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S/C/G: 225/225/145

Height: 5'9 1/2

Red face

MARITAL STATUS: Married for 5 years

AGE: having a quater-life crisis

TOP WEIGHT: 225 (I think, haven't had the guts to actually look in a very long time)

GOAL WEIGHT: 145 (whatever looks good AND I can maintain)


HAIR COLOR: dark blonde

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading, music, movies, history, tv, playing with my two kids

PETS: 2 bull terriers, Reznor and Marley. 2 fancy rats,Maggie May and Louisa.



FAVORITE FOODS: Yes all of them...but I have a thing for starches


FAVORITE BOOK(S):Anything Jane Austen, Walt Whitman, Wally Lamb, Jack keroauc,Sylvia Plath,Charlotte Bronte,historical fiction and historical biographies....jeez there's just wayyy too many

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Pride & Prejudice, Young Victoria,Say Anything,Urban Cowboy,Romeo and Juliet,LOTR,Atonement,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,Jane Eyre, again too many to list.

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): So You Think You Can Dance,Roseanne,General Hospital (true story) ,Lark rise to Candleford,Curb Your Enthusiasm,Welcome Back Kotter,Hells Kitchen, BBC is kinda my favorite channel

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley,Queen,The Postal Service,Elliott Smith,Incubus,Damien Rice,Etta James,The Cure,The Smiths,Patsy Cline.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: DENIAL.occasional binge. Everyday is the last day until my diet starts

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: my triple chin and rolls are pretty persausive..

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: stop eating eating so damn much and get off my to suggestions

PIERCINGS: Ears and nose

TATTOOS: Butterfly (give me a break, I was 16!) 2 sparrows , pink ribbon, words on my foot
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S/C/G: 275/ticker/175

Height: 5'9


NAME: Kelly

BIRTHDAY: July 9th

MARITAL STATUS: Married since 94,no kids-by choice



GOAL WEIGHT: 175 *for now*


HAIR COLOR: LOL,it varies..usually either platnium or some form of blonde

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Trashy reality TV,Music,going to the beach,shopping,Im a makeup junkie,especially MAC and Urban Decay are my favorites,jewelry-the bigger,blingier the better!!!

PETS: Bowie,our Shih Tzu! He is 3 yrs old,grey and white with one brown and one blue eye (thats why we named him bowie ,after david bowie He is our kid,our furbaby!


FAVORITE COLOR: Turquoise,but I love alot of colors!!

FAVORITE FOODS: Im a sucker for Mexican and Chinese

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Elliptical machine

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series,Twilight series

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): My top favs are The lord of the rings trilogy,The color purple,The breakfast club,Pulp fiction,Godfather movies,The green mile,Casino,Scarface,anything with Al Pacino or Robert Deniro and Tom Hanks-Im in!

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Damages,Real Housewives of ?,NY Ink,LA Ink,Hells Kitchen,True Blood,Curb your enthusiasm,Jerseylicious,Celebrity rehab,Bad girls club,Jersey Shore-yea I said it!

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I love all kinds of music,BUT country! My fav band would be Coldplay,but I also love 90's grunge,80's hair bands,70s rock,motown,hip hop...

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Denial..then laziness..then cockiness...then self defeat,repeat.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: Im determined to follow thru this time! Losing 50 lbs and gaining it back PLUS some, wont happen again.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Eat every 3 hrs,always start off with breakfast..keeping mindful of calorie in take,switching to whole grains and working out every other day,drinking at least a gallon of water each day

RELIGION: I am an open minded person.I like the ideals of Buddhism..I believe in God.I believe our soul lives on after we die and I also believe in you get what you give,(Karma)...But I DONT believe in pushing religion onto others,I dont believe there is a "right" or "wrong" religion or that you have to go to a church to be a good person.

POLITICS: Omg,Hmm...I follow no party,I have voted for both Dem and Rep,theyre all the same.The president doesnt run this country folks,its the lobbyists.

PIERCINGS:Other than ears,I have had,eyebrow,nose (twice),nips,and a microdermal..all have been retired,I get tired of them or they have rejected.

TATTOOS: Oh how I LOVE Tattoos! Didnt get first one till I was 34 now I have five,LOL My first was Cherries on my ankle,followed by 6 stars trailing down my foot each the color of the birthstone of my mom,dad,3 brothers and hubby.Then a pretty large one on my shoulder-chest of Tiger lillies and tribal,I came up with that cause I was born in the year of the Tiger.A skull with a pink bow and scissors instead of crossbones that is my exact drawing because Im a hairstylist and my most recent is a blue dragonfly on my upper arm near my tiger lillies.I see a blue dragonfly and I believe it is my grandmother who has passed away years ago.Im not sure why.When I told this to my mom she said that she told her one time if she (my grandmother) would come back to earth as anything it would be something beautiful and blue.Wow.
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Walking the Journey
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S/C/G: 307/ticker/175

Height: 5'7


NAME: Kiki

BIRTHDAY: April 11

MARITAL STATUS: Domestic Partner





HAIR COLOR: Purple and black, though I'm fading it out to go Copper

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: PHOTOGRAPHY!!! (Obsession is more like it) Music, Teaching, NIA, my sweet little family

RELIGION: Pagan with Buddhist overtones

PETS: Tigery Lily (my daughter's Cat)


JOB: Photographer, Music Together Teacher

DEGREE: in Life


FAVORITE FOODS: Dolmas, Salsa, and Dark Chocolate


FAVORITE BOOK(S): Tom Robbin's Jitterbug Perfume and Still life with Woodpecker. Anything by the Beats, 5th sacred thing - Starhawk

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Harry Potter(s), Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine, Practical Magic, LOTR, Star Wars (I'm a geek girl, I am)

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): So You Think You Can Dance

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Dead Can Dance, Florence and the Machines, The Killers, The Beatles, The Shins, The Cure

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Emo eating, Empty Carbs - I've been really overweight my entire life.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I actually have my whole being involved. And I have two little girls to model health and beauty to. And a Kick *** Partner who's working his bum off to get his PHD. If he can do that, I can do this. And together, we're Voltron.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Eat Good food - mostly plants. 1/2 of what I'm used to. Track it all. Work out 2 days Cardio + 2.5 miles of walking, 1 day strength training Pilates and Weights. 1 day Yoga (off) Rinse and Repeat. Oh... and 10 - 12 8 oz glasses of water per day.

PIERCINGS: Nose and 1 in each ear is all that's left. Used to have the lip, labret, Medusa, nose, tongue, and two in each ear.

TATTOOS: I have a flower on my chest (in the valley of indecision), a Tototoro on my back left calf, and a Venus of Willendorf on my right shin. I plan, after I meet my 175, to go to Shiva from Sacred Heart Tattoos in Sedona, AZ to do an entire back piece Tree of Life/Chakra design.
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S/C/G: SW 268/ CW 202.4/ GW 150

Height: 5'1


oh hey, I didn't even know there was this forum!

Name. Tiffany

Age. 32, I think. I had to count backwards just now.

Home. Las Vegas, NV

Work. Full time student (computer science) and mom.

Weight. Last Thursday I weighed in at 215.

Stuff I like. Book. E-readers. My Macbook. More books. I've recently fell in love with a few board games. Video Games. Oh my android phone. <3 <3
Smart boys. Challenges.

Music. I'm incredibly ecclectic. Some days I do nothing but listen to Tegan and Sara, others I dance around to random pop (Kat Deluna - Run this Show makes me shake my booty). I like indie stuff, rock stuff, pop, a bit of dance, alternative.

Books. Too many to list. I have a book review blog but I generally stick to the Sci/Fi, Urban Fantasy genres.

Tv. I watch a bit here and there but nothing that regularly. Nothing decent since they cancelled Buffy and Firefly anyway.

Religion. Eh. I've tried, I fail at it.

Films. Not a huge movie person. I multitask too much.

Games. I love just about anything I can find on Steam. Also the Sims tho its a huge time suck.

Goals. Confidence in me. To stop looking for validation from everywhere but within. Finish my degree and get my *** back to California.

Family: Married, but its complicated. We are splitting but currently living together until I'm done with school. I have 2 daughters, ages 10 and 6.

Body Mods: Unnatural hair color, piercings (ironically none in my ears), tattoos.

Politics. Liberal, mostly.
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Sarcastic Non-Chick Chick
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S/C/G: 360/192/150

Height: 5'7"


NAME: Gabe

BIRTHDAY: The end of May

AGE: 28

MARITAL STATUS: Happily Divorced

TOP WEIGHT: God, I don't know. I skipped the scale the first six weeks. North of 350, definitely; I had no idea.

CURRENT WEIGHT: 305. How silly that I'm proud of that.

GOAL WEIGHT: 150, but I'll take any pound less than my current weight.

EYE COLOR: The subject of much debate. Hazel-ish.

HAIR COLOR: Dark brown, usually dyed a darker brown.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Writing, reading. Mostly softer sci-fi and urban fantasy, but not the make-you-blush sort of LKH stuff. Playing computer games. Cooking. Making incense.

PETS: A cat, Willow. She used to be my ex's, but he dropped her at a shelter. I was her white knight. She's a little neurotic, but I love her. Another cat, Jack. He's less than two years old, and is a complete galumph.


FAVORITE COLOR: Why should I pick just one?

FAVORITE FOODS: Greek food, so kourabiedes, chicken avgolemono, lamb, gyros, anything involving cucumber and yogurt in the same place. Oh, and bread and cheese and soup--my French peasant side talking.


FAVORITE BOOK(S): Crime and Punishment. The first half of Kage Baker's Company series. Animorphs. Any of the collections of Raymond Carver stories.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Apocalypse Now; Three Kings.

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Dexter. Anything by Joss Whedon. Good Eats. I'm getting into Mad Men. Documentaries, heh...

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: R.E.M.'s my favorite band, forever and ever, amen. But I listen to a bunch of other stuff. I like intelligent, fast, eloquent punk--Bad Religion, The Living End, The Offspring. Classic punk, too, like Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains. I like some AFI, but not the newest stuff. Hardcore, as long as it has melodies, like Avail. I suppose that's not very hardcore, oh well. My best friend has gotten me into some alternative hip-hop; I'm especially liking Atmosphere right now. I'll listen to some nu-metal, admittedly with shame. I like Vast, like classic rock as long as it's rebellious, and am a sucker for world-slash-Celtic punk--Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, etc.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I like delicious food and don't like exercise.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I quit my job to do this. And I'm freakin' stubborn. I never really tried to before.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Thou shalt have only 1200 calories. Thou shalt have one free meal a month. Thou shalt get thy butt in the gym.

RELIGION: Private.

POLITICS: Quite far left, thanks.


TATTOOS: Also none. I'm indecisive!

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S/C/G: 128/128/105

Height: 5'2"


NAME: Erica- I was told it means "forever or alone, ruler" somehow I think it fits me

BIRTHDAY: May 19th

MARITAL STATUS: Single. And I want to keep this status for a while thank you very much.



GOAL WEIGHT: I'm not sure exactly but probably about 105lbs...

EYE COLOR: blue/gray... ug

HAIR COLOR: "dishwater" blonde. basically a odd blonde with highlights :P

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: drawing, painting, playing piano, studying, listening to music, thinking, doing things with my friends

PETS: I've got two adorable Siamese kitties


JOB: Student?

DEGREE: I'm still in school...... haha

FAVORITE COLOR: a deep purple.... I like black, brown, sky blue, and white too :3

FAVORITE FOODS: strawberries and chocolate

FAVORITE EXERCISE: errr.....does drawing count?

FAVORITE BOOK(S): I don't have one. It changes WAY to often.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): all pixar movies... haha and all the rest changes

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): I don't watch tv really. I will occasionally watch anime on my computer. I'm usually too busy so...

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Anything really. I think right now I'm loving Evanescence the most. I like classical/romantic music. Well I mostly like playing it really. I really do love all music. Well no rap. Or most of the today's artists.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I'm either binging or not eating anything at all.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm getting support. I've learned that I can't do it on my own... maybe through the support of the beautiful chickies here at 3fc... things will change

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: I'm trying to stop binging and eat like a normal person would. Also I now don't eat much at all since I feel bad about it. I eat so little ad it's killing my metabolism... so I want to eat in moderation.

RELIGION: atheist

POLITICS: center

PIERCINGS & TATTOOS: I'm not quite old enough to do this without parent permission haha. My parents would shoot me if I asked to get a tattoo or a piercing. Well I DO have my ears pierced. It's like your normal ear piercing on the bottom. In all truth I couldn't do a tattoo. Needles don't mix with me. Maybe a piecing...
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S/C/G: 275/250/130

Height: 5"3'


Hi everyone! I'm Nina, I am 18 and a film student.

I am single.

I love any type of music, but punk rock is my favorite.

Goal-I would like to be down to 130, right now I want to be a size 14 by my 19th birthday.
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S/C/G: 190/165/135

Height: 5'2.5"


NAME: Missy


MARITAL STATUS: Married. We were planning a big gawdy wedding but got drunk during a trip to vegas and got married a year early by an Elvis impersonator.



GOAL WEIGHT: I personally don't think too much about the number on the scale. I prefer to set my goals against my measurements. Which is 34/26/40. My measurements pre-weight gain.

EYE COLOR: brown.

HAIR COLOR: Currently black with platinum on my temples and sprinkled in my bangs.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: sewing, reading, derby, shows, and beer.

PETS: A bulldog and my brothers very old and very mean cat.


JOB: Accountant to pay the bills and I sew vintage dress reproductions on the side.

DEGREE: BA in Accounting and a Fashion School drop out.

FAVORITE COLOR: Teal but if you look at my wardrobe you would think black and red.

FAVORITE FOODS: Filipeno, French, and Mexican

FAVORITE EXERCISE: I do not like exercise but I do it everyday because I sort of have to.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): It changes each month but I do read Dune once a month so I guess that can be placed as my favorite.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Night of the Living Dead, Steel Magnolia's, and Midnight.

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): I am partial to The Office and Parks and Recreation but have been known to sit and watch a Anne of Green Gables marathon.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: The current top 10 bands played on my ipod are: Tom Waits, NOFX, Misfits, Lucero, Murder City Devils, The Damned, Nothington, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, American Steel, and Leftover Crack.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I like food. Food is good.


WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: I am back on Weight Watchers as well as using P90X Lean for my workout.

RELIGION: Atheist.

POLITICS: I have a slight socialist leaning.

PIERCINGS: I have my septum and my ears are stretched.

TATTOOS: I have a half sleeve on both arms. One side has a forearm half sleeve and the other is a bicep sleeve. I also started a large chest piece which I will resume after my hubs finishes his chest.
I also have several smaller scale pieces scattered all over.
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S/C/G: 231/231/140

Height: 5'3


I have been married for almost seven years. I have two small children.
I consider myself pagan. I am very earth based in what I believe. I enjoy when I have free time photography, reading, tatting (hand made lace) and a few other things that might strike my attention for the time being. I love to write and am currently going to school to pursue something in this field. I do not have a regular job that pays, however I am a full time mother and student as well as animal care giver to a small zoo in my house.
What I am hoping to gain by being here is to feel like the real me. I have gained a lot of weight and am almost back up to the heaviest weight I have ever been in my life again.. I want to lose it and keep it off. I am hoping this helps with some health issues as well as my anxiety that I have developed over the years. This is my story and I am hope to meet a lot of wonderful people on here.
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Tim Curry is my bf
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Location: Canada
Posts: 39

S/C/G: 208/205/140



BIRTHDAY: August 27

MARITAL STATUS: Legally single, in a relationship

TOP WEIGHT: 214 (2008)

CURRENT WEIGHT: 199 (ballooned back up)


EYE COLOR: Dark green

HAIR COLOR: Dark brown

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Musical theatre, belly dancing, singing, acting, reading, writing, history

RELIGION: Pagan, although I've always been terrible about practicing religion

PETS: 3 beagles

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Somewhere cold, Canada

JOB: Sales associate and teacher-in-training

DEGREE: BA in History and English Lit, currently working on my Bachelor of Education



FAVORITE EXERCISE: Belly dancing, ballet, jazz, modern...dancing!

FAVORITE BOOK(S): The Catcher in the Rye, Harry Potter, The Mists of Avalon, Atonement, The Woman In White, Cat's Eye, Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe....etc etc

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Super Star, CATS, The Shawshank Redemption, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, etc etc

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): So You Think You Can Dance, Criminal Minds, Bones, Scrubs, Fawlty Towers, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, How I Met Your Mother

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: The Offspring, Queen, Owl City, Alice Cooper, Broadway showtunes

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Carb addict, former EDNOS sufferer, slowest metabolism in life

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm about to become a teacher and I want nothing to distract me- like being ashamed of my weight- from teaching

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Eat lower carbs, more low glycemic fruits and vegetables, ease off red meat, eventually becoming pescatarian (for environmental reasons). Cardio (walking and ski machine) 4 days a week, belly dance toning 3 days a week. Drink lots of water.

PIERCINGS: Nose and ears.

TATTOOS: I desperately want tattoos but have no money and I'm afraid of needles. It's a problem.
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Posts: 19

S/C/G: 239/222/150

Height: 5.6


NAME: Wendy


MARITAL STATUS: single by government standards but have a very loving boyfriend...



GOAL WEIGHT: anything lower than what is is... preferably in the 150 range..

EYE COLOR: greenish... grayish..

HAIR COLOR: well i kinda look like rogue for x man right now.. but it varies from month to month...

HOBBIES/INTERESTS:Music/ shows,going to the beach,shopping,cooking and baking and sewing, 4x4ing, traveling, im down to try almost anything once...

PETS: Im a bully momma.... Peggy is my 2 yr old english bulldog baby..




FAVORITE EXERCISE: none really but i guess ill have to say swimming..

FAVORITE BOOK(S): anything by Wally Lamb..or... Jennifer Wiener WEIRD combo!!!

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Big Money Hustlers ( dont ask if you dont know too hard to explain lol ) shooter, ANYTHING by Kevin SMITH... hes a god!!!

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Whitney, Jerseylicious, My so called life, cupcake wars, chopped, top shot, man women wild, dual survial, tosh, up all night, cougar town,too many...

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC:Sublime, Kottonmouth kings, hollywood undead, kingspade, HED Pe, busta rhymes, pink, icp, slipknot, nirvanna, beastie boys, 2 live crew, Gwen, no doubt, eve 6... oh god WAY to many...

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: staying motivated and not giving in to my cravings...

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: im not sure... it may be that i decided at 29 i didnt want to be fat past 30... because ive spent 25 years fat and i want to have some time being cute and small and being able to look good and fit into cloths.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Eat breakfast... being mindfull of what i put in my mouth... eating more fruits and fresh veggies whole grains etc... and exercising...

RELIGION: I dont know what i believe....

POLITICS: I dont care because.. I havent found someone worth my vote.. so i dont complain when he or she doesnt do what they are supposed to.

PIERCINGS: wow... ok heres the list... 9 in each ear.. ( 2 used be stretched but kinda grew back) tongue, unmentionable areas. I used to have my tummy button and 3 in left eyebrow, 2 in right, and labret... and nose.. but ya get over 25 and you have to get rid of some because of jobs and stuff..

TATTOOS: ok heres the other list lol..... 10 total .. star on my right foot, star on my right side rib area, star right chest, star middle of chest with chicken feet in the middle ( weird but theres a reason ), star left chest, star back of neck, kanji star on tramp stamp area, left side rib area star, left side rib area quote from sublime ' let the loving come back to me' and left hip took the sublimes greatest hits album cover ... its a matchbox and turned it into my own version it says " chikn and starrs greatest hits " with 10 polka dots as a background....weird but theres a reason.. ( it was 10yrs since my bestie and i got our chikn and starrs tatoo and 10 yrs since lou dogs ( sublime reference ) death and it was my 10th tatoo.....)

ANtyhing i forgot to add im sorry i still love you whoever or whatever i forgot to mention...!!!!
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Location: VA - Virginia
Posts: 19

S/C/G: 239/222/150

Height: 5.6


technicolorteacup.... i just read your books and movies..and i was like yes, and yes, and yes... oh god i love this girl... plus shes from the Uk so she probably says "al a min e um" so i love her more!!! lol...
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Posts: 108

S/C/G: 192/163/138

Height: 5"8


NAME: Alana


MARITAL STATUS: cohabitation





HAIR COLOR: auburn

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading, collecting old books and cookbooks, cooking, baking, museums, art, shopping, exploring

PETS: kitten named Alexis



FAVORITE FOODS: sweets, sushi, Lexington-style barbecue, Thai food, Middle Eastern food, Japanese food, Indian food

FAVORITE EXERCISE: elliptical machine

FAVORITE BOOK(S): anything Cyberpunk, Sci-fi, Dystopian, Heroic Fantasy, and just about anything published by DAW Books or Haikasoru

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight, Logans run, Dark City, Tank Girl, Hackers, Love Me If You Dare, American Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Pitch Black, Underworld, A Tale of Two Sisters, Oldboy, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Eye, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, The Fifth Element, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Spirited Away, Willow, The Polar Bear King, Amelie, Shopgirl, Children of Men, The Crow


FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Savage Garden, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Combichrist, And One, Grendel, Orgy, VnV Nation, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Deadsy, Julien-K, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Union Underground, KMFDM, Rainbow, Kidneythieves, Dax Riggs, Praga Khan, Wax Tailor, Underworld, Art of Noise, Blank & Jones, Joy Division, INXS, Moby, The Prodigy, Röyksopp, Daft Punk


WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: this is the first time I have ever need to be serious about loosing weight

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: exercise more and be more conscious about what, when, and how much I eat

RELIGION: Agnostic because I don't even care enough to be Atheist

PIERCINGS: navel and ear lobes


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Miss Motivated
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Posts: 98

S/C/G: 170/170/140

Height: 5'5

Default Sup!

MARITAL STATUS: In a relationship

AGE: 20




HAIR COLOR: Dyed black

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Tattooing, getting tattooed, making crafts, playing with my baby and my puppies, oh and MUSIC
PETS: 2 Pit Bulls, Baloo and Priscilla



FAVORITE FOODS: Hmm... CRAB LEGS. AND CRAWFISH. lets just say seafood

FAVORITE BOOK(S):how about authors. Michael Crichton, LOTR trilogy.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Nosferatu, The Raven, anything with Vincent Price, Gone With The Wind, Disney movies, Fantasia in particular..

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Basketball Wives, all those reality drama shows with the chicks and the fights, oh yeah.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Type O Negative, Cro-Mags, Gene VIncent, Stray Cats, Nekromantix, Demented Are Go!, uh.. Lots of Punk, Viking Metal, and Psychobilly.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Sticking to it without getting discouraged.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: Looking at pictures of myself pregnant and saying, how am I bigger now?

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: GAH, calorie counting, still trying to get motivated to work out...

PIERCINGS: Ears stretched.

TATTOOS: Gypsy, Mary/priestess, Boot Girl, Steeltoe boot and stilleto, Skinhead girl, and a laurel with the air force symbol. oh and a ouroborus/type o negative
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S/C/G: 214/210/145


MARITAL STATUS: Single, but in a relationship

AGE: 24





HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Belly dancing, music, reading, history, makeup, watching too much tv, walking, Scrabble, Clue, beagles

PETS: 3 cute dogs



FAVORITE FOODS: Chicken, salmon, pizza, garlic fingers...

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Belly dancing, walking, pretty much any dance class

FAVORITE BOOK(S): To Kill A Mockingbird and so many others

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Way too many to list

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Bones, Criminal Minds

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Queen, Madonna, The Doors, Def Leppard, The Offspring

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Not committing, too many carbs, not enough exercise


WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Low-carb, eating low-glycemic index fruits and vegetables, combining cardio with strength training

PIERCINGS: Ears and nose

TATTOOS: none yet!
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