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Need to stay motivated!!
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S/C/G: 202/ticker/130

Height: 5'5"

Default Hello! Noob Here!

NAME: Mariana

BIRTHDAY: February 14(yes for the millionth time I am a valentine's baby)







HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Music, sewing although I am not too good at it, and watching movies

PETS: Ahh pets I love dogs I have mostly chihuahuas

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: In a small town in California called Ridgecrest


FAVORITE FOODS: Right now I'm loving the Pirate's Booty Aged Cheddar Chips

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Walking and a pilates/yoga video

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Not much of a reader the last thing I read was The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): I love war movies like the Hurt Locker and Jarhead, also The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago, All Disney movies and comedies too.

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): I like crime dramas like law and order svu and also Rescue Me

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I love all kinds of music right now off the top of my list is Micheal Jackson, Lady GaGa, Nirvana, Black Eyed Peas, and Radiohead.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I'm the only one at home willing to do it and usually back out due to lack of constant support :P

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I got tired of well being tired! I would wake up and be so sleepy the minute i stepped foot back in my room and I have a 2 yr old that depends on me!

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Following the Belly Fat Cure so far so good I haven't been 100% on it but with what I have changed I have tons of energy!

RELIGION: Catholic but I haven't been to church in years

POLITICS: too frustrated with this government to choose feels like I get screwed no matter who is in office

PIERCINGS: Just the ears I used to have my tongue pierced but took it out when I was pregnant because it didn't make morning sickness any easier

TATTOOS: A large one on my Left forearm of a skull and crossbones the skull has cherry blossoms across the top of the head and there is a spiderweb between the crossbones and in the web is my mother's maiden name (I got it in memory of my grandmother whom I loved very much) and the other is a dragon tattoo its tribal style and it was my very first tattoo and with it are so many fun memories
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That Girl
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Height: 5'9''


I feel I fit a bit more in this "group", so here is my introduction 'worksheet'...

Name: Jenn

Age: I'll be 29 in a few weeks

Status: it's a bit complicated.

Job: I work in the telecomm industry, I also run a modeling agency that highlights "alternative chicks"---tattoos, piercings, pinups, lovely ladies!!

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Communications

Kids: Maybe one on the way, still waiting to find out, however, I have 2 "furry kids"

Music: Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, Pennywise, Manson, NIN, A Perfect Circle, Genitorturers, OTEP, Jack off Jill, Sublime, Straight Line Stitch, Dirtfedd, Slipknot.....etc etc...

Movies: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Dogma, Donnie Darko,

Religion: A combination of mother goddess worship with a dash of catholocism for good measure. (it works for me)

TV: Kill your TV.

Hobbies: Burlesque, photography, perfoming onstage, being fabulous, blending perfume, teaching violin, roadtrips, shoe shopping.

Tattoos/Piercings: 13 tattoos, 11 piercings. Very random, eclectic collection of such....
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S/C/G: 212/200/150

Height: 5'2"


NAME: Claire

BIRTHDAY: February 27, 1989.

MARITAL STATUS: In a relationship. My boyfriend is awesome.




HEIGHT: 5'2"


HAIR COLOR: Auburn-y or cinnamon-y red.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Roller derby, playing bass guitar, journalism, queer culture, feminism, making zines, science fiction, history, politics etc.

PETS: One dog, a golden labrador named Chica and one cat, Velvet.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Ventura, California. Roughly 1 hr north of L.A.

FAVORITE COLORS: Green, purple, and red. I can't pick one!

FAVORITE FOODS: Chocolate. Cheese. Strawberries. Anything spicy, like Mexican or Indian food.


FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Battlestar Galactica, House MD, Lexx, Dead Like Me.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Punk rock, some indie, surf rock, Riot Grrrl. Favorites include The Gits, The Pixies, Bomb The Music Industry!, Black Lips, Bikini Kill, Descendents, The Vandals, The Misfits (classic/Danzig era), Le Tigre, Man or Astro Man?, Dimetrodon, and Warpaint.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Insulin resistance and emotional eating. I eat to take the edge off when I'm sad, angry or upset.

I'm finally doing this for me, and not to please anyone else.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Calorie counting/increase fruit n'veggie intake.

RELIGION: Eclectic and/or Druidic Pagan.

POLITICS: Anarchist/Radical Queer/Leftist/Progressive.

PIERCINGS: Just ears for now. I want an eyebrow, a nose stud and an industrial.

TATTOOS: None yet, but that too will change. : )
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Force of Nature
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Name: Kat

Age: 25

Location: St Louis, MO

Weight & Height: I will just say I am 5'7

Favorite Color: Green

Job: Floral Designer

Music: Nirvana, Hole, Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Lady Gaga, L7, Beastie Boys, Sleater Kinney, Fiona Apple, Poe, PJ Harvey, The Distillers, Veruca Salt, Yeah yeah yeahs, Bratmobile
to name a few favs

Books: The Bell Jar~ Sylvia Plath, Junkie~ William S Burroughs, Lovely Bones~ Alice Seabold, Outlander (series)~ Diana Gabaldon, Full Frontal Feminism, I like to read a lot of books that are fiction such as books on social issues or biographies.

TV: The Simpsons is my fav show... hands down. I also like Malcolm in the Middle, Roseanne, Golden Girls, King of the Hill, The Critic I dont have cable so I watch whatever I have seasons of on DVD.

Interests/Hobbies: Sewing, Reading, Painting, Sculpting, Scrapbooking my book of shadows, making jewelry, knitting, playing guitar, singing, dancing, writing

Goals: My ultimate goal is to finish school and move to Scotland and live there. My smaller goals include learning violin, learning to speak fluent french, and mastering the dance to thriller.

Religion: I am wiccan

Politics: Extremely Liberal

Relationship Status: I am in a long term relationship... for now.

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S/C/G: 155/122.6/105

Height: 5'2"


So, I've been somewhat active on the site for a while, but I wanted to come post an introduction here, especially since the forum seems to be getting a bit more active lately.

NAME: Cathy

BIRTHDAY: December 31st (best birthday in the world!)


TOP WEIGHT: not quite sure, maybe the 170s, but somewhere between 155 and 160 when I started losing weight in August





HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading, travelling, jogging, hiking, camping, sustainable agriculture, theater, musicals

PETS: None, sadly. I move around so much that it would be irresponsible to have any. At some point in the future, though, I'd love to get an Irish Setter.


JOB: English teaching assistant

DEGREE: B.A. in Classics


FAVORITE FOODS: kiwis, barley, hummus, falafel, Indian, Thai (veganized!)

FAVORITE EXERCISE: depends on my mood

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Tam Lin by Diana Wynne Jones, That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, The Lady's Not For Burning by Christopher Fry (a play, but I've never actually seen it performed), anything by Bill Bryson, The Adventures/Memoirs/Return of Sherlock Holmes, A Room with a View by E.M. Forster, Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen, The Divine Invasion by Philip Dick, and now I'll stop before this list gets unmanageable ...

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): ****ing Amal (a Swedish movie that was called "Show Me Love" when it was released in the States), Love My Life, My Sassy Girl (the Korean version not the American remake), A Letter to Three Wives, Widow's Peak, Hot Fuzz, Wives & Daughters, Cranford, Sense & Sensibility (the version that stars Hattie Morahan and Charity Wakefield)

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Star Trek (the Original Series and the Next Generation), Dollhouse, Firefly, Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: It's weird; I love music and pretty much listen to it all day long, but I'm not too picky about genres. When left to my own devices, I guess I do tend to steer towards folksy kind of stuff, country, pop, and songs from musicals. Currently, I am having trouble getting the original cast recording of Wicked, a Dengue Fever song, and Alison Krauss out of my head. I really like the Finnish band Värttinä, Flogging Molly, Blue October (yeah, I know ...), Ross Daly, and Loreena McKennitt. I've also been strangely drawn to the accordion lately.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: the desire to binge eat

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I completely changed my entire lifestyle. It seems to be working so far.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: 1200ish calories a day and move, move, move. I walk to work and home every day, which is about 3 miles roundtrip, and then try to walk/jog/bike/swim a few times a week, too.

RELIGION: I'm not religious.

POLITICS: I'll just say liberal, even though that's kind of broad and non-explanatory.

PIERCINGS: three in my ear lobes (used to be four, but one fell out while I was on a desert camping trip and I never bothered to repierce it) and an industrial. I used to have my belly button done, but it ripped out. If I'm ever happy with how my stomach looks, I may do it again. Then again, maybe not. Those stretch marks aren't going anywhere. Also, I want to get a nose ring.

TATTOOS: None, but there are plans in the works for a half sleeve.

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Default In appreciation of all things alternative!

Dearest Alternachicks,

On the surface I live what appears to be a somewhat traditional life, but underneath I am subversive and appreciate all others who reject the status quo. Right now it seems I am surrounded by people who are only into:

"havingbabiesmakingmoneyemulatingmainstreamcelebri tylife"

...and this is boring me mightily. Perhaps you too?

Me: female, young but non-cougarish 52
Status: Single raising one fantastic, special needs bulldog
Location: NYC
Work: all the time (sigh)
On program: one week

Music: all. Grew up in the 70's but so not stuck there.

Would love to hear from like-minded souls. People who get it.

Anyone else find dieting socially isolating? So much about life as a single NY'er is dining out....having a hard time with THAT part

Cheers + best wishes to each and every one of you.

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NAME: Michelle

BIRTHDAY: May 12th







HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, writing, gaming/roleplaying, bellydance, knitting/crochet, other cultures

PETS: 3 cats - Maggie, Sage, and Tilly


JOB: Teacher & Writer

DEGREE: International Studies/Education

FAVORITE COLOR: Been changing lately. Maybe red

FAVORITE FOODS: Blackberries, key lime pie, anything Vietnamese

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Bellydance and anything in the water

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Miles Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson, Jane Austen, Tamora Pierce, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Real Genius, Harry Potter, Serenity, most superhero movies, old musicals

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Doctor Who, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sherlock, Chuck, Glee

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I wander all over the place. I like most things except country and modern pop. Listening to a lot of modern gothic and steampunk right now like Scarring Party, Gogol Bordello, Abney Park, Bat for Lashes, Dr. Steel, and Jill Tracy. I love Jonathan Coulton and Weird Al. Lately I've developed a love for Adele.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I have no thyroid, and meds don't always cut it.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I joined Lifetime Fitness and am really enjoying it.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Something sustainable. I gravitate toward healthier food, but the rest of the fam does not, and we always have crap in the house..

PIERCINGS: Just my ears and I hate those. I'd have none if I could. I think I'm allergic to metals, but I dunno why I have such an aversion to wearing them. They don't bother me on other people.

TATTOOS: None, I'm so ADD that by the next week I'd want something different. I think henna is more my style...

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S/C/G: 225/215/130

Height: 5'4


NAME: Melissa (Missa)

BIRTHDAY: September 23






HAIR COLOR: Purple and blonde/white (Naturally brown)

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I play MMO's like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, enjoy puzzles, and watching tv


PETS: Pug(Kloe), 3 ferrets (Bear,Thor,Zeus), Cat (Friday), Ball Python (JoJo) and several salt and fresh water fish


JOB: Phone Rep for Blair

DEGREE: Veterinarian Technician


FAVORITE FOODS: Tacos, Chinese and Peanut Butter

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Walking and kick boxing

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Anything by Stephan King, Dean Koontz, and VC Andrews

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Milo and Otis, Willy Wonka

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Ghost Hunters, House, Family Guy, American Dad, Bully Beatdown

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Hollywood Undead, Paramore

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Binge eating, compulsive eating, and spitting

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: Will be planning a family soon and I want to be in shape for it

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Counting calories and fat. Exercising more.

PIERCINGS: 3 one ear, 4 in other ear, nose, tongue, snake bites, belly button, VCH

TATTOOS: I have 5 at the moment. PLan on getting more. I have a heart with stars on left shoulder blade, heart with flames on right shoulder blade,white tiger cub on right side of calf, murloc on left back calf, and a tribal heart with keyhole on my chest.

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S/C/G: 230/215/170

Height: Shortie

Default n00b

Hey ladies, just thought I'd start posting here to get some encouragement and advice and all that good stuff. Here goes!

NAME: Stephanie

BIRTHDAY: June 30th- it's coming!

MARITAL STATUS: Single- but living with the boyf

TOP WEIGHT: 235ish


GOAL WEIGHT: 170 for now, eventually less I'm sure but I'm black so big TNA run in the fam

EYE COLOR: black


HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Graphic Design, Vector Art, Nail Art, Singing, Movies, Meeting people, karaoke, going to concerts and parties...!

PETS: If you click my profile you can see my cat Jack-Jack. He's kind of a douche but hilarious and I love him lots

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Minneapolis- America's most underrated city

JOB: Sports Bar Server

DEGREE: Not yet. Music dropout, graphic design waiting-on-the-economy-type dropout, going to go get a nail tech license in the meantime

FAVORITE COLOR: Right now- rainbow & black. It changes.

FAVORITE FOODS: Chicken (I'm black)....dairy....salads.....pastas....and MEXICAN FOOD!!


FAVORITE BOOK(S): I can't read fiction. I have a weird imagination. I read about graphic design, astrology, biographies, black feminism, etc.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Goodfellas, Blazing Saddles, Sin City, Star Wars, Persepolis, Transformers (original animated), Casino, The Incredibles.....

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): I don't like much tv. South Park is hilarious though. I like old stuff like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. I like SNL too. And ESPN crap

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I'm weird I listen to a lot of power metal and old school heavy metal in winter, and in summer I listen to a lot more techno and funk rock and hip-hop...? Right now I'm so into 311, Chili Peppers, Living Colour, Faith No More, Girl Talk, DJ Hixxy, and The Music.
Alice in Chains is my favorite EVER band though

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Quit smoking nicotine, increased smoking green, not eating breakfast, probably too much meat and pasta

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm looking at the whole scope of health in general instead of just weight loss. And I'm looking at changing my entire life. No more falling down drunk! No more cigarette asthma, now I'm working and living where I want so I'm happy!

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Starting to eat breakfast (I've never really done that), drinking less and smarter, eating smarter munchie food too. I know kids that smoke and eat nuts and fruit instead of garbage

RELIGION: Unitarian

POLITICS: "I'll just say liberal, even though that's kind of broad and non-explanatory."- I just left the last girl's answer. Well said.

PIERCINGS: 2gs in lobes, 7 additional cartilage/ helixes, and my nose ring

TATTOOS: Hello Kitty and a Mouse Cursor. I'll have to post pics sometime
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S/C/G: 225/205/130

Height: 5'2"


Hey everyone! I might as well introduce myself so here goes nothing!

NAME: Kathie Or Kat


MARITAL STATUS: Living with my finace/Boyfriend



GOAL WEIGHT: I want to loose 50 pounds by December for my other half's company Christmas party but the end weight either 130-120

EYE COLOR: brown


HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Writing, Reading, Music, Computer Games, Crafting (crocheting, jewelry making), Hair extensions, Tattoos, etc.

PETS: Two cats currently, we recently lost both of our dogs to cardiac issues =(


JOB: Stay at home mom and future evil warlord

DEGREE: English, recently became a registered Medical Assistant but baby number 3 doesn't make working cost effective.


FAVORITE FOODS: Asian (what can I say I'm Asian) and of course CHOCOLATE

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Swimming and walking

FAVORITE BOOK(S): I have too many to list some of my favorite writers include Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Neil Gaiman, Caitlin Kiernan, Poppy Z Brite, Christa Faust, Simon R Green, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison (just to name a few)

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Star Wars, Star Trek, THe Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Labyrinth

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Twin Peaks, Psych, Castle, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Etc

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: A little bit of everything from Classical and Opera to Goth and Industrial. What is currently in my Cd player in the car is Panzer Ang, Imperative Reaction, They Might Be Giants, Garbage, VNV Nation

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: portion control and stress eating.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm no longer kidding myself that my portions are normal sized. I have thise forum to help keep me motivated. And accepting the fact that yes right now I am a fat chick but I don't have to be.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Portion control. Making healthy choices and snacking which will help control my portion sizes and exercising.


POLITICS: Independent

PIERCINGS: 6 in each ear/cart, noce, tongue-current, nipple rings (rejected =P )

TATTOOS: Large tramp stamp of the Ohm symbol surrounded by an ouroboros (snake eating its tail), the eye of Horus on my neck, and Chinese characters on my ankle (which needs to be finished-weight loss motivation)
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Height: 5'5"


Hello there, lovelies! Figured I'd introduce myself to y'all by posting here Might as well use the helpful template

NAME: Hannah


MARITAL STATUS: Living with my boyfriend

TOP WEIGHT: I don't actually know how much I weight, but at a guess, it's around 240-250 lbs.

CURRENT WEIGHT: I dunno if I have lost anything yet.

GOAL WEIGHT: Around 140 lbs

EYE COLOR: blueish greenish grey... sort of really icy coloured.

HAIR COLOR: reddish brown.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Writing, WoW, Theatre, Directing, Body Mods, Medieval and Ancient British and European History, Mythology, Music

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Lancashire, UK (will be moving home to Bucks in a week, though )

DEGREE: English Literature BA, find out my class on Friday aaargh! Going to do an MA in Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies

FAVORITE COLOR: Green or purple

FAVORITE FOODS: Too many Asian/Oriental (inc. Indian), Mexican, Italian... Currently a little addicted to caramelised onion hummus and bread.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: I get bored of doing one constantly, so I always change it. I'm loving weights atm though.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Anything by: Neil Gaiman, David Eddings, William Gibson, William Shakespeare, Philip K. Dick, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton and classic literature/poetry.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Labyrinth, Thirteenth Warrior, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Princess Bride, The Wizard of Oz, The Court Jester, Van Helsing, The Lost Boys

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I'm a little bit of a metal head, but I like pretty much everything. An example of the music I listen to: Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Turisas, Sonata Arctica, Enslaved, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Lordi, Korpiklaani, Arch Enemy, Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Birthday Massacre, Angelspit, Florence + The Machine, Lady GaGa, Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Lordi, Paloma Faith, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda ****ing Palmer (), Send More Paramedics, Billy Idol, The Horrorpops, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Tiger Army, Imelda May etc...

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Binge eating disorder and various other mental health issues are the main problems.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm starting another chapter of my life, and I don't want the next 21 years to be plagued by fat-related misery.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Exercising. Portion control. Minimising animal product/animal fat consumption.

RELIGION: Norse Paganism.

POLITICS: Liberal Conservative- but I am a gender egalitarian, anti-fundamentalism, anti-evangelism (political and religious) and a number of other things. Focus on the Liberal part

PIERCINGS: nose, eyebrow, 2 lobes and one helix. Retired eyebrow and tragus.

TATTOOS: Triple horn of Odin on my wrist, spider on my left ankle, cartoon bats on my right ankle, Horde symbol and Lok'Tar Ogar (because I am awesome) on my right calf.

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The Kid
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S/C/G: 195/185/150

Height: 5"6

Default A Obligation

Note: I know it kinda goes against the spirit of it to just copy and paste and fill in the blanks, but I don't want to ramble! ( I usually do...)

NAME: Christine (yeah, I know)

BIRTHDAY: Sometime in 1994.

RELATIONSHIP: Single, prude, forever.






HOBBIES/INTERESTS: interest is in strange happenings, as they are the only things in this world that inspire me so! Plus, I like writing, reading, etc, etc!

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Not ever worth sayin...

FAVORITE COLOR: I can't just say one color; I like most of them and they all have a great role in weaving our perspective, feelings towards the world (except pink...erm), and love the intense but deep shades of orange, red, brown, blue, green...autumnal colors, actually.

FAVORITE FOODS: *Shrugs* Not much, but I love my Icees...

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Honestly, don't have one. Exercise is okay, but I haven't really explored it enough. I'd like a adventure though.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Plenty...not going to list them, though.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Not much...I like Mr. Mogorium's Wonder Emporium (I know I spelled that wrong), and Big Fish (my theme movie, my friend calls it.)

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Don't like TV,'s just kinda boring.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Progressive/Power Metal! Music is something that I want to find something that I can be passionate about, but it's just so hard finding something appealing. However, a few months ago I found a band named Ayreon...and I've never liked so much songs from one band in my life. Before that, my main band was Sonata Arctica (when I was 13-16 years old.)

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Not caring enough, oddly, and being too smug with my good looks. (I'm confident of all that I am, but it's been holding me back from a looming weakness of my physical self.)

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm here, and I've never really had any support on this matter before from people. I'm not even sure if I'll be successful, but it'll be interesting if I can break out of my usual tendency of solitude in need for a mutual goal.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Honest, and modest. I don't want to be skinny, but I want to be strong. If I start putting on more weight, it'll be a sign of weakness for me.

PIERCINGS: *Tumbleweed cue* Anyhow, I don't like piercings.

TATTOOS: Nothing, but I do want a couple when I turn 18.

PHILOSOPHY/WAY OF THINKING: Romanticism, and then my own set of truths.

RELIGION: None, actually...haven't found any that really fascinate me. My brother called me a buddhist though, for whatever reason.

PRO-TURNED-CON: It has to be my open mindedness. I just don't put people into boxes, and it gets difficult around the supposedly 'insane', for I can't just write off what they're saying like other people can/do. Another one is my incredible intuition. I blame it going for weeks without working on any schoolwork at home, never studying, and my 4.0 GPA on it. A university will kill me I know.

RIDICULOUS, CONSTANT ACTS OF REBELLION (against the waves of 'what is', etc): Not liking people much ( mostly children), being mildly masochistic, fond of being a antagonist at times, wanting desperately for humanity to actually succeed and go into the future and even to come into official contact with aliens!, wanting freedom not happiness, hating/not believing in the 'it's a man's world' "truth", I dislike simple things but I do appreciate them at times/perfer complexity, liking myself+my flaws with fondness...okay, I'm stopping. The list goes on, and I perfer not to go into the more deeper stuff with strangers.

WHY ARE YOU ALTERNATIVE?: Don't need to explain it; I consider myself thus because I don't remotely fit in with anything else and that satisfies the definition, I assume.
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S/C/G: 186/186/170

Height: 5'4"


Just gonna jump right in... :]

NAME: savvybee

BIRTHDAY: September 15th.

MARITAL STATUS: Going steady with my beau. :]

TOP WEIGHT: 200 pounds, when I was 15 years old (I'm now 20).


GOAL WEIGHT: 170 lbs (for now).



HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, writing, crafts, cooking, gaming, outdoorsy stuff.

PETS: 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 cat... these are all at my parent's house though, where I live during the summer.


JOB: Full-time college student, Subway sandwich artist, rural health clinic secretary

DEGREE: working on a B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics, ultimate goal is a Ph.D. in applied nutrition.


FAVORITE FOODS: Authentic Chinese dumplings with peanut sauce.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, nerdy little pedals that slide under my desk

FAVORITE BOOK(S): The "Dexter" series by Jeff Lindsay, copious amounts of nonfiction/science books and cookbooks.


FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Dexter, Supernatural, The Colbert Report, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, Glee

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Ska, indie, nerdcore, hip-hop, showtunes, classic rock. Favorite bands ATM: Led Zeppelin, Motion City Soundtrack, Reel Big Fish

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Need constant inspiration.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I absolutely positively refuse to be a fat dietitian.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Weight Watchers.

RELIGION: Atheist.

POLITICS: Libertarian, I suppose.

PIERCINGS: None, not even ears.


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Posts: 54

S/C/G: 292/268/140

Height: 5'7


Hi everyone.
My name is Rikki and I'm just tired of trying to fit into what is "socially acceptable" in terms of how I look or act or do. Having been raised to
" do as I am told " robbed me of making decisions for myself and learning about myself and life. Never really felt like I fit in whether its with my family nor with friends. Still, I love to laugh and find beauty in everything I see.

NAME: Rikki

BIRTHDAY: April 23, 1973

MARITAL STATUS: Engaged (sounds like I'm about to fire off a missile)



GOAL WEIGHT: 130-140

EYE COLOR: brown


HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading,theater, musicals, movies, scrapbooking, photography

PETS: 2 cats Ciro and Luna

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: In the far.. far east

JOB: Registered Nurse (taking review classes for NCLEX)

DEGREE: B.S. Biology / B.S. Nursing

FAVORITE COLOR: the lack of it.. white.

FAVORITE FOODS:japanese, chinese, mexican, pizza pizza pizza


FAVORITE BOOK(S): There's a lot...

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Shaun of the Dead (nothing is funnier than throwing records at a zombie)/ Matrix/ LotR/ Godzilla (the old movies)/ Hitch/ Anything cartoons/animations / Signs/ 300/ Kung Fu Hustle

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): No particular TV show but I like watching National Geographic, Discovery and Crime/investigation channel

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: My musical preference ranges from Classical to Punk to Pop to Metal to Sounds of nature to Asian Pop

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: emotional eating.. lack of motivation to exercise

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I will take small steps to ensure success.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: A well balanced meal within 1500-1300calories with daily cardio exercise at least 30 min. Strength training every other day.

RELIGION: Catholic

POLITICS: When Show business = politics... you know that your country is screwed. Mine is screwed so I don't bother.

PIERCINGS: my earlobes and a nose stud left side.

TATTOOS: None yet but I will get one or two or three as a reward when I reach my goal.
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NAME: Stacy

BIRTHDAY: February 19

MARITAL STATUS: in a relationship






HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Music, Playing Bass, Films, Reading, Writing, Photography, Video Games, Art

PETS: Two rats, Chuck and Morgan



FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese and Italian

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Walking and Exercise Bike

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Ghost World, Tank Girl, Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, How Sassy Changed My Life, Fruits, Prozac Nation, Scott Pilgrim, Lolita, Drugs Are Nice, The Virgin Suicides, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Wet Moon, Edie: American Girl

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Heathers, Ghost World, Clueless, The Craft, Foxfire, The Virgin Suicides, Jawbreaker, Empire Records, The Doom Generation, Ten Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, But I’m a Cheerleader, Daisies, The Breakfast Club, Reality Bites, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Runaways, Whip It, Tank Girl, Buffalo 66, Sugar and Spice, SLC Punk, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, 500 Days of Summer, The Royal Tenenbaums, Amelie, The Warriors, Singles, A Clockwork Orange, Rock and Roll High School, Juno, Pulp Fiction, Hard Candy, Leon, Hairspray, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Freeway, Sucker Punch, Faster kittycat Kill Kill, Me and You and Everyone we Know, Marie Antoinette, Breathless, Garden State, Pieces of April, Jackie Brown, Natural Born Killers

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Chuck, Daria, Twin Peaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Powerpuff Girls, Mad Men, Community, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dollhouse, Castle

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Hole, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Kills, Bratmobile, The Distillers, Babes in Toyland, L7, The Donnas, Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Veruca Salt, Kate Nash, Juliana Hatfield, The Long Blondes, Kenickie, Dum Dum Girls, Adele, Marina and the Diamonds, Bangs, Spinnerette, 50 Foot Wave, Be Your Own Pet, Letters to Cleo, Jack Off Jill, Emilie Autumn, Metric, She and Him, Built to Spill, Plasticines, Jemina Pearl, Atari Teenage Riot, Angelspit

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I lose motivation quickly because, as stupid as it may sound, I don't really believe it's possible for me to lose more than a few pounds.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've joined this forum as a way to get support, and I find the success stories to be really inspiring.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Starting off with 30 mins exercise bike per day, and building on that. Also fitting in walking wherever possible. Watching portion sizes and opting for healthier alternatives.


POLITICS: liberal

PIERCINGS: Ear lobes twice, Tragus, Rook, Monroe, Tongue, Lip three times

TATTOOS: Hole logo, Hello Kitty, Lenore
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