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Originally Posted by tmlmommy View Post
Ford4Life69~ I am right there with you. I am on the beige menu and though I just started this diet recently, I was already starting to get a bit sick of it (the food). I seem to be doing better this week. I finally found a grocery store that sells buffalo steaks(though kinda expensive to get a single one that will be 6 oz's its about $5 a steak) but grilled it is really good, tastes like normal steak. I also went online to the walden farms website. I bought some of their syrup and 2 of their BBQ sauces (all have no sugar, no carbs). I haven't told the center because I am not sure if we are allowed but I am eating them and still losing. I really like the Honey BBQ sauce and now I can eat chicken about 5 times a week with just a little sauce on the side to dip it in and it has made a difference. I am not so bored.

I went for another WI today. Day 23 down a total of 9 lbs. I so thought I was going to hit the 10 lb mark today. My counselor today was a bit rude. I don't care for her. She acts like a prude, but this is the second time I have seen her. I haven't cheated at all, I bring my food journal in every weigh in, have been going 2x a week for WI's. And she is just so negative and just picking over every little thing. She went over all my meals since my dinner last Friday to today like 5 times, like she was just looking for something to find wrong. Then kept commenting on how I am not taking a thermogenic (which I had discussed with her the last time. I am very sensitive to meds and I didn't want anything that was going to get my heart racing or jittery)Then after weighing me and telling me my total she calculated at how much a week average I am losing (this week 2.7lbs average) and she said well normally in a month ppl lose about 12 pounds but my average is below where is needs to be.That ticked me off since I had just lost 1.5 lbs since FRIDAY! I think I am going to request to NOT see her again.

Hopefully Friday when I go back for weighin I will get that 10 lb milestone!

You're doing great! You'll sign that board by Friday! Don't worry about the counselor. If you're doing everything you can do and staying on program, what else can you do? I have averaged about 2.5lbs./week for a long time and was even getting closer to 2lbs. a few weeks ago. It might not be as fast as others, but I know it is faster than what I would have done if I hadn't joined MRC! I was lucky to lose 4 lbs. a month on my own. Remember, you can always request a different counselor at your WI's. It's done all the time at my center. Sometimes requesting your favorite seems a little "nicer" than requesting not to have the ones you don't like
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I agree with all of you, you totally need to feel comfortable with your counselor. I was in last night and gained 1.5 lbs, I felt so terrible and my counselor said not to beat myself up for it. She said there was a lot of things that could of happened, for example I had beef twice a day last week and she said I might of just retained more water since it is denser. Also I took in my food diary and she noticed I had only had 16 oz a water Saturday and another 16 on Sunday. I told her if that had to do with the water retention and she said yes, I asked her if she had noticed my water intake and she said yes but she did not think she should mention it because she does not want to pin point everything wrong I am doing, she said she hated her teachers for that and she does not want to be a burden, but a help. She did tell me that I need to cut on my beef to twice per week. I totally like her she has lost 75 lbs on the program and looks like a freaking model. So she knows what she is talking about.
Also, for the past two weeks, I've had higher blood pressure readings at my wi's, she asked if I was taking the enhancer, which I am, so she told me to stop it and see if that is the cause of my rise in bp, has anyone else had that happen?
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There's a new thread my loves!

Rocki started thread 33, so come on over.

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