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Hi becksters.....I am home now and have some, I'll try to get in some personals.

So far today is going well...I was driving home from an errands saying to meself over and over...."Food does not take away will not take away stress....." And...I was able to pass by that McDonalds I thought was calling my name. CREDIT!

Alma - WELCOME - so glad you posted. Lots of folks use this daily chat thread as a coach. Some folks use this thread as a coach along with a separate coach, too.

Futurefitchick - glad you got your workout in - hope your shoulder feels better. Wow…so many credits- wonderful! Yes, I am going to change doctors - I really can’t do it at this time. But, I will as soon as I can. Thanks.

Mikkjo - so glad your books arrived. Sounds like you are getting the idea of how it goes. It’s a process - but, a worthwhile one.

mutable paradox - so glad you posted. Glad you books are on the way.

New2m2 - it’s so wonderful when a Beckism just pops into your brain and helps you to walk away from candy!

Wendylan - good to hear you are choosing a diet to follow. Those brownies are hard to walk away from. As you go forward with Beck you’ll learn all kinds of way to keep your food home environment easier to live in.

Gardernerjoy - Credit for rockin’ all that excerise!!!

I thought I'd have time for more.....

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in development
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Default Wednesday

Dear All

Good to see you all, old and new alike. And to all new.

A good day but I need more formal exercise. (I've been i/c the DB solo so my usual gymn visit hasn't been possible.)

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: YYY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: Y??YY

Formal exercise: N

Informal exercise: Y
3/4 hour walking coast & woodland

Give credit:
* have not eaten standing up today
* have not drunk any cordial today
* have read the ARCs three times

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Rpb - your gluten sensitivity idea is interesting.

FFC - Yes! Of course, the tug-of-war! I saw one only a couple of weeks ago at the school sports day. I have different pulls in my life too.
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Hello, Beckies,

Alma, I will give you my biased opinion about a Beck diet coach. It is about declaring your intentions, and having to report to someone to keep you accountable. You can find a friend in real life to be your sounding board, for sure, but where else but here could you find coaches/buddies who are also following the Beck Diet Solution, know the program, and can therefore not only be your sounding board/accountability ear, but offer suggestions? I can see no better coach than all of us, but that's just me.

Futurefitchick, I definitely will report back on how the PT fixes or does not fix my loose screw.

Amazing number and magnitude of storms throughout a big region of MN and ND last night and early AM. Once again escaped unscathed..just got a great rain. In driving 30 miles today, though, saw many, many fields of lodged wheat and oats..that driving rain and wind will do that to a ripe field. Mother Nature is not a happy Wohman. ...and that is not good!

That said, the countdown to vine-ripened tomatoes begins!
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Default I'm calling a do-over!

Hey there,

The last three days or so I have actually been pretty darn good at following a meal plan, exercise, writing down my food, etc, But today… ARRRG!!!!!

[Warning: this story contains graphic descriptions of high calorie foods and shouldn't be read by those on an empty stomach]

It was a dark and gloomy morning....
My mood was kind of foul and I decided not to walk up past my neighbor's house because I just couldn't bare to put on a happy face if she came out to walk with me. So, I decided to go only half way, come home, and do some strength training with a video- the first I have done all year. That went really well and even had a hard time walking down my stairs because I did so many squats (and I'm happy about that?!) Had a fried egg, veggie, cheese sandwich on a "thin bun" with spray-on butter. I felt I had done good the first two hours of my day.

When I got to work, I was still feeling crabby. I half joked that I could really use a donut today. I got my wish. A chocolate covered cake donut! It was really good. I only had one and I didn't lick the rest of the icing out of the bag.

However, I was still feeling kinda hungry and decided to have the rest of my yogurt and some smashed up cereals flakes I had in my bag. This actually kept me full through at least 2 or 3. Instead of having some lunch, I thought I'd just have some of my co-workers pita chips. I'm not sure how many I had… maybe 2 servings, but it filled me up. I still didn't feel too horrible. I hadn't planned my eating, I wasn't consuming the best foods, but I was kind-a keeping it under control.

And then all the evil happened….
I came home starving and popped a pizza in the oven for the family. I decided to have a portion of the leftovers from last night (it was a healthy veggie/chickpea concoction) but while it was heating up, I decided I really wanted a treat, so after I ate that (and I was actually full) I made myself an herb-a-life Cookie's and Cream protein shake with a banana and a tbsp. of Cookie's and Cream pudding mix. It was so good, but after every slurp, I knew I was full. Even though it tasted pretty good, I wasn't really enjoying it because I knew I shouldn't have while I was full. It gets worse. An hour later, I ate three pieces of pizza - granted it's those thin cardboard ones, but still!!!! And I didn't go for my evening walk either!!!!!

After having written all this out,
It is glaringly apparent what I did wrong today.
  • I didn't have a plan
  • I didn't bring a snack
  • I didn't plan for lunch or dinner
  • I had some sugar way to early in the morning
  • I didn't write down my food (I'm still going to attempt it tonight, just to look at it squarely)
  • I didn't read any cards.
  • I could've told myself to wait an hour or so before I had my treat. By then I wouldn't have been so full and maybe the pizza leftovers would've been put away….
I just can't be hard on myself! I'm gonna do better tommorow.

  • Tried a new excercise
  • Check-in
  • Took my vitamins
  • Weighed myself
  • Ate sitting down : mostly
  • Gave myself credit
Maryblu: What a rain day we had! We just had a soaker too.

Mikkijoe: Ya know what are kind of good? Gummi bear vitamins. You can even have two!

Alma: Hello Alma!

Good Night everyone!
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Hello All,
I'm definitely eating less junk since being laid off, since there are no handy vending machines or employee cafeterias nearby. . .I hope I can find a way to harness this change for when I may end up with bad food nearby again.

I tracked my food, credit, and stayed way under my goal, credit. I walked 10,000+ steps, credit.

I have a craft show this weekend, and need to do some food planning--it's a two day show and we are staying over, so lots of potential snacking. Plus one of our favorite restaurants is in the area, so I want to make a plan that includes that.

Welcome to Mikkijoe, Alma and rpb, wendylan and mutable paradox!
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Hello everyone, today was another day on plan. I'm still in Stage One, trying to get seven consecutive days of total mastery of the skills. Keep up the good work, everyone.
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Thumbs up Welcome Kelly (MutableParadox)

Kelly (MutableParadox)

And, even though you've been posting for four months,

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Welcome Alma (Alma4343)

Alma (Alma4343)

And, in honor of your first post,

Neat that you found the Beck books while searching for diet/nutrition books.

But how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks while you were looking for a diet coach?
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Default Thursday

Hi Coaches

A very quick check in - I need to eat before I am too tired and hungry. Had an on plan day even though there was a work Bar-B-Que. Planned to have some meat and salad and that is what I had.

Weight today was down 2 pounds so weird fluid thing happening but I will enjoy the first time seeing this weight for a long time. Hopefully will get to swimming tomorrow and get to work at home

Credits -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Y N
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - None - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y Y Y - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y Y N
- Put down fork occasionally - Y Y N
- Weighed myself - Yes - DOWN (a lot) - 213.4 - $1
- Drank water - No - need to fill up my water bottle
- Exercise - No- no opportunity this week

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $28

Working on -
some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all

Have a good day Beckies
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - At one of those potluck dinners given to honor volunteers, I started out doing well, then it dragged on and on and on, so that by the time I got to the main food table my resolve was wilting with my patience. Took a half slice of "1000 year old meatloaf" whose name enticed me, but actually tasted just like mediocre meatloaf. And then a more full plate of stuff, although mostly salads. Actually, not that bad, but it felt like it was too much. And then I had a small piece of three different desserts. Perhaps it was within my high-end allowance for eating out, but the feeling of eating more than I had planned wasn't so good. I hate events that are completely food-centric.

CREDIT moi for skipping some good looking ham, a half dozen good looking pasta dishes, all the liquid calories, and the remaining 18 feet of we-want-to-thank-you desserts. Exercise was a mere 20 minute stroll - but CREDIT moi for it being with my DW in a beautiful place.

maryblu - Ouch for all that lost wheat and oats because "Mother Nature is not a happy Wohman." Yep, our tomato plants are laden with green tomatoes. Looks like they plan to all ripen simultaneously.

Wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for brownies from your mother - gotta get the message to her someday that you're on your own eating plan now.

YesterdayFitChick - Ouch for the "tug-of-war" between real life and real life. And Double Ouch for "ate breakfast while working" - that's being one serious graduate student. But Monster Congrats for being so organized as to have a copy of your lost post. You win Computer Savvy Beck Poster of the Year for that one.

FutureFitChick - Yay for a St. Bernard as a real life Diet Coach. A good peach is worth noticing every single bite.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat list of credits, including those 10,000 steps. Harnessing your improved skills at avoiding junk foods seems like a worthwhile goal. Planning ahead for your weekend away at a craft sale seems pretty smart to me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - This is the great motivator for me, when I want to clean up something so I can move forward, per "I need more space to see the clothes that fit!"

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for the "trusty liquid dish soap" applied to all that stands in your sight to stay the course even while trying to work out your health issues. And thanks for "Food does not take away stress" - maybe you could post that on the window of the McDonald's that you passed by to help the folks who are still streaming in trying to ease their stress.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Wonderful, concise summary of the Beck program, "Planned to have some meat and salad and that is what I had." Kudos.

silverbirch - So like the thought of "walking coast & woodland." Need translation help with "I've been i/c the DB solo ..."

Overlord - Kudos for another day on plan. There's no rush out of Stage One - mastering those skills takes some effort.

Amber (AmberPr) - Kudos for reviewing your situation clearly and Kudos for giving yourself appropriate credits. Yep, going forth without a plan is a set up for making bad choices - neat demonstration to yourself exactly how that happens. LOL at "It was a dark and gloomy morning." I have always loved that sentence.

Mikkijoe - LOL for hypothermia while reading Beck in the bathtub - now that's getting into your reading. Hope you work it out with vitamins; I've become a believer in a daily multi-vitamin.

Randi (rbp) - Amazing diagnosis to "gluten sensitivity" - just one more reminder that we are each an experiment of one.

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Good reading that Pink book and the workbook. Feel free to join in even while waiting for their arrival.

Alma (Alma4343) - Yep, the rules are to jump right in, let us all be your on-line Diet Coaches, respond to posters as one of their Diet Coaches, share what you know about nutrition, and remember that there aren't any experts around here so don't be shy. Neat to hear that you're excited by Beck's book - that's exactly how I felt when I first heard about it.

Readers -
day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

. . .
Carry food with you. If you have a long trip ahead of you, consider bringing along some favorite foods permitted on your diet plan. While in transit, be careful not to eat out of boredom. Also beware of eating more meals that you had planned, due to time changes. Some dieters I work with ask their hotel in advance for a mini refrigerator (or they ask the management to remove the alcohol that is already in the minibar). When they arrive at their destination, they find a grocery store and buy some food and drinks, especially for planned snacks.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.
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Good morning Beckies,

Yesterday I stayed on plan but felt like I ate too much, even though it was good stuff. Wasn't paying attention to when I was full and cleaned my plate at dinner when I should have stopped sooner. Need to work on that! And I only read my cards once, maybe there's a connection there. On the other hand, credits for staying on plan and eating healthy stuff, exercising, checking in, walking after dinner.

Alma - Welcome! You sound a lot like me, I read a lot and have been dieting on and off forever and know exactly what I should be doing. But doing it is another matter and that's where Beck will help us!

Amber (AmberPr) - It's great that you learned from your mistakes. I know you'll do better! And I love your writing

Donna new2me2) - That's interesting about your knee pain and gluten. I read a whole book yesterday about celiac disease and gluten intolerance and learned a lot. It's fascinating that it can have such diverse effects on the body. have some other symptoms and it will be interesting to see if they disappear when I've been off it for awhile. Kudos for resisting the candy!

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Congrats on those 10,000 steps. The craft fair sounds like a planning challenge!

Have a great day --

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Green Tomatoes
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We have the nephew coming for yardwork today. If it's too hot (95 and humid is expected), we may spend part of the day on indoor projects.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +45 970/1800 minutes for July, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome MutableParadox and Alma4343!

Alma4343: jumping in is the initiation! Great job!

seadwaters: great job on dealing with the BBQ just as you planned! This seems like an excellent thing to be working on: "some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all."

BillBlueEyes: agreed on the food-centric events. We're skipping the next one we've been invited to because we've got enough challenges going on right now. Credit for staying within the high end allowance and skipping the many things that you did skip.

rbp: yay for the list of credits and the realization that you may be eating too much of the healthy foods. I dearly hoped that switching to healthy foods was going to be enough to get me to lose weight, but it turned out that I'm quite capable of overeating healthy foods, too!

Overlord: good job with an on-plan day and being patient with really learning the skills.

Nuxmaga: way to go taking this time of being out of the elements of bad work food to explore what works for you regarding healthy eating. Yay for a plan that includes a favorite restaurant!

AmberPr: do-overs are definitely part of the game plan around here! Good job analyzing exactly what went wrong while still giving yourself credit for what went right!

Beverlyjoy: "Food does not take away stress" is one of my mantras, too! Good job using it to skip the fast food!

FutureFitChick: great job with all those credits and congrats for 2 pounds down!

Mikkijoe: hope you like Walk It Out! I'm having great fun with it.

new2me2: good job resisting candy on a busy day! When I wore a pedometer, I was surprised that I walked less than I thought. I think to make it sound easier, there's some implication that walking 10,000 steps is as easy as parking the car at the far end of the parking lot. But it always took me some concerted effort like an actual walk for exercise.

Hello to maryblu, silverbirch, wendylan, and anyone else wandering by!
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Good morning friends/coaches! I am celebrating today because I just reached my lowest weight in two years! The last time I was even close to this weight was when I was really sick after my last surgery! So, I FINALLY broke the 150 barrier and am at 149.6! Yay, lol. Another charm goes on the bracelet tonight! I think it will be the bear or moose charm that I bought in Alaska.

Eating was on plan yesterday and my stomach was still not quite right so I did just about 30 minutes of Walk It Out.

I got a lovely surprise thank you gift card yesterday for Starbucks, so I'm going to plan that into my day tomorrow. What I can actually get there is very low in calories and fat and will even fit into the WW points system, lol.

MutableParadox Hello back! And, welcome!!!

FutureFitChick I think we all want to take our journeys faster than we should, at least I do. I'm slowly learning to take my time though.

Mikkijoe LOL about the vitamin! I get funny things like that stuck in my head too sometimes. And, re the local store thing...I live in a large urban area, and no store here had that particular Wii game either, lol. And, re the candy...for some strange reason I have a hard time buying something for someone else that I don't like myself, lol. It's weird, and also dangerous...I once bought a sweater for a friend for Christmas...I ended up keeping the darned thing and buying her something else. Afterwards, she commented how much she liked my sweater...I admitted that I actually had bought it for her, but liked it so much I kept it. I think in the end I gave it to her anyway.

Alma4343 Hi and welcome!! Your post is exactly what I thought when I found Beck. I knew all the nutrition stuff, but really needed to work on the mental aspect.

Beverlyjoy I love your self-talk "food does not take away stress" very true!!!

silverbirch Waving!!

maryblu Glad you escaped the storms!!!

AmberPr YAY on three great days!!! Ouch for the not so good one! LOVED your story, by the are a gifted story teller, lol!

Nuxmaga Yes, I eat much healthier at home, lol. For me it isn't the vending machines, etc., but rather the lack of variety portable food I can bring...I do much better if I can make my stuff fresh.

Overlord Routing for you for your 7 day goal!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Mucho credit for eating on plan even with a BBQ! And, YAY on being down another 2 pounds!!!

rbp Ouch on not paying attention...I've certainly been guilty of that. And, I definitely find I do better when I read the keeps those things in my head. Some of the other things that improved once I stopped eating sense of smell, I got a little color in my face, my sinus issues, and I think even my sense of taste improved.

gardenerjoy Waving to you too! Yes, even with my exercise I didn't make 10,000 steps that day, lol.
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Height: 5'4"


Hey there,

Gotta post quick today, lots to do at the office, so no time for personal posts right now

I am finding that DH is back into the habit of bringing me food, NOT on my plan at all. This morning he delivered burger king sausage bisquits at the office. I would not eat those on a normal pre-diet day....but he chose now to bring those to me. The last three nights he has been asking if he can go get me a small ice cream cone. One night I actually let him, because I had set aside cals for a scoop of hard ice cream with berries, and the cone was even less calories.....So Im going to have to have that conversation with him, yet again.

On a good note: I have a friend of mine who just opened up a Medical Weight Loss clinic in conjunction with a physician. She does coaching etc. The clinic also sells a pre-packaged food system as well I think. But anyway, I told her that she needed to read this book to help her clients. She was all excited because she has done a book study on another Beck book some time ago and really wanted to start a study group. THEN she said "I love Martha's books!"
Martha???? Turns out there is a Martha Beck that writes some books and seminars about Cognitive Therepy.......funny.
Anyway, I am seeing her today and we are going to talk about starting a study group with her clients.

AND I am wearing a pair of jeans that I bought on the 1st, that did not fit. They are 2 sizes smaller than I usually wear and they did not fit when I got them. It did take some engineering to get them on, LOL, but now that they have stretched and are pretty comfortable.
So having said that, I might not be too worried about getting on the scale tomorrow. Seems like it has to show something by now
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Hi everyone! I don't think I posted yesterday so I'll sum up 2 days today. I have lost 2 1/2 lbs on my first two days! Yay!!! More importantly, I broke the decade barrier!!! I am out of the 170s FINALLY!!! woo hoo.

I wanted to run around the house lapping it and shouting woo hoo! I have not been here in three years!

new2me2 - I am so excited. we broke our barriers the same day! awesome. And I may go adopt your bracelet idea. It never sounded so good.

And for the first time in 2 weeks, I feel like I can try a 30 minute work out without losing a lung. Will do that today.

I do read all of your inspiring posts so sorry I don't respond more one on one. Always 3 projects behind at work!

Have a great day! You are worth it!
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