 mile in the morning and the 1 mile in the afternoon! I am really getting my exercise in and using the weights all that I can when I do. I like to push myself so I know I am really working when I exercise.

QUILTER- I tend to fall back into Atkins mode (no starchy carbs at all and really restricted carbs of all kind) when I need to get rid of a few extra pounds. It always works but I find it a temporary solution to give me the boost I need. Once I am back to my pre-vacation weight I will return to SB. It is definitely more healthy and is a better menu. However, I think I will move from 0 to 1 starchy carbs because I obviously lose when they are restricted.

MERCY- How nice to have another PW on the board! We are of the Baptist sort, reformed in our theology. I am sure we wuold have some interesting stories to share! My hubby has been pastoring for 9.5 years now. This is our second church and we have been here for 2 years come September.

I must be off to exercise, shower and get my house in order. Hubby is a dear and agreed to come home and be with the kidlettes while I run to the salon and get pampered! Gotta love that. I know he doesn't get as much studying done when he is at home with the kids running around but today is special!
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Hi everyone,
Hope WIW is going well for everyone. I'm 165.6 down from 167.2.

Thanks for the tips with the dressing! Isnt going clothess shopping just the greatest thing when the sizes are down?? Have fun and keep shopping!

Glad you are back on track!

I hope you and your husband stick to this WOE. Does he feel better regardless of the lack of weight loss?? Maybe limit the starchy carbs for a few days. Is the apple cookie recipe a Vabutterfly original??

Your salad sounds absolutely YUMMY!! Glad to see you are back on track!

Hope you start feeling better.

Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

I hope things are going well with you and your son.

Good point on the rice would I find out. Maybe such a small amount would not hurt???? I have a feeling I eat quite a few things that are not legal without knowingbut Im still loosing and feel better. When I start to get very rigid and worrying about what I can and cant eat I usually fall off the wagon, thats what happened when I would try the ZONE.

Congrats on the anniversary and Im glad you had a great night. Highlights always make me feel better!
You are really kicking butt with the videos!! Great Job. I need to get my butt in order and start doing the 2 mile video.

Jred and Beth
You both look very slim!! Great Pic.

Hope you are feeling better. Make sure you post some pics of the new kitchen! I love remodeling. Trading Spaces is one of my favorite shows!

Glad you liked the dressing, so you think the rice vinegar is ok? What other vinegar could be substituted?
Im sure in 6 weeks you will look wonderful in your two piece!

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Default WIW

Yeah! I was so blessed this morning...after a temporary really high weight yesterday. I dropped water like I was being paid by the ounce and weighed in this morning at 156 on the new scales! I was so relieved. That puts me at about the same weight as last week on the old scales..maybe down about a half a pound. Wayyyyy better than the extra 4 pounds I had on yesterday. It still amazed me how I let the scales effect my mood.

I pouted all day long yesterday. Even had a SF ice cream fit for dinner...yep...ate right out of the container. But alas today is a new day and the pout is all gone. My son and I are fixing to walk so I'm gonna make this short. Please forgive for not getting to everyone...cause you are all awesome!!!

Happy Birthday Gracious and Toni!!!! Many blessings and smiles today.

Jred..loved the pictures of you and Beth. You both look marvelous.

Quilter....I hope you are feeling better this morning.

Damarus...good to see you back on the board. It won't take you long to get past this stall. One month seems long but it really isn't...hang in there.

Zanne...I hear ya....went through the same thing with my scales. Water weight..ugh.

Cherlyco....what I call starchy carbs are WW Bread...brown rice..or WW pasta....I can't eat those and get really good results. As for other carbs from SB legal veggies..I do just fine.

Well, the heat is rising and so is the humidity...I will catch ya'll later. (((hugggzzz)))


235/156/140(New more realistic goal)
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Good Wednesday Morning Everyone

Was able to get in a 4.5 mile walk this morning before the rains come once again. It's ugly and dark out there, nothing new as of late. I could only walk today. Since we've had all this rain the ground being wet and combination of leaves on the ground has left it a bit slimey and I could feel my feet "slipping" a bit so I thought I better play it safe and just walk. Took me 59:20, not a great time, but at least I went out

Yesterday the kids were suppose to experience their first school bus ride ever-would you believe, the bus never came, no replacement, nothing! I had to go pick them and some friends from the same bus up. They're going to try again today. I wonder what they do with kids who's parents are at work and can't leave. I don't mind picking them up at all, it was their choice to try and ride the bus once in a while. Just wait, when it's storming outside, they'll relinquish this thought.

Being today is WIW, I hopped on the scale but wasn't thrilled with what I saw, but not totally unhappy either. Yesterday I was 125, today 125.5, still above my cushion but well below my goal weight. Since TOM started yesterday I'm just hoping that I may be a little less and that I'm retaining some water. Last night I had the worst sweats, I was drenched! You'd think I'd of at least sweated off a pound just from that! Geez, can't a gal get a decent break? Actually, yesterday, my eating was very good, I journaled and kept track of everything and I was happy. I felt back to normal as well and even took a chance to try to eat the quiche once again (that kept me so sick the day before) and it was fine - SO IT'S NOT MY COOKING!!!!

I have to do a few things down south this morning before it starts to storm, so I'm going to get my rear in the shower and get going. I plan on getting on the computer when I get home to reply to everyone individually.

Have a wonderful day!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Old 07-10-2002, 09:34 AM   #69  
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Well, dh down to 215. So 1 more to go for him to be sure of this woe. I'm looking at 144. It's almost there.

Deb-glad the cows stopped falling from the sky. Good thing the patties didn't come with them. Glad you're feeling better too.

Qui-Good luck. Hope you bypass 145 & go right to 142. Keep up the good work.

Toni-Happy Birthday! Thanks for the prayers. Lasagna is an excellent idea! I'm trying the sauce tips too.

Heartmom-Thanks for the Classico idea. I might try some legal flour to try to thicken it up too. Congrats on the 1lb loss.

jred-Loved your tip too. Going to try the forks & spoon tip today!

Tranquil-Hope the cute guy is there today. Don't you love swimming in the pool. It hardly feels like a workout.

Jackk-Thanks for duram semolina tip. Going to try it.

Country-great corn tip. Who would've suspected the link?

Rosalie-I used Pritkin noodles. I'll try your brand instead.

sef-your bathroom sounds wonderful. Thank you for your sauce idea too.

Mercy-I said a prayer for your neice's surgery.

Quilter-I do legal bread for an upset tummy. Hope yours is better today. Sage is a great color. The kitchen sounds fantastic. Hiding the scale is a great idea.

Daramus-Good luck on "scaling" back.

Cherylco-I ate fruit like a fiend when I first started until the sugar craving subsided. Sometimes you just have to get past the withdrawl phase. I find that Agave nectar found in most health food stores works really well for coffee. My favorite additive.

Zanne-I made the rice vinegar mistake as well.

Chris-I took the recipe off the Sugar Twin box & revised it. I'll try to post it later on the receipe board. They were a little rubbery but moist. good for a "sweet fix".

Well, love you all. Gotta get back to my life. Have a great afternoon.
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Toni and Gracious - HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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Hey this is a quick post for me since I'm on my way to Montgomery for meetings all day.

Today is my two year anniversary on SB. I've learned a lot about myself in the last two years. I've also learned that there are some great folks out there who are very supportive, but not afraid to give you a kick in the arse if needed! Thanks for being there--I'm sure I would have given up long ago, if not for the support and friendship here.

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HEY!!!!! DEB~~~~~

Night sweats????? DRENCHED??????


M....E....N....O....P...A...U....S...E???? make that P...E...R...I...M..E..N..O..P..A..U..S..E..!!

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Old 07-10-2002, 10:04 AM   #74  
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Fillise - Happy SBer Anniversary

Gracious V HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Congrats on your loss! Nice birthday gift to yourself!!!!

Toni - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Zanne V Congrats on the scale moving down from yesterday V I have been having that same problem V scares me and makes me wonder how in the world!! Then it is gone! Yeah!!!

ChrisB V That is terrific about your loss!!! Keep up the good work

Country V That is great about losing that V I know what you mean about the moods being affected V I have been the same way myself V I was really bummed yesterday, but today I am much happierK Quilter said last night to remember there are other things positive than just the pounds on the scale, and she is right V there are inches, baggier clothes, and the good health.

Deb V Sorry to have missed you on chat last night V it was funK.
Funny but I woke up twice now soaking wet in my sleep from night sweats - I told my mom who said it was probably just horomones with TOM visiting at the time - but BOB you got it - I think it is the perimenopause, though TOM is on its great schedule, never failing me....

VaFly V Glad to hear that Hubby is losing as well V helps to know you are doing well with him besides your own success! Keep Up The Good Work!!!!

Quilter V It was fun chatting! I cannot wait to hear about your get together with KTK and see pictures V it is a shame we are all so far away V wish we could have one big reunion! I will go to Orlando in January V to meet those going to the WDW MarathonK. Though I am not registered to be in the marathon.

Okay V now for myself V I have lost 1.5 lbs since last WIW V but not at my all time low of the week before that V but catching back up V and with the 10 trips to the bathroom last night my guess is that it is all water and I will be really low next WIW V so I have figured to meet my new mini goal I must lose 9 more pounds V and if 2 is water V then only 7 of fat to bust out of this body!!!

Hope all the rest of you are losers as well!!!

SD: April 1
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Sorry guys/gals - I have no idea what the IV is in my post......
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