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I want to share about my kids =)
i have a 4 years old boy
and almost 2 years old girl.
My boy is into gymnastics and will do his first competition this month. He reads 1st grade books now and overall a bright kids.
My 2 years old is interested in gymnastics as well and do a lot of tricks just by watching her older brother. I am thinking to enroll her soon as well.
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Originally Posted by LBH View Post
I could write a book, but since I'm working a brand new job, and the internet here is s-l-o-w, I'll do what I can.

Peter (1/23/03) is 4 and the only "official" diagnosis he has is ODD=Oppositional Defiant Disorder (8/06). It's as bad as it it! I started to think he might be developing Hyperactivity Disorder since I've been home with him. Then I started reading. Apparently these days they call it AD/HD, even if he doesn't have AD. Whatever. The Neurologist ("N" from now on!) did not say he was diagnosing him with anything, but wants us to have b/w first, before drugs.

Some of the stuff he does:
Runs in circles like a wild man, trying to get out of the classroom at daycare, when things don't go his way. If restrained, tries to kick, hit, headbutt, punch. Often tells me, "You bad mommy!", or "You're a bad, bad mommy!", all while pouting...or smiling...depending on the mood.

Given the right circumstances, you can show him a circle and he'll tell you it's a square...or just deny that it's a circle, with a straight face. Can you say "Oppositional"?!

Peter can also be the sweetest boy on the planet. He will come and give me kisses and hugs for no reason. Tell me, "I love you mommy, you're bootiful (beautiful)". He's very empathetic. Once we were at this huge playground and DH was up on the structure with him and a child somehow whacked his head and was bleeding all over. While everyone else was running the other way, Peter's first response was, "Daddy, is that boy OK?" (He was, he ran off the structure to his parents screaming, I don't want to go to the hospital...the ambulance came and took them away. Get the feeling he spends a bit of time in the ER?

His favorite thing? Running around naked! (Yeah, that got old fast) Oh, and Thomas trains and Cars cars.

Anyway, #2:
Robby (1/13/05) is 2. Can you say "Temper Tantrum"?! Oh boy, this kid is a pro! He is my lover though. He would be happy cuddling all day. He is slightly delayed in talking and probably a few other developmental areas, but I I am is because he will NOT give up the pacifier ("sucky"). I think we are *finally* done with the bedtime bottle. I guess my fragile nerves are not ready to go cold turkey with the sucky either! But he's only allowed to have it at bedtime, and actually, we've gone 2 nights in a row without it now.

He has been talking a lot more recently, favorite word being, "MONEY!!!" (say it like you're Jamaican, that's "Mommy") He uses it with the perfect 2 y/o tone for everything. That and "oh wow".

I think he'll be an engineer...has always had to check stuff out to see how it works.

Favorite things: Chicken nuggets.

That's about it!
Try taking him off milk..I know it sounds crazy but I am a special ed teacher who works with a ton of different students and at 4 having that diagnosis already seems so young. We have been doing a lot of work with nutrition and behaviour and have found that some children are lactose intolerant and it affects their behaviour. One man now 40 said he could and can feel himself bubble and rage on the inside ...since milk has been removed from his diet things have changed. His son was also affected and was a "demon" child according to doctors....milk gone and behaviour changed dramatically! Just a thought.
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hi, i have three daughters aged 11yrs, 9yrs an my baby 4mths ... This morning my 9yr old was insisting we hurry out the door, so we were in the car on our way up our street when the 9yr old realises she doesnt even have her school shoes on hehe! You just gotta love 'em
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So cute!! No kiddos yet, but maybe sometimes in the not so distant future!
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I have two girls
Danielle is 3 and Alexandra will be 2. Danielle is a little diva and Alexandra seems like the tomboy type
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Originally Posted by Rae1976 View Post
Try taking him off milk..I know it sounds crazy but I am a special ed teacher who works with a ton of different students and at 4 having that diagnosis already seems so young. We have been doing a lot of work with nutrition and behaviour and have found that some children are lactose intolerant and it affects their behaviour. One man now 40 said he could and can feel himself bubble and rage on the inside ...since milk has been removed from his diet things have changed. His son was also affected and was a "demon" child according to doctors....milk gone and behaviour changed dramatically! Just a thought.
Also try taking him off food dyes (especially yellow and red), high fructose corn syrup, and nitrates. My son has AD/HD and these things make the symptoms much, much, much worse. I would recommend removing one thing at a time and see what makes a difference and what doesn' may be able to avoid drugs all together...we're going on 4+ years with no drugs .
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I will admit i havent read all 19 pages... but have skimmed...

For kids with ADD/ADHD any other behavioral disorder try eliminating Salicyates from their diets. (good site for info: Salicyates Sensitivity)

I was the first ever diagnosed case of ADD/ADHD in Australia, I was also the first ever MISdiagnosed case of ADD/ADHD in Australia.

My Mother found that removing salicylate's from my diet saved an insane amount of stress on both of us, as i have gotten older i am not as sensitive - i do still react in a big way to red items - wether food, drink, clothing, medicine - everything, and if i have too much i still react (according to my husband/kids/family/friends/workmates etc. anyway... i personally cant tell a difference)

My oldest daughter was diagnosed Bi-Polar when she was 4 after trying to kill her self. I found the elimination of certain foods helped her as well as the medication, just the medication there were still issues.

Will introduce properly later, have to do work stuffs now
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Ok, Sorry about posting and running

I have three adorable kids (mostly).

Bailey is 12, she has bi-polar that is now self managed after 6 years on Abilify. HOPEFULLY after puberty has finished we should be good. She has a genius IQ and KNOWS how smart she is, but because most of her friends aren't as smart as her she dumbs down, she still gets great grades, but you hear them talking and it is like *grrrrr*, Currently her ambition in life is to become a paediatric oncologist, find a cure for cancer, then after she has done that she is going to be a rock start then when too old to be a rock star she is going to become a teacher. This has been a constant ambition since she was 2 and my father died of cancer.

Xanthe is 9 (nearly 10) and is the grottiest little girl you will ever meet. She eats everything in sight (other than eggs) and is tiny. When she passes gas it could kill a fly. But she is sweet and loving and generally very good, she is also extremely smart, not quite as smart as Bailey, but makes up for that in sports. I had very bad post natal depression after her (thanks to a boob**** midwife), so she is very much a daddy's girl, but even with that she is my little pixie. She wants to be a veterinarian and has never changed this from when she first realised that animals have their OWN doctors.

Slater is 8. He is my baby, he was 10 weeks prem. But he has made up for it, he is a typical boy, but loves his mummy and ducks more than anything in the universe.... Am not looking forward to the realisation it isnt cool to hug mummy in public. Out of all my kids he is the only one with red hair, which i was heart broken about, (i'm a very proud red head), and for the most part thought red headed boys werent that cute once they got to about 6... However he has his dads skin tone (he tans) and red hair, so its still cute. Currently he wants to be a wild chicken hunter (apparently they are the ducks natural enemies) and then after he has taken care of all the wild chickens he is going to be a builder, then after he has built me a house he is going to be a fireman.

Well there you go... the live of my favourite mcmidgets.
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Default Kids Can't live with them, can't get rid of them! LOL

I have two little girls:

Aelyn is 8 years old, she is wise beyond her years, and often times when talking to her you forget she is only 8. She is my frist born and even though I was already 21 when she was born, I feel like we really have been growing up together. My favorite times with her have to be when it was just the two of us before bed time and I could just cradle her in my arms and sing the Moulin Rogue version of "Your Song" to her till she fell asleep. She still stops dead in her tracks if she hears it and will listen. Somehow oddly enough at 8 years old she is a HUGE Prince fan, as well as Michael Jackson(Even though we predominantly listen to Rock/Alternative in the house). I have flipped through radio stations to find something good and she can hear just a second of a Prince song or a Michael Jackson song and she will demand I put it back on till the song is finished, she's a real comedian. She adores Fairies, especially Tinker Bell because she was sooo tiny when she was born(6lbs 1oz and only 17 3/4 inches) and had the cutest little upturned nose that we all started to call her Tink!

Gianna is 6, she is my little girly girl. She loves to wear dresses and look pretty, and though she does seem sort of "air head-ish" to many people she is smart as a whip! In California the state wants 1st graders to be reading at a level 15 by graduation, she is currently reading at a level 23, Cali wants 2nd graders reading at a level 25 by the time they are ready for 3rd grade! She is sensitive and very affectionate, she could cuddle with anyone who is willing to snuggle up for hours. She the little love bug and she loves loves LOVES mermaids, she has been clumsily teaching her self to swim above water in the pool lately but she is like a fish under the water and is convinced its because she should have been a mermaid!

These two little girls are the reason I am still around today. I married their father after only a year of dating, I had Aelyn only 2 weeks after our wedding, but I was convinced we were in love and were forever. Two years later I was miserable as he was never home, and I was pregnant and terribly sick from it. Between depression, morning sickness, his constant not so secret drug use and adultery and than recently discovering he was diagnosed as Paranoid Schizophrenic(he never told me) I was more of a mess than he was. However I hung on because I had two lives I was responsible for. As badly as it hurt for me (the girls barely remember anything about their dad as they haven't seen him since they were only 3 yrs old and 5 months old) I left him and started us out fresh on our own, and we are so much better for it!
We have a wonderful supportive family on my side (My parents, my younger siblings, and all my aunts uncles and my grandparents) and I have a fantastic boyfriend whom I couldn't imagine being without now. He loves me and the kids no matter what and my children adore him! That is all I can ask for!
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I have two boys who make my world go round:

Ian 11 - will be 12 in September and is already going through puberty. The voice has already change and the hormones keeps the crankiness alive. Most responses that I get from him are "fine" and "I heard you". Believe it or not I am enjoying it because he is still my baby and I can have more in depth conversations with him. He is my academic - so intelligent that it's scary (in first grade he wanted to be Bill Gates) - and has always been the easy kid - even with the fluctuating hormones. Always did what he was told without a fight and never really required help with homework. He is incredibly shy but is working really hard on addressing that. He will be starting middle school in a month in a brand new school district - he says he isn't nervous - why am I?

Mason just turned 4 and is my athlete. He plays every sport and he does it quite well. His second word was ball and he was walking at 9 months. His life revolves around sports. He is very outspoken, outgoing, and the life of the party. He is a chatterbox and doesn't believe in naps or quiet time.
He will be starting pre-k in August. He is a perfectionist and is working very hard on knowing how to write his name before then. He loves to draw and when I pick him up he usually has a self-portrait ready me. He is your typical momma's boy and I couldn't be more excited about that. He is very loving and passionate and not afraid to try something new.

I have two boys that are complete opposites and I feel like I am the luckiest mom on earth because of it. Keeps me on my toes and appreciating separately what each of them brings to the family. Thanks for the thread - made me sit and appreciate them both.

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Hi i have a 13yr old son who is suffering from a major hormone crisis
he is a great child who is funny and witty..but has become very lazy over the past 2 yrs. its partially my fault as i removed him from sports and other activities due to his grades..he is currently a chubby fella but this doesnt seem to bother him. I know as a RN that this is unhealthy and makes him susceptible to type 2 diabetes. so he and I are both on weight loss journery for healthier life!! wish us luck and same to u guys!!
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My dd is 6 years old and going on 16. She is an only child so she has "only child syndrome." LOL She really is a good kid. She has her moments and they have been coming more lately. She started kindergarten 2 weeks ago (we start school early here). I think we just need to adjust and get used to the new routine. Maybe things will be better in a month or two. I am finding out she likes to get up when Daddy does (4:30am) and that is too early for me. She is very smart, almost too smart. And she loves to cuddle. Very friendly little girl but can be shy around large groups of people where she doesn't know many people. She was an early talker so words pop out of her mouth that I am surprised that she knows and knows what they mean. I am looking forward to the adventures we will be having in school. She is overweight so we have been eating healthier. Her ped told me the weight she had gained last year looks like it was all in height. Keeping up the healthy eating.
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I have two kids.
Andria is 13 and very independent, bookworm, and texting queen. She is very deliberate and doesn't do much impulsively. She has her attitudes once in a while, but overall she's very easy to get along with.

Jack is 7 and is such a fun kid. He has moderate-functioning autism and requires a lot of supervision for his age. But honestly, we are so used to his routines and quirks that his disability doesn't really affect us much. He is on meds to boost his cognitive function and he is slowly catching up to grade-level. He is very easy to please, considering his interests never seem to change much. And because he's delayed, I get much more quality time with him before he finds out that Mom's not cool to hang out with!
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I have a 16 year old son Tristan. He has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita in his upper extremeties. He is a great kid with no limits. His determination is a huge inspiration to so many. I am truly blessed to be his mother. Having a child with a disability teaches you so much about yourself and unleashes a strength you never imagined!
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Default Hello!

Hi! I am fairly new to the forum in general but think this is a great thread! I have 3 children of my own and 1 stepson.

Fischer 11
Riley 9
Grace 5
and my stepson Justin is 13.

They are all so different:
Fischer is an amazing kid he is outgoing and funny and a momma's boy since the day he was born. He loves people and everything he attempts he does with a smile. He is almost like an adult trapped in a kid's body. He is overweight but he has been a big boy since he was a baby and it doesn't seem to bother him or hinder his ability to make friends. Although we are trying to control the weight gain so he stays the same weight as he gets taller he recently lost 10 lbs while playing football this season.

Riley: He is what most people would call Jock..I think he sleeps with his football. Since he was 4 he has wanted to play and become a professional football player, he can be sweet but he can also be a little stinker. He is very energetic probably on the fence with being hyperactive but we control it with diet and exercise. He is super smart and always is ahead of the other kids in class. He is the polar opposite of my oldest child being very thin and muscular we have to actually encourage him to eat more because he hasn't gained any weight in 3 years just gotten taller and thinner. He is a very talented athlete and he absolutely loves it. Football is his biggest passion, he studies the game and the players the kid can recite to you stats from 10 years ago and he is only 9 lol!! His energy can wear on me because he literally cannot stop moving the only time he is still is during his sleeping hours.

Grace: She is a handful. The only girl with 3 older brothers, she is also the only child that has come from my marriage to my husband my boys are from a previous marriage so she may have siblings but half the time she is an only child so she acts like one a lot. She is a girly girl, dresses, hair pretties, fancy shoes...I am the opposite of this pretty plain jane for me a pair of jeans and a tshirt with a pair of flip flops is perfect but she will only wear dresses! Where that came from who knows. She is smart and funny and just started Kindergarten so that is a whole new experience she likes to sleep in but because of school mornings have become a bit difficult. She thinks she knows everything most of the time and is very stubborn! But in the next instant she can be so sweet and loving. She loves having friends and playdates...and even with all the fighting she loves her brothers and wants them home when they are gone!!

Justin~ He is a very quiet and shy kid. His obsession is the video game or computer. He rarely goes outside to play. He is a very awkward in social settings for instance if I speak to him and he has to respond he cries which I hope he grows out of. He is very very smart!! His dad and I don't have a great relationship with his mom so he and I are not that close because of the things he hears about me from his mom, but I will keep trying until the day I die to connect with him on some level. I love him dearly and want to have a great relationship with him. I think he doesn't always feel like part of our family and he isolates himself from the rest of us I wish this could be different for him and hate that he does this to himself. I worry tremendously about him and his mental well being because of prior issues we have had with him but because I am not the legal parent my hands are tied. His mom has some mental issues and I pray they have not been passed down to him. Like I said before I love this kid like my own and hope that everything gets better!!

Sorry it's so long it's hard to write about your kids in a small compressed!!
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