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Ok, I found you all........happy we're still here!

We have been very busy the last couple of days with condo hunting on line and with our realtor in Ohio, looks like we might have found "our dream". Our son will look at it Sunday for us and take more photos so if that looks good we will be driving from Florida to Ohio the end of August to see if we LOVE it.

It took me the month of July to walk the 43.5 miles, my goal is to keep it the same or higher for Aug. and no I don't seem to be losing any pounds either but I am firming up and getting into clothes that were too tight 2 mths. ago so something is happening.

Zoe and Joanne, I actually yelled at my scales yesterday!!!!!!!!! lol

Welcome to the new ladies, I am reading and trying to get caught up. Lynn, we will miss your delightful posts check in when you can.

Karen sounds good about the house.....good luck. We won't put ours on the market until Nov. as I don't want to move until after the first of the year. So timing for us purchasing is everything so we don't have double payments for long.

Linda D., my DIL is from Japan and they have rice with every meal eat a lot of raw fish and steamed veggies. She is quite a good American cook but goes back to the rice and basics most days, she stays slim. My niece lost a lot of weight by eating Sushi everyday for lunch.......I can't do that, sorry.

Ok, got to run....big hugs to all the Golden Girls & Gary......

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Hmmm. Looks like our new August thread is finally up & running again. Thanks, Meowee-Linda, and thanks Bobbi, for providing the intro. so that we’d all feel at home here.
And LindaD – hmmm. What your doctor is saying actually makes some sense of course. Aside from my morning coffee (which is hot), my beverages, since I made this *lifestyle change*, have been restricted to water and diet Arizona green tea (0 calories) (refrigerated). I wonder if the green tea would be more helpful to weight loss if it were drunk hot? Or maybe at room temperature rather than cold? As for the 3 tablespoons of root & pod vegetables – oh, jeeze. Well, I can manage that with onions & carrots since my onions are usually in stir fry or diced into a lean burger or fiber one meatloaf or meatballs, and my carrots (I’m not too crazy about carrots) are in stir fry or just some shreds in salad, mostly. But I DO like a baked potato – or a baked sweet potato – when I have baked chicken for supper, or even with the meatloaf or fish although I’m bad at preparing fish and haven’t been able to make ANY that I really like so far. And as for 3 tablespoons of wheat pasta or flatbread or black or kidney beans or soy or lima beans, well I just wouldn’t be able to restrict myself that much, or I’d end up on an all-out binge within a week or two. Sounds like that’s REALLY a “way of life” kind of thing that would indeed keep you very svelte and slim, but I couldn’t do it. (Which is undoubtedly why my scales are so stubborn! ) Congrats on the pound, BTW…good going, kiddo! Oh – and I’m definitely going to try that recipe! Sounds great! (So does that fudgsicle, peanut butter and cool whip one, Cat. I’m going to try them both for sure! I also added that link about the Creole ancestry research to my favorites, Cat – I’m very interested in geneaology. My father’s family has been traced back from 13th century Germany to Scotland to England, and then to a Baptist minister who came to America on a ship that followed the Mayflower and followed Roger Williams over to Rhode Island and bought up quite a lot of property from the Native Americans there. I’ve found absolutely nothing about my mother’s family, though. Her parents came from England as late as the early 1900’s. My youngest daughter has done a good bit of research on her father's side and found ancestors who were slaves on plantations in South Carolina in the 1700's.
Don’t worry, Trish – your shorts will be falling down soon enough. I’d LOVE to lose seven or so pounds this month. I’d settle for 5, tho.
Oboy, Karen! This sounds like it could be IT! I’m hoping it is!
Good luck on the CAT scan, Pal. I haven’t heard a thing on the x-rays I had done last week. I must be going to live, eh?
Hey Moxie!
Hi Ali – yup, and I drive 128 up to the north shore quite frequently to meet with people up there as a part of my job. Gotta say I’m pretty much used to driving in heavy traffic on the highway at this point, and just pretty much deal with it, you know? I guess you can get used to anything, right?
Hey Lyn, so your little town got a WalMart, eh? They’re going up in towns all around us, but so far haven’t gotten into mine. We’re all a bunch of snobby New England NIMBYs, hereabouts, yanno? We like the convenience of WalMart but a while back everybody was watching those videos about how WalMart doesn’t cover health insurance for their employees, how they discriminate in promotions…oh, on and on and on. So it became politically incorrect to even admit that you sometimes actually shop there (It’s the only place in Massachusetts where you can get those Flat-Outs that Bobbi turned us on to awhile back, for gosh sakes!) never mind ever suggesting that you might not mind if one was built in your town. I have to say, though, that in a few places near Worcester, they’ve bought up what was formerly farm land in a small town and created a super WalMart. The houses on either side of the road for probably two miles on each side of the WalMart entrance have “for sale” signs on them. I’m guessing that the traffic flow has become pretty bad for them.
Hey, Jo-annie! C’mon back! We’re the Golden Girls again!
Theresa? You there?


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Ooops! Phyllis, how could I miss YOU, my fellow scale-a-phobic? I recommend KICKING it when it misbehaves, too! We are much too respectful of these rotten things!

Have a great scale-free day, my Flawridder-soon-to-be-Ohio friend,

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LOL Zoe - I am here I was reading while you were posting. As a matter of fact I gave up my morning walk so that I could sit down and digest all that is going on with my (drum roll) GOLDEN GIRLS Thanks Linda for switching it!!!

Well so much going on but Cat's post made me remember about my wonderful Monday. I was booked to take my mom into town for her third and final knee injection. We decided to do lunch and he choice was a fish and chip shop -- I ate the coleslaw and took the batter off my halibut so it wasn't bad -- but she enjoyed it all. We were so early she asked if we could swing by her old family home. For the last two years its been under renovation -- we drive by every once in a while (its an hour from where we live). This time we drove up and I barely parked the car and mom was leaping (remember the knee injections LOL) out to check it out. There was a workman outside and the owner came out -- next thing we are in the house being taken on a tour. My mom's family owned the house since 1939 -- and it thrilled her to see them reuse the bones and build it better. Most houses in that neighbourhood are torn down and redone. All the way home she kept gushing what a fabulous day it was. I do love making her happy -- since dad passed it hasn't been easy.

I am doing well with my eating but I noticed I was getting cranky yesterday with lack of exercise. I got up early on Tues and went for a brisk power walk then did some DVD's. We did a lovely walk last night and I plan to repeat that tonight. Its just too hot even early in the day to do much in the way of exercise. But it was interesting that I recognized my crankiness came from being fidgity.

So quick notes to my friends then I leap in the shower and go get the poking and prodding done (blech)

Oakridge -- Welcome -- look forward to getting to know you better

Linda -- as I said earlier thanks for updating the post

Zoe -- my dear eloquent friend congrats on the clothes falling off you. Yep friggen scales don't tell you about that do they???

Ali -- Hi and Welcome

Lyn - dentist was easy, but my gums are definitely showing signs of my age she recommended that I use an electric toothbrush - anyone here find them helpful??

Trish -- WOW 2 Miles way to go!!!!!

Lynn -- you are one busy lady -- maybe you need a name change LOL no worries though we will be here waiting for you -- or should that be weighting for you??

Margaret -- I would LOVE to add PB to my diet but I know I would find myself bored one day and my sweetie would come home and find me face down in the jar overdosing on PB. So best not to have any of that in the house LOL.

Paula - Hi back at you!!

LindaD -- off for my physical and test results today. Wow like Zoe I wouldn't survive with only 3tbsp of certain foods -- YIKES!!! Guess I am destined to always be -- well not thin.

Karen -- how exciting about the young couple. And how nice that Walmart accomodated you.

Wunder - Hi !!! What part of BC are you (I am guessing Okanogan)

Bobbi -- Hi

Cat -- how very cool that you found your ancestor. One of my mom's cousins wrote a book about our family -- traced us from 16th century Scotland. My great whatever was in the Culloden wars and taken prisoner to Barbados. I was thrilled to read that since I was a huge fan of the Outlander series of books. Made it feel real. No idea on my dad's side -- but how do you trace Johnson's LOL

Phyllis -- excellent on finding the condo!!! I am so impressed about your 43.5 miles that deserves a I would yell and scream at the scale more but mine is in a public place -- so I just get this huge black cloud over my head. Especially this frikken year. I would just love to drop 2 lousy pounds -- just two!!!!

Well off to shower and then spend the last of my vacation days doing -- not much. We took care of most of the "list" earlier so its lazy days for us now until Tues. Although I think we are going into town to see Baby Owen and help take care of my sweetie's other nephew (long story), but Jason is 6 and a really cool kid.

Bye for now
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Default The Outlander series

Omigawd, Jo-annie! I KNEW we had stuff in common! I LOVE Diana Gabaldon's books! I'm anxiously awaiting the REST of the series. She's saying two more about Jamie & Claire. She's got some others out - Lord John (?)something-or-other - but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. She does so much research, I can see why your ancestry seemed to "come alive" - especially the part about Culloden. That's the only thing that I find a little off-putting about geneaology in general. You can sometimes trace names and dates, and sometimes professions, but you can't get much more of a story than that. Who they were, what they looked like (except for a few pictures, sometimes, maybe a portrait or two if they had the money to have one done) how they lived, what they believed in or thought about are all lost to us unless we're fortunate enough to find old diaries or journals, or if a contemporary of theirs left some writings that mentioned them. But when you read one of Diana Gabaldon's books, she really puts you right in the middle of the action - and the way she does it, from the perspective of a *modern day* person makes it seem/feel even MORE authentic.

Okay, back to work for moi...

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Ok, the recipe Queen is popping in to share a good one. I decided to dig into my shrimp stash and grill some..then I thought, hmm, shrimp remoulade salad only grill the shrimp instead of boiling them...

So I started looking for a remoulade sauce recipe that I could "convert" and found this one. I substituted olive oil for the vegetable oil and substitutued a little tomato paste and splenda for the ketchup. It was so good!!! I've attached a picture. (I take pictures of stuff that I really like and keep them in my recipe files so I remember what I did!)

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Guess what I did today. I went to a Jazzercise class. I'm thinking about joining. It was fun, but I don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow. They really worked the legs and arms. If I want to make my goal by the new year I have to kick it up a notch. I really have to get back to eating better. Today was good. I have to still get my water in too.

Linda- The Dr's advice is interesting. I heard that you want to drink cold water so you body has to work harder to warm it up. I would think that would be same for food. But hey, it's worth a try.
on the pound loss.

Karen- Good luck on the sale. It was nice of WalMart to tell of your options and help you make the right decision.
Boy school there does start early. Our kids start the 23rd. I remember we always started after Labor day.

pal- Good luck on your C.A.T. results.

I don't know if this is where we are posting or not, but since it was in my subscribed threads and I would have to search for the other one so I'm going to post here now and look for the other one later.
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Hi Golden Girls!
I'm so sorry that I haven't kept up. I'll run by you the short version of what's going on in my life. We moved MIL to a assisted living apartment, she was there 6 days, complained the whole time. We had everything set up.!!! Soooooo, we moved her again to another assisted living apartment. Had everything set up again for the second time. She was there 1 hour and had a small stroke. We moved her a third time into a nursing home. We are exhausted, tired and want to puke.
If I haven't posted, I''m sorry. We have been at her house for the last 2+ weeks boxing everything up for a auction.. I'm not counting calories, we're eating fast foods and I'm putting the pounds on again. Not much, maybe 10 pounds at the most. I need to get back to posting and counting calories. Help me! I missed the part when someone tried to change our name, Gary????? We would welcome you and you can always be part of our group. We are the golden era, not just girls. Welcome!

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Bobbi- So sorry to hear about your mil. Remember waht everyone was telling me.... Take of yourself too.
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Hi Everyone,

I just finished reviewing and grading the first week's papers for my students. I'm bleary-eyed & worn out.

We went to the Delaware Art Museum today (1.5 hr drive each way to Wilmington, DE) - to see a special guided tour of a photography exhibit about gardens -

This was followed by lunch & a guided tour of the Gibraltar Garden - also in Wilmington, DE -

This was an ElderHostel trip - the first I've ever been on.
On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7. Too hot for the garden, not much I could eat at lunch except lettuce, but I LOVED the exhibit at the museum.

My niece has invited me to come down to St. Leonard, MD to join her family and my sister for a shore vacation next week. If I can find access to the internet, I'll pack up my laptop (I have to stay in touch with my students), take my cat over to the B&B, and travel on down there.

I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Take care,

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Hello Golden Girls All

It's always so good to catch up with everyone....feels like a letter from home!

Linda....Your pumpkin recipe looks very good. Some of the WW recipes are very good, I was elated when I came across some old WW recipes that I used to know and love.

Karen....Hooray for the house interest!

Cat....WOW...that fudgesicle recipe looks SO good....and it also looks like I can use it for my friend who is a diabetic. The shrimp dish is beautiful, You have a very good way with this food stuff. I was just thinking about getting my grandkids interested in cooking by letting them pick out recipes from the Taste O Home magazine and then helping them make the dish....thought it wold be fun to combine it with pictures of them cooking and make it into an album for them.

Lynn..eye/carb research....very interesting.. Makes you want to stick to your diet even more. (Any encouragement from any source is GOOD)

Phyllis....43 miles....What a record to shoot for. You don't think a mile a day makes much difference, but when you add them up at the end of the month, it is awsome.

I wonder if the green tea would be more helpful to weight loss if it were drunk hot? ....truth to tell...probably anything would be helpful if you're drunk!! Keep kicking the scales, one of these days it will learn to cooperate! (Actually I just read from "Asian Health Secrets" that you should not start your day out with cold raw hot tea looks ideal. will make you "jazzy" for at least a'll skim through those classes with energy to spare! sorry to hear about the MIL problems.

Hello to Ali, & Pal, and anyone else I may have missed...sorry.

Just heard from my family....member that we couldn't get in touch with were not on the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. My prayers of comfort for the families that were affected.

Love to all,
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Just a quick note to say hello to everyone. We were out of town over the weekend and I haven't had much computer time in the evenings. Work was very hectic today. The city I work for had a major event last night that is a huge blow to our area. An 8 lane freeway bridge, leading into downtown and about six blocks from my office at City Hall, collapsed during rush hour. Cat, this can in no way compare to what your area went through, but now I can begin to understand how devastating a disaster can be to a city.
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Hi GG's

Yeah!! I'm taking tomorrow as a vacation day. I'm going to Balboa Island in Newport Beach and will take the ferry to do some exploring. Lots of shops, water, great scenery, and a chance to take a deep breath and slow down for a change. I plan on walking a lot and having a healthy lunch at one of the cafes. I'm exercising, cleaning my office, and filing paperwork at home on Saturday. Sunday I'm going to church, visiting a friend, and relaxing the rest of the day with a good book. I hope your weekend is lovely too.

Karen: Thanks for the link.
Cat: The receipes sound so good. I'm definitely going to try the dessert. I don't eat shrimp, etc.
Z: I'm not sure about the tea. It's worth a try. For the past 2 years I've only drank ice water and decaf green iced tea. Once in a great while I'll have a cup of hot tea but not too often anymore. I don't think I could live on 9 total tablespoons of carbs per day. I know I wouldn't stay on a program like that. I need more excitement with my eating plan.
Woodlily: I was just watching the news and saw the bridge collapse. How terrible for those people and the community. Very, very tragic.
Lynn: Thanks for the interesting article on macular degeneration. Both my mother and father had this. My father had the wet type and my mother had the dry type. It was a tragic loss of their ability to function in this world. I had no idea carbs played a part.

I saw Hairspray. I liked the music and I definitely enjoyed studying the backdrops from the 60's. My dream was to become a set designer when I went to design school but due to the divorce I couldn't survive on the low salary I would get for the first few years. Reality comes first. It was hard for me to look at John Travolta as a woman. It gave me the chills. Other than that the movie was okay. I think I will buy the music CD when it comes out.

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Hi everyone

Jayjay, I'm from the West Kootenays. Lots of forest fires happening in the region.

Bobbi, being a caregiver can be so tiring. I work at a nursing home, & some of the spouses/caregivers look so tired. Take care of yourself! So sorry about your MIL.

It sounds like Hairsppray might be worth seeing. I don't think dh would enjoy it, he doesn't like musicals.

Today, I worked, walked to Curves, checked out the thrift stores, went to help my sister decorate cookies for a bake sale tomorrow and I didn't eat any frosting or cookies

Good night GGG&G
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Good morning everyone,
Went out to lunch and a bit of shopping with a friend yesterday. Thankfully when we had one of our torrential downpours we were in the restaurant.

I am sort of floundering in the diet dept. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm. I see by your posts that you are all full of enthusiasm and I'm hoping some of it will rub off on me. I've taken out my old WW material, only because if familiar to me, as I've been on WW countless times.

Woodlily, the bridge collapse was such a tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers go out to those poor people.

Bobbi, I am so sorry what happened to your MIL. I've been there and know what a trying time you're going through right now. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Phyllis, 43 miles!!!! That's fantastic!! Keep up the good work. Congratulations in finding a condo. You must be getting excited about your move to Ohio.

JoAnne, Zoe, I read 3 of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon and I really enjoyed them. I thought the 3rd book was the end of the series. I'll have to check out her books the next time I go to the bookstore.

Cat, the photo of your salad looks great...good enough to eat! I don't particularly care for fish, but I do love shrimp. Your Cool Whip recipe looks yummy.

Everyone else a big HI!

It's just about that time to go on my walk.
Enjoy your day everyone.
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