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Default Binge slip up and blips: binge confessions

Hi chickies!! This is a thread in which we can come in and confess our struggles with compulsive overeating/binge eating/bulimia/restricting and ANY other food control problems and issues. If any of you have trigger problems by just seeing certain foods written out, then this may not be the thread for you. All are welcome -- including newbies AND lurkers (and non-CIC regular posters).


And I started it because unfortunately I slipped up last night. I couldn't sleep, so I made an enormous pot of spaghetti with meatless ground "beef" and devoured the whole thing. I ate it right out of the pot on still on the stove. It was made with wheat pasta, so it would have been super healthy if I would have ate a normal portion. I also ate a few oranges and bananas. Also healthy if I would have eaten one of each. I'm homebound right now, so I only have healthy options to binge.
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hey, thanks for the restart...i've not been so good either...i was given a box of chocs as a thank you for something and whilst they are not all gone, i've probly scoffed a few more than is respectable! x
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My turn... I've been doing fairly well -- thought I was "cured" (okay, better at least), bought the kids a package of the big, soft chocolate chip cookies for "them" -- they each had one last night and by this morning, they were all gone -- that's 14 frisbee size cookies -- well, today has to go better, they are all gone!! I debated buying the kids another box today because I always feel guilty about eating their stuff, but they probably don't need them either.
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Okay - I'm absolutely new here... and relatively new to bingeing. By that I mean, it seems to creep up on me like a mental freak-out, and hadn't happened since I started losing weight in March '07. Having lost 100lbs, I thought I didn't 'fit the profile' of a binge eater. I used to binge when I weighed 280lbs, but I didn't think this was something I would 'do' now. Of course, I am a self-confessed idiot.

Last Friday I binged, blamed it on PMS and did two days of 'damage control'... last night I ate SIX pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam (lord knows how much PB - probably about 2 tbsp per slice) then chicken wings for dinner, then a HUGE dessert made up of everything I could find in my kitchen.

I went to bed with an aching stomach, miserable, and confused. So - maybe this is a forum I should join...


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I ate 4 clementines yesterday on top of my regular food intake (soup, yogurt, an egg a piece of low fat cheese and an apple) and i ate salad with chicken breast for dinner and for dessert instead of one I ate two granola bars oh yeah then I ate 2 peppermint nougats that I have left over from xmas. I have to get those out of the house. I can't control myself around them. I didn't workout because I am sick and now I just feel like a lazy pig.
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I don't have the time (or energy) to list all the food I have binged on during the past two weeks -- suffice to say, I am not doing well. But coming back to you guys is step #1 for me -- because when I'm binging (or know full well I PLAN to binge that evening), I avoid this web-site like the plague!
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I wish they made a "binge collar" -- like the dog collars that zap a dog when he crosses the "fence line" in his yard -- I want one that momentarily makes me feel like I do after a binge (bloated, gross, lazy, sick to my stomach, etc.) whenever I consider a binge -- maybe that would keep me from having one!!
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Hey - after nine days of being really good - which is big for me in my current state, I had a really bad day today. I won't list out all the food - I guess I'm not that comfortable with all the gory details of my horrible day, but I am just trying to put it past me and work on how I can make tomorrow a better day.
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My binging spells are almost always connected to the TV. When i'm in front of it, I want to binge! Last night I caved and ate an extra can of vegetables and another 3 oz piece of chicken. I am very ashamed.
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Good morning everyone,
Been a bit busy but struggling the past few days. Today is a new one so here we go again !

Monday--a box of cinnamon wheat thins, 2 whole wheat pumpkin waffles
Tuesday--another box of cinnamon wheat thins
Wednesday--this time a box of reduced fat wheat thins

I sense a pattern here. I need to stop buying them. I ate one more thing on Monday but I don't remember what is was....So the binges are getting smaller. I used to consume 2-3 times what I ate on Monday in one sitting. That's definitely positive.
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I ate fast food every single day this week, sometimes twice.

It's been a stressful week and I know that has lots to do with it, and on top of that, I haven't been to the gym in months.

Hello, bingers. Thought I was better but now I'm back.

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I binged yesterday on foods that don't even taste that good...with the exception of the rice! lol don't know what came over me Today I plan on getting back on track with exercise and eating lightly. That's all it takes!!
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You guys might think this is really weird, but i'm bound and determined to never let my urges to binge come back.... I craved the whole bag of chips with some salsa yesterday.. And i thoght to myself before i did it. I was craving salty stuff. So i dashed a little salt in my palm, not even a 1/4 teaspoon, and i licked the salt off my hand. Silly, I know but my salt craving was gone after that, i didn't binge and pulled off a 2 pound weightloss as of today. It is my weigh-in day! Hey... It worked!!
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I was doing really well for days, following my food plan, etc. then last night I went to coffee/shopping with a friend and found myself purchasing several treats including a container of yogurt covered raisins. I ate the entire container between 4:30 and 10. I felt ill and really frustrated. Today is a new day though and I'm determined to stay on plan so that I can have good news to report.
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I went on a binging frenzy today despite seeing yesterday that I've lost. The thing is, I started to acknowledge the fact that I WAS binging before I ate the food, and I did it anyways.
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