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Yesterday I ate 3/4 bag of chili-cheese Fritos, that I hated every bite of, yet kept eating them, and 2 huge bowls of ice cream. Not good.
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I binge on the weekends. This past Saturday my 4 girls and I rented movies and went grocery shopping. Got home ate nachos, 2 over-stuffed soft tacos. Throughout the two movies we ate popcorn, m&ms, chocolate covered almonds, reese peices, sour gummies, and more nachos. I felt like my stomach was going to burst. It feels the same everytime and I continue to do it. WHY?!! I even think about what I am doing and just continue to eat. I don't know what is wrong with me. Why is a handful never enough. I know mexican food is my weekness and I continue to fix it once a week and even go to the mexican resturant once a week. I have no will power.........Christy
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1 x prepacked sandwich
1 x cadbury creme egg
1 x pear
3 x large cookies (4inch ones maybe)

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I did it again, a huge plate of blue chips with cheese and sour cream last night. I LIKE salty carbs. However I checked my diet records for the past few weeks and it's only been a few times that I've binged and I"m thinking more about it, instead of mindless eating - like if I cheat, the consequences. If I had at least thought of the consequences before devouring entire pizzas last winter I wouldn't have gotten fat again. But when that bag of chips is gone and it almost is thanks to a few nights of pigging out on blue chips, I'm NOT buying anymore chips
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Okay, here is my confession this is what I had for lunch today:
3 pb&j sandwiches (low cal bread, better n peanut butter, low sugar jam)
3 servings of cheese puffs
1 cup ice cream

I feel sick. Why do I do this to myself?
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I haven't been bad in terms of quality, just quantity. Stuffing my face with lychees. (?!) Well, they're all gone now anyway. My weight is up 2lb. I'm pretty sure TOM is coming in the next few days but still, don't like seeing it on the scale. It happens every month, you'd think we'd be used to it by now
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Lola is Back!
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Default Anyone successful in stopping a binge B4 u start?

I am a life long binger, recovering bulimic. Now I just binge.

Triggers are definietly white processed foods, any carbs, any sweets.
I'm ususally all or nothing. Either very good.. or very bad.
Anyone have tips on stopping during a binge ... or before you binge?

Seems once i make up my mind to binge.. it's all over. Wish I could stop
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Geek and like it.
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It might not be an option for you, but because I'm a student, I try not to keep too much food and NO trigger food in my room. So, if I was going to overeat, I'd have to actually go out and get it, by which time I would have changed my mind. Can you limit what foods are available in your immediate surroundings?
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I love this post can kinda dump the guilt feelings from the binge by writing it down here and mentally leaving it behind.

So my dumping session today is: Last night, after a fabulous day of eating well and exercising, my son brought home a pizza, cooked it and then decided he didn't want it. So...I ate 3 slices (800 calories worth). I don't know why as it didn't taste that good and I even stood arguing with myself before eating it that I really didn't want it and I would feel bad afterwards but I still ate it.
There was a small consolation for me...I left the other three slices and I didn't start hunting for sweet foods as I would normally after "blowing" my diet so a small progression there.

Love 2 you all

Boo x x

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whole foods bakery queen
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yesterday i just kept noshing all day on chips and dip, nuts, fruit, carrots, it was just done in a mindless manner..had friends over to watch movies

and i kept eating after they left of course

but at one point i decided that i wasn't really sure if i was hungry so i was going to try to stop. so i just kinda backed away and threw everything out.

and then i went out with friends last nite instead of staying at home and eating more...when i am down i am DOWN and i just wanna shut off from the entire world, be left alone, and stuff my face ...

but i have to realize that isnt solving anything. it certainly isnt getting me any dates or new friends by holing up in my apartment

i hate that i am such an extrovert and i use food to keep me down and away from people. and from life and from things i love....cuttin my nose off despite my face anyone??

i will say that eating protein totally keeps me full..however it doesnt stop me from wanting to eat for emotional reasons ya know?
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I have been doing great with my diet weight coming off consistently and then yesterday happened. I don't know I was at home and asked hubby to buy me some Sugar Free Russel Stovers candy I ate the whole bag (5 candies) then the next thing I know I started binging I ended up eating a lean cuisine, 2 personal microwave pizzas, 2 sugar free pudding cups, TBSp of peanut butter, handful of wheat thins, handful of cheetos, 2 no sugar added fudgesicles, 3 -16.9 bottles of crystal light, and pasta with my dinner.

I wanted to cry b/c I was not in control I have lost 17 lbs since January, eating right and working out 5x a week no cravings and BAM!!! I lost it just like that. I was depressed the rest of the day and dreaded getting on the scale but I did and was not pleased nor surprised by what I saw.

Today is a new day and I am back on track but a part of me still feels like I just took 5 steps backwards. I realize that I have to stay away from trigger foods including surgar free candy.
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whole foods bakery queen
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we have all been there and done that...its ok and look, you found some new triggers for you, so try and stay away from 'em and chin up!
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I ate a whole day's worth of food after dinner yesterday.
It was healthy, not very calorie-dense food too, I just had way too much of it.
Left me bloated and uncomfortable...yet pretty hungry early the next day.
At least my fridge is now almost clean, nothing to binge on...Unless I end up drinking 1 whole gallon of milk in one go ...entirely possible. I'm amazed at how much my stomach can hold sometimes
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Hello...I'm new here...I didn't realize there were other people out there that binged like me! I'm trying to regain control of my life....again...Ive noticed the binges are getting more frequent...(several times a week)...where they used to be maybe only a few times a month...
My last binge was 2 days ago.
I had... a box of frozen carrots
10-15 oreos? (polished off the rest of the package)
2 bagels
...[at which point i waited in agony for my roommate to leave so i could continue binging guilt free 0:-) ]
finished off with a pint of ice cream and a peppermint patty

not my worst binge, but its starting to catch up to me since the 'episodes' are getting closer and more frequent...

so im joining this blog and starting to calorie count again...hopefully ill stay on track this time...oh, and also im giving up chocolate for lent...40 a long time..we'll see...
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Wow love the thread! haha.. Just what I need now! I've been binging and doing no exercise for the last 5 days! I don't want to list down all the stuff I've had today cos it will take tonnes of time and I need to prepare for an exam! So, well, I am another one asking for ADVICE! So, advice anyone? Advice or encouragement or a good reprimanding or whatever else it is that I seem to want all at the same time!

I know we all go through these periods of binges and stuff but well, I think I've gone overboard this time and I neeed to stop. All my previous efforts at weight loss, I would come to a point where I get a little pleased with myself and then I let go and usually I let go cos the period usually coincides with a high stress period where I give myself excuses to binge and take comfort in it and this is that point again! Highly stressful time, I am the lightest I've been in YEARS and well, I'm fitting into dresses I couldn't a couple of months ago and I like that but I want to lose LOADS more. I was soooo controlled for a good month and then this happens and its a damper on my weight loss progress and I'm terrified I've ruined all the work I did so far in losing 4lbs cos I think I could well have gained it all in these 5 days!!

And here's a scary little confession: I sometimes do purge after a bad binge and the last time I did it was over the weekend and well, I didn't even purge it all out cos I found it too taxing. yes, I find purging to be some sort of a mini-workout at times.
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