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Talking CC Christmas Challenge

CC Christmas Challenge


It's time for a new Calorie Counters' Holiday Challenge!

Everybody did great on the Thanksgiving DAY Challenge.
Some of us met our goals, some of us only got partway there, but we all put in a great effort, learned some lessons, made new friends, and supported each other... and that's what these challenges are for. Now, we're ready to set our sights on a new challenge, new goals, and the next 4 weeks of this journey!

Here's how it works... Set a goal or goals that you would like to reach before Christmas Day , December 25th, 2009 . Your goals can be anything: pounds you want to lose, a smaller clothing size or outfit you'd like to fit into, sports or fitness achievements, or just a goal of keeping food and exercise on track. Whatever gets you excited about working your plan over the next few weeks, is the right goal for this challenge. You can set as many or as few goals as you like.

All are welcome! If you're not sure what your goal will be yet, but would like to join up and find some weight loss buddies, get and give support, please jump in, and you can post a goal later, when you think of something. Our main purpose is to motivate each other to keep the food on plan, keep exercising, keep getting leaner, more fit, and healthy.

I may not be able to check in daily,Since I am a mom of 3~ But I will do my best too. HAVE A GREAT CHALLENGE EVERYONE &

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I think for my goals....I would like to Lose about 5 pounds or more.
I weighed 172.2 This Morning~but I Had a free day of Eating yesterday for Thanksgiving....So first of all I gotta get back down to my ticker weight LOL~Of the 160's!! Hopefully I can do that By My birthday
December 6th~ I Will have to see...and to be to 167 or less by Christmas would be Super.
ANYWAYS.....MAY EVERYONE DO WELL WITH THERE GOALS OR IF YOU JUST NEED SUPPORT FOR THE NEXT 4 weeks THATS COOL TOO!!! Join the challenge either way...There is plenty of super people on here that gets involved in these challenges....And Are A Fabulous Support GROUP!

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I think I'm going to make a goal to lose 10 pounds by Christmas. I think that will be reasonable for me and I know I don't want to set myself up for failure.
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For yet another challenge, I am going to make a weight goal of being 185 or below. That would give me 4 pounds to lose....hopefully I can do it!!!

I also want to start back on some serious jogging. I am still doing it when on the treadmill, but I used to do more jogging than walking and that's slowly going the other direction.

I also want to continue at least three days of strength training a week.
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I made Turkey day goal, and it motivated me not to eat my brains out! So I will try again. I am going to say 4 lbs. by Christmas, I am going to try to exceed it, but I want AT LEAST THAT.
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To all those New to the challenges & Those who have been a part of the previous challenges!!! EVERYONE HAS SUPER GOALS!!!!

jendiet Congradulations On making your Turkey Day Goal!!!

Chele615 ~You did super last challenge ~keep up the good work!!!

sgregg~Good luck With your goal!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!
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Jen, I laughed at what you said because the same thing happened to me.

Still the important thing is to get right back on track. So my goal is to lose 3 lbs by Christmas. That sounds easy but considering all the sweet temptations of the season, I will be happy if I make it.
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Hi. I've done several of these challenges early in the year and last year and I'm in again now.

Christmas Challenge Goals
*Lose 4 or 5 pounds which will bring me down to 135/134 pounds.
*Eat only 1 dessert a week.
*1200-1400 Calories per day recorded on to fitday.

Starting Weight: 139.5

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OK. I vow to keep up with my workouts and training for the Lazy Man Triathalon, and I want to be out of the 170s by Christmas. 169.75 will be good enough for me considering the time of the year and all.
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My goal is to make it to ONDERLAND by Christmas!!! So thats about 7lbs.. I think it is a very realistic goal but this week I'm disappointed because tomorrow I'm expecting no loss this week :-( I made it to my overall 20lb loss by Thanksgiving! So lets see how I do!

PS Lori - what part of Ohio are you from? I'm from Ohio!!! (I'm currently going to college in Utah but my husband and I's family are all still there)

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Thanks Lori for starting the new challenge. Love ya!! You rock!!

Anyways, I have a new year's eve goal of being 299 so I can start the new year in the 200s. So...that being said, my Christmas goal is going to be to lose 15lbs. That will put me at 303, and I will need to drop 4lbs in the final week after Christmas. I think its totally doable, so let's do it!

So excited to see familiar faces and new faces on the challenges!!
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emileigh Goodluck~YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

retiredone Goodluck with your goals...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

RMatS 160's kicks butt to be In So I am Excited for ya...Now I must join you on the journey to reclaim them myself....LOL~WE CAN DO THIS!

BrittniMarie Goodluck with onederland!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
I am from Adams county in OHIO~Where is y'alls family at in OHIO?
My town is a small hick town LOL~I may not look like it in my picks but I am a hillbilly at heart!! LOL

shan84 LOVE YA TOO GIRL~& YOUR WELCOME! (must hear details of that man~remember I am nosey!) LOL wooooooooohoooooo Getting so close to claiming those 200's~ I AM SO PROUD OF YA~YOU ALWAYS LOSE EXTREMELY WELL WITH EVERY CHALLENGE~I HAVE MY FINGERS CROSSED FOR YA!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Well as for me today.... I had a super easy day with food....I ate without counting calories On thanksgiving day and was a little worried I must admit that I might have a little trouble going back to my 1400 calories for a few days but I did it well and I am full....SO THATS SUPER~I guess all I could think in my mind was Me heavy with all that food...Or me small with smaller portions.......LOL
Smaller me won! Goodnight everyone.HUGS TO ALL
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Default 180's here I come!

First of all, I need to say: WHERE THE HECK HAS 2009 GONE?!?!?!
And second of all, THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE!!!! I love signing on every day to see what people are up to...reading advice and success all the other things ppl go through as we struggle to beat the battle of the bulge )
And last but not least, this morning the scale read 190.6 my Christmas goal will be to lose 5lbs which will put me at 185.6..THE LOWEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY ADULT LIFE!!! I have stopped calorie cycling and have been trying to eat around 1350 cal/day and so far, it's been making the scale move downward this week...I can't wait to see a 1-8-something on that scale! I may have to figure out a scale happy dance for that one! haha

  • Lost atleast 5bls
  • Stick to 1350cal/day
  • Ride atleast 10mi/day on Recumbent Bike

I'm really gonna need some of this bc we get TONS of holiday cookie tins at the office & it seems like I'll grab one (or a couple) every freakin time I walk past it!!

GOODLUCK everyone! WE CAN DO IT!!!

also, if anyone's interested, I have started a 3FC diet blog and post random thoughts/rants, as well as my daily stats...your input/comments would be greatly appreciated! lol I've also added some photos
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Count me in,my goal is to be down to 225 by christmas
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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hmmm, a little bummed with myself for not keeping up with the strict calorie counting and not meeting my Thanksgiving goal.

my Christmas goal is:

lose 5 pounds (at least)
continue to eat REAL food, completely unprocessed.
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