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Monica, welcome! If you go to the user contoll panel then click edit signature, I think you'll be able to get a weight loss tracker. You can also click on someone elses and it will take you there (I think).

We moved to the Charlotte area last year. We live on the border though. My kids had a 5 day weekend this weekend.

Come and join the daily thread, all the ladies there are super nice and very supportive!

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Default Thanks!

Thanks, Alicia! We live in Davidson, so just outside of Charlotte. My kids only had Monday off (they go to a charter school). I'm going to try the signature thing now -- THANKS!
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Default my kids

hello. still new to all this

my names is Angie , 35 yrs young

been married to my Wonderful DH 12 years ( together 14 )

together we have 2 beautiful daughters and he brought to the marriage another daughter from a previous marriage.

yup, all girls ( and YES we are done )

Mercedes Shae is 17 & is a Junior in high school and currently taking college courses ( through her HS ) for Nursing ( and earning college credits for it ! )...she was a terror for a while and now seems to have found herself. she got her license last January and so far had a total of 3 wrecks ( all monor but still......all were within 6 months of getting her license )

Samantha LaRaine Marie is 13 and the brainiac of the bunch. she has always been an A honor student , tutoring her peers in math, she is currently in 7th grade and is in the advanced classes , she serves on student Government ( 2nd year ) works in her schools bookshop before school and during lunch occasionally, has been in Spell Bowl , Loves Science , currently playing Volleyball (3rd year ) will be playing Softball (6th year ) she dropped basketball this year after playing for 4 years ( said it lost its fun' ness for her ) .she has said since 1st grade she wants to be a 2nd grade teacher......i believe she will .

Jessica baby
jesse is 11 ( and a half as she says ! ) was born on St. patricks day ( she was 15 days overdue ! )
she is the comedian in the family.....the drama has been a rough haul with her. she has learning disabilities , slow motor skills, ADHD and IBS. she was on meds for her ADHD up until last year ( meds for adhd & sleep meds as she could stay upo 3 days straight and still keep going ).......this past year we ( us & the dr ) has her taken off it far so good. she is in the 6th year she goes to midle school and the Dr. has advised us to watch ehr for changes as the change may be enough to make her slide back and need meds again.
we hope not .

we had to change so many times due to she has TICS.. sometimes it is just a sniff sniff .sometimes it is a loud hruuug hruuug........or just having to touch something like her face..........some meds made it HORRIBLE.some hardly noticable.

we now see just a facial shrug now and then.

she also has the mentality of a child 2-3 years younger than her.

at times she can talk to us like she is older and at times she just wants her fairie dolls and her make believe.

like i said, jesse rose is my baby

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I have a beautiful DD, Amber, who turns 11 tomorrow. (They grow up so fast, don't they??) She such a sweet child. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful child. She has been sick some and in & out of the hospital. It seems like we get on thing taken care of and something else happend. But above all we have to keep our faith that the Lord knows what he's doing.

You can't talk about kids and not talk about my fids. (furry/feathered kids)
I have Squeak who is a Timneh African Grey. She's my other DD! Then there's Sweetie Pie, finch, Sport & Rockey, cockatiels, Sugar & Tweety, budgies, Angel, Meow & Tinkerbell the kitties, Smokie Doodle our beagle and just added on Saturday Star an Spanish Arabian Mare...

Guess I have a whole zoo? LOL
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Where'd my 23yo body go?
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Hi! I am a sahm with 4 boys, ages 9, soon to be 7, 4, and 15 months. My house is very loud most of the time!!!! lolololololol

Ds1 and ds2 came to us through adoption in August 2004. They were 5 and 2 1/2 at the time (they are biologic brothers.) Four weeks later, I found out I was pregnant- after 8 years of unsuccessful attempts! As it turned out, I had a deformed uterus, which caused ds3 to be born prematurely. He was born at 24 weeks, weighing 1lb 13oz, and he was 12 inches long. He spent a long 91 days in the NICU, but is perfectly healthy now, with no long term effects of his prematurity. After ds3 was born, I had my uterus repaired, and was able to carry ds4 almost to term (with the help of weekly injections to make sure I didn't have pre-term labor again.)

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Default Hooray for kiddos!

I have one kiddo - 'One and done' as my husband says.

Noah is 12 years old, going on 35. He is the light of my life. He's bright and funny and quirky and so cynical (yes, cynical already). He's as skinny as a toothpick and 5' tall. He is 100% boy - hates baths, has smelly feet, loves video games and action movies, thinks construction equipment and things that blow up are the greatest entertainment on earth and can't get enough to eat -ever!

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I have twin sons (Sam & Dave) who will be 2 yr in June. They are my whole world and I love and adore them more than I ever imagined possible.

Now that the boys are approaching 2, people are asking if I want to have anymore. The answer is "yes" I want more kids, but won't because I refuse to go through pregnancy again. I feel like a bad mom for admitting this...but I had finally gotten to a comfortable weight when I got pregnant. Then between having twins and being put on strict bedrest for 4 months I gained almost 50 lbs and lost all of my muscle tone. Post-baby I was going to breast feed, but the boys never caught on, so ended up pumping until my milk dried up (about 2 months). Everyone talks about how you burn so many calories...but all it did for me was give me an insatiable hunger and make me GAIN weight! After I quit pumping I started doing WW and exercising 3-5 times a week but the scales weren't moving!! Maybe it was the hormones from the pregnancy, combined with my turning 30...but it took 22 months before I could successfully lose more than 2-3 lbs! Most of my friends who were heavy pre-baby had similar problems, but of course our skinny friends were back to their old jeans 6 weeks later.

I love my boys...which is why I think they deserve a thin, healthy, active mom more than a little sister!
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AM, welcome! Sorry you had a rough time of it with your boys. I loved being PG and had good birth experiences...for the most part. I would LOVE to have another baby, but DH isn't soo delighted with my infatuation!
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Hi all I am new here!

Just reading some of your posts. Glad to see I am not the only one who has some issues that I don't understand. I have a very defiant 3 year old that just drains every bit of energy out of me. I need to get back into shape just to keep up with her. Was reading about ODD and I think that is my Sydney.
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Wannab, welcome! Ah the joys of ODD. Hang in there! I'm not gonna tell you it gets better, because honestly, it doesn't, until you learn how to deal with her. Even then, it's hard. Make sure you've got a good support system and someone that can give you a break when you need it!
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I have a nineteen year old who is about to go off to college, I haven't really had much trouble out of her, she is very strong, independent woman who makes me glad that I am a mother.
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Well I have three Kids. Really just typical kids. And all so smart not just saying because they are mine. They really are smart kids.

Matthew 6 born May 15 2003
Melaina 4 born April 15 2005
Katelyn 2 born March 12 2007

So every other year between being 25 and 30 I was pregnant. When I can post pics i will post pics of my cuties.
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I have a 16 year old step daughter who is too beautiful for her own good. Blond hair and blue eyes... all she wants to do is dance dance dance! She's in 2 dance classes this year and if we're not hearing about dance it's her boyfriend Juan. Heh.. my husband was a very young father, how he ever managed to have a daughter as sweet as her is beyond me!

That's it for me (for now) unless we can count husbands or fured and finned kids.

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My oldest daughter is 19 and a Freshman in college. She has no idea what she wants to do in life except hang out with her friends.

My 2nd daughter is 14.5 and wants to go to college and is already in the process of writing her first book. This is not a small book either, it is going to be geared towards young adults/adults...think along the lines of Harry Potter!

She also wants to be an editor...are you getting the picture that she is a reader? :-)

My son is 9 and wants to be a WWE wrestler or a football player lol
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I have 2 boys (7 and 9). The oldest wants to be a video game tester...yes, he actually said that...He is super smart and tenacious, so if there is a way to be paid to do that, he'll find it. My youngest keeps changing his mind...don't know what his current future occupation is.
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