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Hi coaches...friends - Yesterday was mostly on my plan. I did do some stress eating before bed. I just wasn't willing to do what I know is helpful. Gosh it just feels terrible. I know it's related to health concerns and the surgery, etc. Another health concern has popped up.

Enough is enough. (aren't we suppose to have fewer health concerns when we lose weight...LOL) Anyway - I am going today for my pre-op appointment with my doctor and hopefully, she'll be able to figure things out with me.

But - I got up and planned for a healthy day. I definitely need to do some meditation today. I am feeling very anxious about things. Also - I am committing to read my response cards two times today. And do all the writing and journal/wookbook type stuff. That should help me get back on track.

yesterday -
planned/log/measure - some of the time
count calories - yes...until I ate too much
exercise - yes
eat seated - always
no seconds - some of the time
fork down - not much
beck/response card - no
lots of water - yes
taste food - yes
slow eating - some of the time

I’ll try and come back later for more personals. Thanks for always being such good Beck coaches and friends.

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Good morning Beck friends/coaches! I had a good eating day yesterday and managed to stay on "my" eating plan and only used a couple of the "weekly" points WW gives. I consider that a major credit, lol.

Today should be good as well. I have semi-planned for a possible baked treat from my gluten-free worker, who found some gluten free Bisquick and was going to buy some this weekend, lol. She may not have had time to bake, but it's in the back of my mind that a treat may show up today or tomorrow, or not at all. In any case, if it shows up, it's semi-planned. She was also going to buy some for me, so she may not bring me anything even if she did bake.

Another credit...put my response cards by the computer and have read them twice already! I decided to rewrite a couple of them, so did that as well.

Beverlyjoy I love your new response card!

silverbirch Glad you've joined us!!

maryblu I really love to hear about your wonderful lake and all the happenings surrounding it!

CeeJay Great list of credits!! Good outlook on the daily weigh in!

Nuxmaga Credit for walking and for keeping busy so you wouldn't snack continuously!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Thinking of you as you head back to work!

BillBlueEyes Good job on the Trader Joe's thing, lol! Ummm, the cucumber salad sounds wonderful!

Lexxiss ing back! Wow, GREAT job in recognizing the emotional side of your eating and then moving on!

AnneWonders Welcome home!
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I'm using my resistance muscle in my dreams, now. I dreamed I found some Halloween candy. Eating it right away wasn't even something I considered. I briefly considered, in my dream, working it into my plan. But, ultimately, I decided it probably wasn't good anyway and threw it away!

For those who asked, building a rainbow is one aspect of the Wii Walk It Out game. You're walking around a virtual island and one activity you can do every day is a kind of treasure hunt. Find all seven different-colored rainbow spheres and a rainbow appears over the island -- even at night, which is striking against the dark sky but probably gives the kiddies a warped notion of physics. Building a rainbow everyday is motivating my current consistency with exercise.

WI: +0.5kg, Exercise: +35 830/1800 minutes for July, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AnneWonders: good to have you safely home!

Lexxiss: good job recognizing what was going on with the emotional eating and putting a plan in place to fix it right away. Hope everything goes better today.

BillBlueEyes: way to go finding a path away from Trader Joe's! The cucumbers with mint sounds intriguing -- I may try that!

seadwaters: yay for lists and plans! Hope your work goes well.

Nuxmaga: good job with all the walking and truly enjoying the treat. Love that you avoided snacking by knitting!

CeeJay: Two days on plan! Yay for that and for gratitude about it -- I think that can be such a helpful attitude. That's a great list of credits!

maryblu: love the osprey story -- glad the weather improved for gardening!

silverbirch: Keeping track of things on your Blackberry and posting them here sounds like an excellent way to do things! Love the format you made for it.

Beverlyjoy: so sorry you are dealing with another health stress -- I hope it's no big deal and disappears quickly! Good job with planning for a new healthy day!

new2me2: Yay for an hour and 45 minutes with Walk It Out! It took me quite awhile to get my Advantages and Responses cards in a format and place where I'd really read them everyday. So, keep trying until you find something that works for you. Oh, reading today's post -- I'm glad putting them near your computer worked!

Shepherdess: glad you got a run with Jen! I hope you managed to continue to resist the doughnuts!

wendylan: Welcome!
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Good day Fellow Becksters.
Thanks for all the positive feedback to my honesty post.

Lots of turning lost horses & employees into situations we can handle without emotional eating. Great job! I love seeing the positive we can elicit.

I went to the BIG store Saturday and bought all my food for the next two weeks which is the initiation into my "I Diet." Tonight I prep, parcel and pack it all back into the fridge and freezer so every day, every meal, every snack is on target. I am so excited. I bought a food journal tracking book a few weeks ago. It is also where I get to track body measurements, feelings, etc. Found it at Barnes & Noble.

Very excited for my start. Today I skip lunch as part of my hunger test. Ugh. Mentally, it gets to me more than if it were to just happen. Planning it makes me over-contemplate it.

And today I go back to the gym and face it. One day at a time.

Have a great day!
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in development
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Default Monday

A day of out and abouting with the DB which has been very nice. We found a very good quality chair for a good price in a charity shop.

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: ?YN??

Formal exercise: Y
20 mins yoga

Informal exercise: YY
Walked round town for 3 hours whilst the car was having a service.
Lugged chair up to the house

Give credit: YYYY
* Sat down to take pills this morning.
* Only had a white coffee mid-morning in the cafe. I've never really liked 'shop' food (that is, not homemade) though I do eat it sometimes.
* Sat down to have a drink & regroup when I got home.
* Did not eat anything when making the tea. Credit+.

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Beverleyjoy - so sorry to hear you've got another health concern. I suppose the Beckian response would be 'Oh, well' and get on with it but it certainly does seem unfair.

Anne - good to see you. You were my signpost to this board, all those years ago when you started posting here.

It's been a good day. I hope to make another one tomorrow.

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Default Recovering from trip off-plan!

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been off-plan! Bleargh!

What I've learned over the past few days is that I have a web of compulsions: eating, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine. Mess with one and you mess with the whole web.

I mentioned before I've been quitting cigarettes at the same time I'm dieting. What I didn't mention is that I've been doing snus, a spit-free oral tobacco. It's not as good as giving up tobacco altogether, but it's a lot better than smoking.

Well, I tried giving up snus a few days ago, and I ended up going bonkers. I became very agitated. I went to a coffee shop and had a double latte, which I drank very quickly. Surprise surprise, I became much more agitated! I then went to a liquor store and bought a bottle of whiskey and mixers, went home and got drunk all by myself. Then it was dinner time, and I felt too wasted and tired to make dinner, so I ordered a pizza, which I ate almost entirely as fast as possible. How terrible!

The next two days, I went out with friends and continued drinking and then eating off-plan. Bleargh.

So today, I'm back on plan. I've written extensively in my journal, a la cheat sheet.

What have I learned?

I'm not giving up snus right now. Nicotine is powerfully physically addictive. I am only human, I need to pick my battles. At least I'm not smoking.

I need to quit drinking completely for the time being. I need to avoid situations where my friends will be drinking.

I need to ease up on the caffeine. I'm trying to switch to green tea.

Also, I need to plan ahead more than just the next day. If I wake up and don't already have a plan, the chances of me going to the dark side are much greater. From now on, when it's my day off from work, I will plan something like five days in advance. Currently, I've planned til Friday.

Can anyone else identify with what I've been through? Any advice?

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Hi,I am working on day one writing my advantage cards,I had the old set and I used some of them and made new ones.Interesting on my old cards one of the advantages was to wear regular size clothes,I wear regular size clothes now,between a 12-14,wow I met that one.I can walk into a regular size store pick up a 12-14 try it on and it fits!!!!!!!20 pounds to go maybe that will be btw 10-12,that would be perfect for me.I got to the gym today and ate on plan so far.
Overlord,I understand what you are saying.I have a few addictive things I do when I get upset or depressed and to not do them is very haqrd and makes me agitated.#1 is eating pure sugar candy,sweettarts,skittles,starburst ect...Matter of fact at work if I get really stressed out they bring me skittles and tell me they fear for their lives.Next I like shopping or spending money I shouldn't.On occasion I like to gamble and can't leave if I have lost money and want it back.I was doing some dating online and texting.They told me at work I'm addicted to that too.Taking a break from that.
So what do we do?Good question,I think Beck helps alot with that and like my friend told me when I was feeling sorry for myself "suck it up and put your big girl panties on" In other words eveyones life sucks in one way or another,get over and move on .Don't let yourself feel sorry you are in certain situations,easier said than done.
AA,NA,OA all helpful support groups,I don't go to them but the 12 steps can be healing if I let myself be healed. #2Came to believe that a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity,in AA.
I try to subsitiute going to the gym to feel better,helps when I let in,raises endorphins like alot of those other things.Why cant I be addicted to eating healthy and working out? It would be so much easier.But I totally understand thats for sure. Wendy
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Hi, Beckies,

Overlord, All I can tellya is this: for me, I can only truly hold the line with my wt. with no alcohol. Not only are the calories too much, but I associate fine dining/ eating enjoyment with wine. No wine, food is just food. Whatever it takes to kick the smoking, I am with ya! Good luck.

Wendylan, I think what I learned today helps with the "suck it up" ...others have it so much worse. Two work colleagues, both male and under 50 are facing terminal cancer. Unthinkable. Both with families, have health lifestyles, what gives? Unthinkable. Talked today for the first time with the person so close to me who was crushed in the tornado in June. She was found under a freezer in the store where she had taken shelter; she was found with a pulse, but not breathing. Crushed..broken ribs on both sides..two broken vertebrae, concussion. Today she was laughing that quick burst of laughter so dear to hear. Had a lot to say about how she has rethought life; she never was one to take things for granted, but she just said, "My ribs hurt; big deal; I'm alive."

Just heard something on the news I had not thought of. As sick as I am about the BP destruction in the Gulf of Mexico, as much as I have listened to the repercussions (get pist at people making jokes about eating shrimp now while they still exist), I am a long way from the gulf. Didn't think about that in November, the day before freeze up on my lake and the loons leave, they will be headed for the gulf ...and be threatened. Minnesoda, my lake without loons is unthinkable. *sigh.
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Hi Overlord. Sorry about your few days of non-Beck behavior. I can totally relate. In part, it could have been me about 5+ years ago. For me, it was a matter of seeking the support of those I knew would support me and making the choice to stay away from the rest for a few months. For those I knew were supportive, I told them I'm not smoking anymore and asked them not to do it in front of me for a few months. They got it and supported me by smoking out of sight. So I didn't ask them not to, but to just not let me see it. For other habits that were not so easy for me to break, I just had to stay away from the influences completely. I'm not Ghandi. If you can't be out with those friends and not drink, then consider hanging out with other people for a while. Let the other people know you'd love to grab a coffee and chat but you're taking a break for now.

In the end, you still have to resist because the vices are always beckoning us. Exercise your resistance muscle, as Beck would say. Anyway, that was my experience. Now years later, most of those people are not my friends anymore anyway. Turns out vices were our most common and undesirable link. Now when I see them, they haven't changed and it's not too impressive.

Be positive and committed! I too need to have 5 days planned in advance. And that's an okay problem to have. Thanks for sharing your tribulations with us. It really helps all of us in some way.
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Super quick post, I have about 4 minutes, so I type fast but there may be some typos!

A couple days ago there was a mention about corn on the cob. Trust me, I loves me some fresh corn! I have allowed myself to have one ear a week this summer....there have been times that I ate 2 ears a dinner, at least 4 days a week! In fact when I was a child I became very ill with 'corn fuel poisoning' Corn really is a fuel, and when you get enough in your system you end up with a horrid fever, dehydration..oohh boy

Anyway this year I am going to have it without butter! I found a Mexican seasoning that I also eat on my fruit, it has citric acid, chili pepper and salt, it is wonderful on melon, cucumbers, and now my corn!

If you have a hispanic grocery store in your area you should try it, great prices on produce, especially fruit! ANYWAY

Corn on Cob
123 cals
2 grm fat
27 carbs
5 protien
386 Potassium
13 Magnesium
4 iron
4 fiber

The potassium, mag, iron and fiber are a huge bonus for me, as those are things I am always low in!

Oppps did not type fast enough, shall post more later
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Hello everyone!

It's been another really nice weekend. Rained at night and just during the morning. (I'm so's my message from last night I didn't get to post!)

Went to a local art festival Saturday with my mom, sister and my daughter, It was fun to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful creations. Worked in the yard some. Started a hasta (or is it hosta?) garden under some redpines. Now I just have to get some hastas!

Also, a friend of mine came by and took the dog kennel out of our yard. I got it free from someone a few years ago when we got our dog. She hated being in it and whimpered the whole time. We, not knowing what we wanted to do with it, just left it up. Because it was getting zero use, it was becoming rooted to it's location in the long grass. Now it's gone to a new home and I couldn't be happier.


Plan my meals in advance
Log calories
Take my vitamins 2x a day
Read response and advantages cards
Weigh myself
Eat sitting down : Mostly
Exercise twice a day : Just once today + a little yard work
Always have water/tea ready to drink
Give myself credit

Did lots of meal planning, recipe searches, etc. Have a hard time coming up with meals for the week. I need to make it simpler for myself.
Tried a new lo-cal recipe. Grilled chicken & asparagus over wilted greens. It was pretty good.

Back at ya's:

Wow, everyone is doing so good! I'm back running out the door. Have a good night!

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seadwaters, CeeJay, AmberPR, and others: I love seeing your posts, with or without personals. Part of what makes our little community so vibrant is that variety. Please keep posting whether you have the time and energy for personals or not. Your posts are of value to all of us!
Thank you for that! I tend to try to be so perfect and when I can't, I procrastinate....It's a good reminder to also do what works for me on any given day.


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Hi All,
Got some more stuff done that I have time for, since I'm unemployed--applied for a passport, which I've been putting off. Stopped at the donut shop on the way back, ouch. I was feeling sad that I'd just mailed my release form to my former employer, saying I won't sue them for laying me off(if I don't sign, no severance pay)--the donut didn't really help, but it was hard to remember that ahead of time. . .

Did Zumba, credit. Tracked food, credit, and stayed under calorie goal, credit. Tomorrow I go to pick up our CSA veggies, and will be driving by the French bakery. I'm resisting even making a plan to avoid snacking--I'm tired, and old habits are very ingrained.

Beverlyjoy--sorry to hear another health issue has popped up. That sucks.

Amberpr--Credit for meal planning, and realizing you need to make it simpler for yourself. I have that barrier when planning--wanting to pick the "right" meals, as if I'm cheating if I find an easier way, when in fact it would just be kindness to myself.
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Coaches/Buddies, maybe eventually I’ll remember how painful it is to get caught up on the forums when I neglect to make time to post for a few days!

Went to the gym today to work out with my trainer. I finally got some sleep last night, which was a real relief and the first time in about six nights.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +2.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no, only once
Read Response Cards at least two times: no, only once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, worked during lunch
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: only at lunch

AnneWonders, glad to see you are back.

AmberPr, glad you are taking your time with the program. I have a pretty full schedule too and really need to ruminate on how to really incorporate the Beck strategies into my life permanently. Great job on all of your credits yesterday.

BeverlyJoy, so sorry to hear you are continuing to feel anxious about your surgery. The long distance gardening cracks me up. Maybe you could set up teleconferencing with your plants. Three cheers for meditation!

BillBlueEyes, love community water fountains. They are so much fun. We had those in my neighborhood in St. Louis too. Too bad about the pork chop. Hydraulic cement is a new one to me. I’ll have to read about that sometime.

CeeJay, hugs to you to help build you back up. No worries! Just glad to see you post.

GardenerJoy, still loving seeing the 199 on your ticker. Also love the idea of an activity break after paperwork. Great job with the activity yesterday too. Your dream was pretty awesome. Its like dreaming in a foreign language!

Houston2Command, hugs to you for feeling like a failure! More hugs and then here are some more. We all struggle, every day. I try to work towards progress, not perfection. Wow! Hope yesterday went OK for you. You are tackeling a lot!

Lexxiss, great job on not picking up extra bites of food the other day. Thanks so much for posting the Roth quotes. Looks like I’ll be reading that one too soon.

Maryblu, hope your ankle heals up soon! Loved your osprey story. So glad you got to hear the music of your friend’s laughter. I hope your loons make it home safely.

Mikkijoe, ooooo! That corn seasoning sounds marvelous.

new2me2, congratulations on the great 415 workout! Also, I’m happy for you for the loss you didn’t expect. Good idea for moving the cards.

Nuxmaga, so sorry to hear about your job. That is always a hard shock to endure. Good for you for being sure to get out and talk with people. Knitting is a fabulous idea to keep my hands out of the snack bowl. Thanks! Bummer about the doughnut. How did the bakery passing-by go?

Overlord, have you considered nicotine patches? They would give you the ability to slowly taper down the nicotine concentration to make the withdrawal more tolerable.

ponee, so glad you recovered your horse. I would be frantic!

Seadwaters, congratulations on your new low, but sorry that it has continued to bounce around a bit.

Shepherdess, so happy to read your post. I know you will get things back in check in no time! I love gnocci too. Have you tried it with a pomodoro sauce? Independence Rock sounds neat. I’ll have to check that out on our epic trip we are planning to the west for 2012. I wish my thoughts about healthy eating strategies would permeate my brain as much as Chocolate Angel doughnuts do! Ugh!

Silverbirch, great idea to record your thoughts throughout your day. I’m going to think about doing that too. Thanks for sharing. Great job with spontaneous exercise!

Wendylan, hi and welcome to the group! Congratulations on your happy realization about your old response cards.

Woodland, hi! Thanks for posting the other day.

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Hello Beck friends

Very busy pretty good. Last weekend we stopped by a yard sale and the bonus was free (pie) cherry picking. DH pitted them all and last night was my once a year, one helping of cherry dessert. It really isn't bad in calories, but I don't eat white sugar any more. It was very good and I had only one bite over my portioned serving*credit* and stopped. Mom had one serving and DH ate the rest. Whew! I credit Beck skills for a very sane attitude. Good news-my pup just got up and started walking yesterday. I am very grateful!

I guess I am up and I have lots to do before company starts arriving later today. (I get to go to the pool today, too Yippee!!)

Take care everyone!
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