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Wow, I am overwhelmed by how many posts we already have...but loving all the positive energy and excitement!
So...maybe this should go on the May thread...but I didn't make my May goal of losing 5 pounds to go from 158 to 153. In fact, I weighed in this morning at 155.0, even though I had gotten down to 154 last week (good thing I never changed my ticker). I think TOM is partly to blame, and also the fact that I hadn't been running in the last 2 weeks even though I was really careful about my eating and my net calories. Whenever I walked somewhere I counted the calories I burned, but I think that for my body, my workouts really need to be at a very high intensity in order to count for anything. So I am going to come up with an exercise plan and maybe head over to our other thread in a bit.
Anyway, for June, I would like to CHANGE MY GOAL (Jacqui, that was to make it easier for you to see, lol). The new goal is "lose over 5 pounds to get below 150". I was close to that before TOM came, and I think that with a renewed focus on exercise this month, I can do it! And it will be great to see that "new decade."
I wish I could be losing weight as fast as a lot of you, but I know I just have to be patient and realize that it is going to be a little slower for me. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't push myself!
Good luck with day 1, everyone!
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Good Afternoon Ladies!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Jacqui~ thanks again for updating my weight goal. Funny how we both lost a lb overnight! I do wish it could have been tonight though so it would count for June! Congrats on that lb gone forever! You're 187 already! It was just a few days ago you were in the 190's!! You're rockin' it!!! Glad to hear you ate your breakfast like a good girl!

~ Welcome and Good Luck on your June Goal!!!

Delphi~ way to be on our girl Jacqui! I was going to ask her the same thing. I tell ya, with all of us on her case, she'll never forget to eat again! (so long as she stays glued to the computer all day to see us nagging her! ) Good luck on following your eating plan! I'm still sticking around 1200 myself, I'm not organized enough to actually write out a plan though

Lewis~ I already said it on the May thread, but I'm going to say it again: Yay! You're back, you're back, you're back!!! Don't fret about those 8 lbs, I bet a lot of it is water weight. Besides, sometimes you just have to endulge a little--like on a fantastically fun cruise!! And heck ya, I'm in! Sign me up!

URockMom~ Hey girlie! Like I said to Lewis, sometimes you just have to endulge a little Sounds like you had fun last night! I just know you're going to see a nice drop on the scale this week and make great progress! Congrats to you for recommitting!!! You can do this!!

Glutio~ ooh, headshots sound like a fun and neat idea! I hope you'll post them here for us to see the changes too!

Lowandfat~ congrats on the 45 lbs lost! That's fantastic!

Babes~ Hello & Welcome! I'm loving the first day of the new challenge too! Even though I just finished the May one, there's something so cool and wonderful about starting another brand new shiny Goal Month.

Well ladies, nothign to report--just me, being a multiple poster!

I hope you're having a great day and that you're drinking all of your water!!!!

ETA~ Michelle! We must have been posting at the same time. Sorry you didn't make your goal, but I bet TOM is behind it all--Evil, evil TOM! Grrr! Don't worry about the speed at which you're losing, remember those measurements? (nag, nag, nag ) sometimes our body is changing and the scale doesn't show it.

FSA~ you too! I'll be your water nag if you want me to. Great job setting up a meal plan!

NSM~ And you as well? I'm never going to end this post! Thanks so much for the link! I'll be sure to check it out asap! You know, I bet you're right about coming here to post on weekends! I know it helps me to stay on track. Come on, you know you want to be here every single day right?

Okay, really, really going now. If someone else was posting while I was--I'll catch you later!

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Oh My Gosh!!! 11 pages on the 1st day of the month!! I came on to subscribe to the thread and imagine my surprise at the energy already here!
A quick catch up on me....I ALMOST made it to my May goal. I hit 165.2, so it was pretty dang close to my goal of 165. No complaints there. My goal for this month is 161. This month holds MANY challenges for me diet-wise particularly at the end of the month with travel and all. I'm hoping a reasonable goal will keep me in check...and of course all you lovely ladies! I didn't have time to read all the posts, but I will when time permits. Best wishes to everyone with their goals this month!
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I am soooooooo glad June has started and furthermore, thrilled to see you new gals posting! Believe me it helps!

Before I do personals though...I just have to scream WELCOME BACK KOTTER...ERMMMM... LE! What's shakin'? It is so good to have you back with us. You know what I say...screw those eight pounds...they no more define you then I do luv! Those eight pounds will come off. You had a great time and still exercised daily...that in itself is a step in the right direction. And hey, at least your hair looked AWESOME while doing so.

Michelle ~ Hey dear, don't sweat it, just pick up and move forward. You are probably right about TOM, we all know how he is cunning. You just stick to your goals and get back to that running and you will be well on your way.

Crazymomma ~ Me too. Multiple posting away!

Newshinyme ~ Hmm...I noticed in a personal you mention water. On these weekends out with friends are you still drinking all that water? Perhaps you should even carry a bottle of water with you and maybe even write on the bottle 3FC June Challenge as a constant be honest, that is exactly what I have on my water bottle. You are doing great!

FSA ~ I'm gonna recommend the same for you chicky. Perhaps a constant reminder on your water bottle wouldn't hurt. It may make you drink more water.

Babes ~ I love to see that excitement, it keeps me motivated and excited as well. From what I've noticed here is we all seem to feed off of each others excitement, which is a great thing indeed.

lowandfat ~ Keep up the great work.

glutio ~ That sounds like a great idea. I love your enthusiasm. You keep that focus and you will be at your goal in no time.

urockmom ~ A little Hey no sweat, you get right back in the saddle again. You have been so influential over the past month for me personally and I really and truly believe you will get to your goal. U definitely do ROCK!

Ms. P ~ Your goal sounds great and you're right, I think it will keep you focused. Where are you traveling to?

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Of course I want to be here everyday! LOL

I am going to discover my inner multiple poster

Ms. P: it's crazy how fast this thread is moving. Love it!

Michelle: I think scales and TOM are the devil LOL,you'll be back where you were really soon I am sure
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Learning to fly again
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Delphi: You are right...Somehow the water intake goes waaaay down during the weekend. I will do the water bottle thing. Thanks!
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Hi again girls

MsP and Michelle, great to see you! Onto a new month we go!

Newshinyme, I was thinking about the SBD but not on it right now. I did phase 1 with Lene last month and quite frankly virtually all of my weightloss was from that....I am very thankful for that. Memorial day weekend was awful planwise but went right back OP after. It's an awesome plan, I lost 9lbs. the first 3 weeks when I first started in Oct. Either way, I need to limit my starches or I don't lose. How do you like the nutrisystem? RIght now for this first week I am experimenting yet again....just going to eat some various things I haven't in a while (healthy of course) in the hopes of waking up my metabolism, it needs a shakeup lol.

Delphi and crazymamaof4, thanksssssss girls I bought a few gallons of water at the market the other day and I have one up here right now so I can keep re-filling my cup!

Jacqui, wtg on the breakfast. I hope that storm over there has subsided. My pup get's so nervous too when it thunders....I usually play with her to keep her occupied.

urockmom to an awesome month for us all.

Delphi, @wb Kotter!

Lowandfat on the 45lb. loss, that is fantastic! Were you following a particular plan? Nice to have u aboard : ).

Hi glutio what a great idea....taking some pics like that to see your progress for extra incentive. Wtg!

babes, wtg on the positive attitude

a big hi to all. Still waiting for some of our girls to come in

Hope your all having a good first day. Going well h ere and drinking plenty of water. I went to bed late last night so I'm a little on the tired side but I know that a walk will feel wonderful. Talk soon chickies
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HI girls, jusst checking in. I have to head in the shower but wanted to say a quick hi and see how everyone is doing on their first day...(a first day for many of you and a first day of our month for all, or a first day back).

HOpe the day is going well for everyone. I am doing good with my water. Delphi, I like that water trick you mentioned girl....I'll do that tonight! thanks!

Hang in there soon
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oh I almost forgot, MsPerceptionnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....congratulations on the loss Keep up the awesome work, your doing great. June 3 is quickly approaching too
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May I join? I'd like to lose 10lbs for June.

SW: 164
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live, laugh, love
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Hello all you fine ladies!!

after taking a couple of weeks off, im back..i didnt gain or lose any during my time this is the month that im going to kick butt...i went out today and bout a pair of pants that are size 14, and my goal is to be in them by the end of june.

Im going to stay with the Elance Bodywise Weight lose program, and start excersising 30 minutes a day (hopefully my broken leg has heeled) twice a day. and stick with healthy eating.. and most importantly, report here everyday, for support.

i look forward to reading everyones goals

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What the HECK!!!!! You crazy women talk too much!!! LOL!!!!
I have a little game plan for this month. Do you wanna hear it?? Cuz here it is! Last month I got journaling and drinking 64ozs water in each day as my new habit. This month I'm throwing in taking a vitamin. I'm feeling sluggish so I hope it helps. For exercise I am going with HIIT. I have so much going on this month that lack of time will be an issue. I think this is a good time to try something new.

I don't have time for all the personals but I want to get a couple in.

First off Lewis is back!!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time on your cruise, sorry about the extra pounds but you'll have that straightened out soon. I know it!!!

Lowandfat, Congratulations on 45lbs!!!

Ms P, I would have to say you made your goal last month. .2lbs are you kidding, cut off an inch of hair, spit repeatedly (like wrestlers do) or let's just say you made it. All your effort last month paid off, GREAT JOB!!

Newshinyme~ hey chick! Maybe you should journal on weekends. It will definitely hold you more accountable if you know you have to write it down. Here's to a new month!

FSA~ I'm still sticking with the 'ol SB but I'm going to challenge myself with different exercise. Good luck in June!!!

CMO4~ I better get my water!!! (Before I write you.) Okay finished off my last 32oz bottle refilled and started my next 32, I hope you are pleased with me now.

Glutio~ Welcome and I think taking pics is a great idea. You just reminded me to take a pic of myself today. I had DH take a front and side profile the beginning of last month. It will be nice to start seeing a change.

~ We can do this!

Jacqui~ Guess who forgot to eat lunch and snack today??? Can you believe it?? I just wasn't hungry. Hope you had a great day today!!

~ Hope you stayed on plan. I love a new month too!

Delphi, Delphi, Delphi
Hey girl! Did your plan workout for you today???

I'm sorry I can't get to everyone else but I have dinner to make yet.

Take care!!!!
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Wow. So much to read.
Thanks to all those water reminders, I am getting my water in now.
I am studying for 2 tests this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I don't have time for a lengthy post. I just wanted to record my starting weight for this month.

SW 175.6
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This thread has wings! I hope everyone had a great first day of the month. I really had to push myself to work out today, but I'm so glad I did. My exercise goal for this month is 1000 minutes. Can't wait until my new Turbo Jam workouts arrive! The ones I have are getting a little redundant.
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Abiele Absolutely you may join us! Welcome aboard It is never too late to join so any of you thinking to join in or stumbling upon us at a later time don't hesitate to join in.

Canadiannnnnnn Angel, wow that is wild. I was thinking of you today and wondering how you were. I knew you had that injury. Great to see you and glad your joining in again this month . Congratulations on maintaining That's super! Wtg on that goal, are you hanging the pants up on a h anger where you can see them every day? I have a couple of things waiting for me, lol . HOw is your sound better girl and happy for that.

Leneeeeeeeeeeeeee, omg! [email protected] crazy women talking too much! I just love what you said to right on lene! AW you, thanks for the well wi shed, means a lot girl . If things don't go as I like, I'm contemplating starting SBD again. It never steered me wrong. I think that's great Lene. You had awesome month with the SBD. Your plan sounds great. I think the vitamin will help you out. Keep us posted and keep kicking

Leigh, [email protected] the thread having wings Sure is flying! wtg on the workout today A lot of times I push myself too but then feel so good. Let us know how you like your new turbo jam workouts ship to Leigh promptly!

Okay, going to go see DH a bit and hit the couch. My exercise for this evening will be sofa surfing! lol chat soon. Let's drink our water tonight so we don't get any kooky hungries later.
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