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Cool Alternachick bios

Welcome to the Alternachicks forum

The word Alternachicks basically grew from the word “alternative” an 80's reference to punk/new wave music. It reflects our different lifestyles and mindsets.

The Alternachicks are a diverse group of people from different walks of life who enjoy discussing books, music, poetry, art, crafts, hobbies, gaming, life the universe and everything! Oh, and we DO discuss dieting, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

We also have a Paganchicks forum for those wishing to meet others who follow earth based paths.

If you would like to know more about us please check out the Alternachicks Bio thread. Anyone can jump in and start a new thread or add to an existing one.

Please note:

Ask your doctor before starting any diet. You may have a medical condition which limits your choices. Studies have shown that all diets work equally, whether low fat or low carb - if you stick to them. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find a diet plan that fits your lifestyle and tastes.
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Mauvaisroux -french for evil redhead

I am married and raising one 7 year old tabby cat.

I am Following my own mesh of Celticpagan/Eastern philosophies along with practicing yoga and meditation.

Interests: bellydancing, reading (Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels), cooking, travelling, gaming, jewellery-making and sewing. I enjoy watching sci fi, horror, fantasy and B-movies as well as Asian cinema.

I listen to a lot of different music but mostly alternative (dark n' dancy or hard n' crunchy) World music (Celtic, Arabic, Indian, Asian). I am not into rap or country - just not my cup of tea.

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Height: 6'


Hi guys! Iíve been writing a few posts here, so I thought I should introduce myself:

Iím 36, a psychology grad student (went back to university 4 years ago), single, no children, no pets.

dieting/food: Iíve been overweight most of my life and a yoyo dieter Ė and this time Iím doing everything *slowly*. I lost 35 pounds a year and a half ago, and then maintained the new weight until I started up with a new losing-weight-period this April. This weight-loss-period will last 6 months (April-October) and in November Iíll go back to maintaining the new weight. I donít follow a specific plan: I count calories (keeping to 1500 calories a day/10.500 a week), try to eat healthy (whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, etc). Exercise every day: jogging 2-3 mornings a week, lifting weight 3 times a week, some hiking, Pilates, yoga.

books: Iíve been a reader all my life, but after going back to school l donít really read much anymore. Itís been mostly non-fiction and psychology books for the last 4 years. I look forward to finishing school and start working, so that I can go back to enjoying fiction again. Favorite authors: Jane Austen, Margaret Atwood, A.S. Byatt, Iain Pears, Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Toni Morrison, Jorge Luis Borges, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Octavia Butler, Umberto Eco, William Gibson, Janet Frame, Marge Piercy.

comics : I've also been reading comics and graphic novels all my life. Present day favorites: The Sandman, Y: the last man, Fray, Fables, Preacher, Promethea, Gloom Cookie Ė but also some of the writers of classics like Wonder Woman (yey!), Batman, The Justice League.

movies : I'm a sucker for good stories. Strangely enough most of my favorites are sci-fi: Terminator, Alien, Aliens, Dark City, 12 monkeys, 5th element, Jacobís Ladder, the Matrix.

TV: X-files was my first and longest TV-love-story, but ended badly (where I pretend the last 2 seasons didnít happen). Josh Whedonís trio is my second: Buffy (weak finish too Ė but nowhere as bad as X-files), Angel (oh man. Iím still grieving the cancellation of Angel!), Firefly (ditto). Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Simpsons.

computer games : Periodically obsessed with Sims and Sim City. Eagerly awaiting Sims2.

I have been a lurker at Alternachicks for a while Ė and just want to say that you guys rock!

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Height: 5'5


Hello there. I've been posting on the 300+ forum for about a month now, and I found this forum, and thought that I might find people with some of the same interests as me, as opposed to there. So here's a bit about me:

Name: Kayley Star

Age: 19

Status: Long term relationship. We've been together about 13 months, and plan to get married once I get to my goal weight.

School: I'm currently taking a bunch of pre-law and business classes, and plan to transfer to Indiana University, and get my bachelor's as a paralegal. Then, we'll see if I wanna go all the way, and become a lawyer.

Religion: Agnostic. I love to read about all sorts of religions, but I don't practice any. My boyfriend is Buddhist. Not hardcore or anything, but that's his "status"...haha.

Music: Music is a big part of my life...and bear with we go:

Goth Metal
Symphonic Goth
80's New Wave

The following is my ever growing list of bands that YES! I actually LIKE! And listen to! I either have the cd, or they are on my playlist. I'm always listening to new music.

311, A Perfect Circle, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, Chevelle, Claire Voyant, Covenant, Crossfade, Cruxshadows, Culture Kulter, Deftones, Disturbed,, Drain S.T.H., Earshot, Endemonia, Evanescence, Fear Cult, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Funker Vogt, God Forbid, Hanzel und Gretyl, Hocico, HorrorPops, Icon of Coil, Jack off Jill, Kill Switch Klick, Killswitch Engage, Kittie, Korn, L'ame Immortale, Lacuna Coil, Lamb of God, Linkin Park, London after Midnight, Lords Of Acid, Marilyn Manson, Metallica (old), Mindless Self Indulgence, Murderdolls, Neotek, Nightwish, NIN, Nirvana, Orgy, Otep, PaX, Powerman 5000, Prick, Pro>Tech, Rammstein, Rasputina, Razed In Black, Rob Zombie, Scarling, Seether, Shinedown, Skinny Puppy, Slick Idiot, Slipknot, Smile Empty Soul, Spahn Ranch, Static-X, Sublime, Switchblade Symphony, System of a Down, Talla2Xlc, The Birthday Massacre, The Electric Hellfire Club, The Gathering, Theatre Of Tragedy, Three Days Grace, Tool, Type O Negative, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, White Zombie, Wolfsheim, :wumpscut:, Zeromancer.

Movies: I'll watch about anything. Whether it be horror/action/girly/independant. I'm not picky, as long as it's good, or semi-decent.

TV Shows: Invader Zim, Scrubs, Will and Grace, and Roseanne. I don't watch much TV at all.

My goal is to be at 200 lbs by my 21st birthday: June 2nd, 2007.

That's about it.


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Searching for balance
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S/C/G: 247/241.2/150

Height: 5'6 - Female


Name: Shannon

Age: 29, I'll be 30 on March 27.....eek!

Location: Sacramento CA

Family: My gorgeous butch partner and I ( yep, I'm a lesbian ) share our lives with 2 dogs ( Daphne and Pepperjack) and 2 kitties ( Ralph and Susie ). No human babies yet........but once we are done with school we would like to adopt 2 or 3 children.

Job: Cardiac monitor technician and full time student working towards my RN

Music: Everything, from The Indigo Girls to Eminem to Pavarotti

Movies: Horror flicks

TV: Celebrity Fit Club 3 ( I think Chastity Bono is hot! ) Lost, ER, anything on the Food Network

Hobbies: Cooking, cake decorating, reading, photography

My Weight: I've been heavy most of my life. The thinnest I've been as an adult was 175 at 17 years old. In June 2004 I hit my heaviest weight of 272 and decided enough was enough. Since then I've lost 42 pounds and I would like to lose 80 more. I work on a cardiac floor and I see everyday the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. I don't want that for myself or my girl. Also, my Dad died 3 years ago from a massive heart attack and he was only 62.
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Originally Posted by mauvaisroux View Post
Welcome to the Alternachicks forum

The Alternachicks are a diverse group of people from different walks of life who enjoy discussing books, music, poetry, art, crafts, hobbies, gaming, life the universe and everything! Oh, and we DO discuss dieting, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Hi Alternachicks --
I really like this description of your group and I wanted to check in and say Hi!
I think I would like participating in your discussions!
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S/C/G: 175-180/ 120-125

Height: 5'7

Default About me...

This section of the 3FC forum seems pretty nifty! I'm definitely "alternative" - I'm into the punk rock/riot grrrl subculture, have several tattoos and piercings, and am somewhat of a different breed by nature.

Name: Aidyn

Age: 23

Location: Gainesville, FL

Weight & Height: 5'6 1/2" and currently in the 130's! I started out at 175.

Job: I'm a project manager for a maintenance/repair company, as well as a personal trainer/nutritional consultant on the side. Both are rewarding for different reasons... okay, fine, ONE is rewarding, the other is a steady paycheck, but that works for me!

Music: I'm a big fan of female-fronted bands like Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, Joan Jett, Concrete Blonde, The Hissyfits, and Mary Prankster... I love punk... anything from The Ramones to the Sex Pistols to Fugazi to Social Distortion to the Circle Jerks and everything in between. I'm a big industrial fan, too... stuff like NIN, Skinny Puppy, Pitchshifter, Stabbing Westward, Econoline Crush, Apoptygma Berzerk, and the like. Other bands and artists I like: Eve 6, matchbox twenty, Nirvana, Peaches, Ani DiFranco, Melissa Etheridge, Flyleaf, Guns N Roses, Poison, and a whole lot more... believe it or not, I am also a country fan.

Books: I love suspense most... Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Mary Higgins Clark... The Perks of Being A Wallflower is a great book, too...

TV: CSI, Law & Order... especially Special Victims Unit... I love Olivia and Elliot, CSI Las Vegas, stupid dating shows full of drama on VH1 (like I Love New York, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love), Discovery Health, Taboo (it's an awesome show on the National Geographic Channel), Supernatural, and my newest obsession is COLD CASE!

Interests/Hobbies: Anything health/fitness related, community service/volunteer work, going to shows, playing guitar, writing songs, acting, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, going on road trips to leave my boring diet podunk town of Gainesville, FL, going to the beach, going to parties, and anything I find fun at any given moment

Goals: Find balance in life, obtain an action hero style body and maintain it!

Religion: Catholicism... we can drink most under the table, as we start the earliest!

Politics: Unquestionably Liberal

Relationship Status: I'm single and loving it!

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S/C/G: 169/ticker/healthy

Height: 5'3" ish?

Default New chick's bio

Hey. So I like the Alternachicks concept and even though it seems to be a bit slow in here; that's cool, I'd rather be slow and comfortable in my surroundings than fast and weary. It's cool to meet you all and to be here with you sharing a common goal--health and happiness!

Name. Olivia, but I go by a range of nicknames. I prefer Liv; or at least that's what the tattoo says.

Age. 27

Home. Huntsville, Alabama. It's actually an alright scene..for Alabama

Work. Well, I am a full time student, editor if the school newspaper, I work at the campus library and tutor twice a week.

Weight. 167. The heaviest I have ever been, but apparently I look like I weigh more, because I told my new walking buddy and she gasped, "Really? But I weigh 167!" (Gasp).

Stuff I like. cats, books, books, books, ummm.. books, dialogue, ideas, meeting people I can learn from, nature, coffee, Dove's Love Your Body Campaign, humanism, laughter, philosophy, candles, sunshine, moonshine, art in all its forms, poetry, wine, the underground media, social justice, radical chicks

Stuff I don't like. fundamentalism, patriarchy, bigots, closed-mindedness, licorice, capitalism, ignorance, injustice, old white men in power.

Music. Everything from Beethoven to Tool. Hmmm, Bob Dylan is nice. Seriously this list could go on and on. I dig female singer/songwriters such as Ani, Tori Amos, Patty Griffin, Nellie Mckay, Joni Mitchell. Jazz. Hmmm. love me some jazz. Miles, Coltrane, Charles Mingus, and jazz singers like Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald.

Books. Yes. And lots of them.

Tv. No thank you, I have a life to live.

Religion. No thank you, I have a life to live.

Films. Pan's Labyrinth, I Heart Huckabees, all of Darren Aronofsky's work, Life Aquatic, Reality Bites, South Park the Movie, Big Fish, Amelie, Hero, Moulin Rouge, ummm, so many movies, so little time. I am into documentaries as well. Just watched Who Killed the Electric Car, Sicko, Jesus Camp, This Film is Not Yet Rated.

Goals. To go to grad school next fall, to feel good about myself, to jog instead of walk, then run instead of jog. Screw size, I just want to feel happy and healthy!

Politics. I am not sure if there is anything to the left of me.
I am chapter president of the National Organization for Women in my hometown and am a feminist before anything else. Once we are considered human, I'll convert to humanism

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In the interest of committing to being here, here's my lovely bio.

Name: Amanda

Age: 32

Location: SE Michigan

Status: Married, one preteen male child.

Pets: Many. Three dogs, five cats, three parrots, plus the kiddo's pets, two rats and two fish.

Degree/Job: I'm finishing my BS in zoology/ecology right now, and then it's onto grad school. For the time being, I've been working in ecological restoration and most recently, managing the animal and volunteer ends of a nonprofit animal sanctuary. I've had a lot of interesting science-y jobs along the way while trying to figure out what I want to commit to.

Books: Mostly nonfiction, anything relating to ecology, evolution, animal behavior...along with a healthy dose of Augustin Burroughs, David Sedaris and the like. Occasionally, I dabble in chick lit. Right now, I'm reading The World Without Us.

Music: I listen to a pretty wide range of genres, but my fallbacks are 'alternative' rock and what I refer to as 'punk lite.' Some favorites: The Decemberists, Regina Spektor, The Used, Rise Against, Violent Femmes, Liz Phair, Green Day, System of a Down, The Killers...

TV: I love TLC, Bravo, and Discovery. I also got sucked into Grey's Anatomy, What About Brian, and Brothers and Sisters.

Movies: I love Tim Burton and anything he touches. I usually watch goofy comedies because I feel like real life has enough horror and drama, but I love a good dark artsy film once in awhile.

Interests/Hobbies: I love outdoorsy stuff. Kayaking and hiking are my favorites. I also knit when I get the free time. I love trying new hobbies, but rarely stick with the for long.

Dieting: From a high of 189 a year ago (and again about six months ago), I'm down to 160-162. My big goal is about 125. I really don't like to think much about the dieting for weight loss and prefer to focus on just eating for good health.

Religion: I consider myself an agnostic atheist. I don't believe in any gods, but I don't think anyone can prove it either way. Spiritually, I find nature to be awe-inspiring and I find it strange that anyone would need more than the wonder of the real physical universe around us.
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My name: Liz or Lizzie
Age: 49, born Oct. 26
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Job: Artist Management (okay, just for my DH, LOL). I used to teach at University, and worked recently at a major motion picture studio. But I'm happier now than I've ever been, working at home.
Relationship: Married (second time's a charm!)
Kids: one teenage son, two step-sons in their 20s
Pets: 2 snakes, 2 toads
Politics: Liberal -- Green Party; Life-long feminist and peacenik.
Education: BA and MA in Linguistic Anthropology. (I'm with the gal above who described that sort of thing as rendering one fairly unemployable...)
Books: Ursula K. LeGuin, Cormac McCarthy, Gene Wolfe, David Sedaris, David Foster Wallace, Patrick O'Brian, Tolkien, Don DeLillo, Shirley Jackson, Carson McCullers, Jonathan Lethem,many more...
Movies: I'm a Star Wars geek (the old ones), Alien, The Right Stuff, Fellini's Satyricon, Rashomon, Better Off Dead, M, Mad Love, Carpenter's The Thing, Cronenberg's The Fly, Shaun of the Dead,Haunting of Hill House, District 9, new Star Trek, many more
TV: These days I only watch Science/True Crime shows. Last regular show I loved was the "X-Files."
Comics: Hubby's, um, most everything non-superhero.
Music: I'm an old punk/goth/raincoat-brigader! I really dug the 90s grunge/riotgrrrl stuff. Now I like trance/electronica/trip-hop. Plus harder-edged alternative stuff. Also into a lot of modern classical composer. Vague, I know!
Religion: None. Never had any, and not likely to join up now.
Hobbies: Travel (Spain is my favorite country; I grew up in Uganda and Tanzania and would love to go back). DDR and my Wii. Drawing. Learning new software. Costuming.
Other Stuff: Pink hair, tats, and pierced my own nose in '84. Have a tendency (still! after all these years!) to mostly wear black. I use both sides of my brain -- but neither, when typing . I still smoke I know I know...that's next on my list. Home decor? Think Dr. Frankenstein's lab...
And of course, the reason I'm here: this once-bone-thin pale oldish punky-gal needs to lose a little over 50 lbs. I'm on WW Flex, and I love it as it allows DH and I to hit the pub occasionally. I was looking for a life-style change, not a diet, so I'm focusing on learning habits that I hope will last for the rest of my life.

Well, that's enough for now...see you all around the boards!
Edit -- still here in 2011!!

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Height: 5'5"


Hi everyone! I am Nicole, 27 and newly married.

I am a professional by day... but i am still the punk rock girl i always have been.

I am into independent art and music.

I love the punk rock. Some of my favorite bands being Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder, Crimpshrine, Discount, Fifteen et al.

I still have my septum pierced (i got it done on my 18th b-day).

I have 5 tattoos.

I am very much into zines and independent publishing.

I enjoy being outside.

and that is me in some short and vague sentences!
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This is my 2nd post!

I've been lurking for awhile, and I thought this'd be a good place for me to post!

Religion: Agnostic.
Hobbies: Photography, computers, T.V., etc.
Music: There are so many! I love indie music though.
TV Shows: I watch WAY too much T.V.! I loved The Office (can't wait til' April when it comes back!!), Men in Trees, CSI, ER, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, October Road, The New Adventures of Old Christine, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, Lost, American Idol, and I'm sure I forgot some others!!
Movies: My passion for movies is less than that of TV, but my favorite movie is Mr.Brooks. (I'm a pyscholohgy major!)
Books: I LOVE dramatic teenage novels. I'm 19, so thats okay, right? My FAVORITE series is 'Pretty Little Liars'. Check it out!
Dieting History: I have been chubbie ever since I was 7!
Current Dieting Plan: Counting calories.
Exercise Preferences: Dancing, biking, walking, etc.
Why the dieting?: I have almost a year left of my teenage years, and I want to be skinny during at least part of one!
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Height: 5.7


yay! also totally stoked to have come across alternachicks!!!!!!

i am a soon to be 35 year old (the horror the horror!)american gal, currently living in mainz, germany..guess that makes me an expat as i have been here since 2001!
europe rocks, i love it here but i have gained weight steadily due to my addiction to BREAD!! they've got about 400 different kinds of bread here (serious!) not to mention all the danish type goodies. so time to shed some pounds (or kilos..i have been so thoroughly assimilated i now measure in the metric)
here's my stats

Status: seriously involved for 7 years( alas alas no ring...)

Pets: the amazing boo tazer!!! super kitten galore

Degree/Job: english teacher/translator/grad student (working on a masters in complit and linguistics)

Books: love neil gaiman's sandman..all his graphic novels,serious comic fan-girl love murakami, brett easton ellis, narnia, judy blume and anne of green gables also go for bathtub fluff (chick lit), fantasy (george r r martin etc) currently reading kiran desai's inheritance of loss

Music: sigur ros, air, placebo, shonen knife, april march, new wave classix, hip hop, country (i adore dolly!) fairly eclectic as in most things..draw the line at techno and wierd europop

TV: love my picture box! addicted to buffy! again, eclectic connoiseur:24 marathons as well as biggest loser

Movies: recently enjoyed eastern promises, george romero is my hero...and will ferrell. loved of my all-time faves is sixteen candles. molly ringwald was my world!

Interests/Hobbies: traveling all over europe and beyond..from amsterdam to bangkok, baking, reading, concerts etc.

Dieting history: oh, ugh. tried everything from cabbage soup to ww. am new and shining sbd convert !!

Goals: i would like to be a size 10 hip-wise and a size 8 up top, skinnyjeans here i come!!

Religion: eclectic heathen, very spiritual nature girl
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