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Well, guess it's my turn to tell a little bit about my daughter. She's 8 and the perfect blend of girly-girl and tomboy. She likes playing in mud, climbing trees, playing with cars and digging for worms. She also likes wearing dresses, playing with dolls, baking and princess movies.

She's a very, very well behaved little girl also. I'm always so proud of her patience and manners. She's quick to help, cares about people's feelings and has a quick sense of humor. She's also very friendly and affectionate. We actually worry about her sometimes, she'd be so very easy to kidnap. She's everybody's friend.

Anyway, she's in 2nd grade at a new school this year since we moved last summer. She's adjusted very well and has a lot of new friends. She likes school (for the most part... ) and loves to read.

Otherwise, her favorite things are horses, our cat Ginny, playing outside with the neighborhood kids and having PJ parties with mom and dad. She is an outdoor girl at heart and loves to go for walks and camping.

Yeah, you could say we just adore her. ^_^
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Angie... that is me!
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Here goes... my boys =) Man do I luv'em!

Tristan is 12 and so full of himself! He LOVES attention, and has it all figured out now that he's in middle school To give you an idea of his sense of humor, he said this while enjoying a [very rare] vanilla milkshake from McD's the other day- "Man am I glad I'm not lactose intolerant!" LOL! Also a very smart kid... A-B honor roll each semester. Goooo T!

Owen is my baby at 3 years old, and so incredibly adorable! I know, I know... I'm partial but he is a cutie-pa-tootie! He loves to make us laugh and breaks out with dances, songs, and random facial expressions at any given time =) And S-M-A-R-T!

Both my boys love the outdoors, and we camp often throughout the camping season and just love being together as a family =)
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Grr! So I get Chloe up for school this morning then head downstairs to get a few things done before work. Suddenly I realized that it was only about 3 minutes before she had to go out to the bus, so I run up to tell her to hurry it up. I had thought she was getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, etc when she had been in her PJs playing with new toys this whole time!

When I confronted her about it, she said "I didn't know I was supposed to be getting ready." *sigh* Why do you think I got you up?
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I have one daughter. We adopted her and brought her home when she was 2 days old. Now, she is 7 and in the first grade. She is a girly girl. There is a little tomboy in there.

She is overweight. I thought she might be insulin resistant. The ped took her levels and her triglycerides, cholestrol and insulin are slightly elevated. I have her enrolled in a year long program that helps kids and parents with exercise and nutrition. We see a dietician or physical therapist once a month. Mostly the dietician. We are suppose to work on healthier breakfast this month.

She did skiing this past winter. Loves playing softball and that will start in April. She also likes playing basketball. Dh loves that. That gave him the perfect excuse to buy a basketball goal. She rides her bike whenever that weather is nice and would swim everyday if we had a pool. She likes jumping on her trampoline. She loves the outdoors and hates to come inside in the summer. We cannot figure out why she is heavy when she is so active. We don't allow her to have a lot of junk.

She loves school and loves her teacher. She is very smart. Loves to read. That is her favorite subject beside art. She can be very loving and wants to cuddle a lot lately.
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I have a five year old daughter, her name is Madison. She loves her dance class! And coloring, learning new things. We go for walks together and we are planning a trip to disney this fall.
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Aussie girl
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I have an 18 year old son, Ashley, who has Fragile X Syndrome. It's a form of Autism and he has a rough IQ of about 40. He is in special education and will most likely live at home indefinitely.

He is the most beautiful, kind soul I have ever known.
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I have 2 year old identical twin girls. They drive mommy nuts but I love them even though they're going through their terrible twos, have a cold and 2nd molars coming in
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I have 2 daughters ages 13 & 6, big span of age in between them. Obviously not totally planned, then again how many are???? LOL!!

At the moment not sure which is harder the teen years or the I want to be older like my sister years. Absolutley love them both to the ends of the earth, BUT!!!

My 13 year old Kayci, unfortunately takes after her father more and has a total lack of common sense. She tends to get in trouble half the time cause she doesn't know how to hide the evidence of what it is she has done wrong. Anything from lying to stealing she gets caught at it all, most of the time I think it's for the attention even when I tell her it's not the type of attention she wants. Other than that she is a great kid and tries really hard to suceed at all she does, and just like every other 13 year old girl out there totally boy crazy!! Lord help me!! LOL

My 6 year old Abby, takes after me and will give my boyfriend and myself a run for our money as she grows up!! She is a little too smart for her own good and very good at hiding it. My boyfriend Erik says she is going to be the one that we have to have camera's installed to catch her at doing things wrong. She is very bubbly and has a great personality and alway happy.
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I have 1 Daughter whos 11. name alexis mae. she is a special needs girl. diagnosed with GDD (global developmental delay) super happy healthy kiddo thou. in her preteen years so im pretty sure she hates me and the rest of the world lol. or at least me but i guess that must mean im doing something right cause she still listening to my words . was thinking about having another. but being almost 32 and having an 11 year old it feels silly to start all over at the stage.
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Two boys 12 & 10 named Ethan and Sam. My youngest loves food and wants to be a chef. My oldest wants to deliver babies. Hilarious to me.
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Default Question

If you've *given birth* but aren't raising your kids (for whatever reason), can you still consider yourself a mother? Would I be able to talk about my daughter (who was sadly stolen from me) even though her father's family won't let me be part of her life?

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keep on truckin'
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I'll be 31 in November and have 2 girls.

My oldest will be 6 this year and starting school soon!
My youngest is 5 months old
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I have 4 year old boy/girl twins who are in preschool for the first time. My babies are growing up!
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Mom to three here, boy/girl/boy, 2005/2007/2010
I suspect our eldest has some form of autism. We had him tested at 5 but did not relieve a diagnosis. We are having more complex testing this fall to see what makes him tick! I'm quite looking forward to learning more about him and how is brilliant mind works.
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This is so much fun! great to know about other mother's lives =D

I have two, my oldest is a girl, she's 4 now and she's a wonder! I wanted a pregnancy for years and she came into my life in 2009! she's my joy but she's spoiled beyond belief! thanks to mom and dad yes but mostly because of her grandparents! she's smart and funny and witty! and stubborn and crazy! god help me in ten years!

My baby boy was sadly an unwanted pregnancy, my method failed so I got pregnant and I rejected that baby since I got the positive test.

I hated the idea of having a baby again, another mouth to feed and my daughter was so wonderful and everything I wanted in life that this new baby was a nuisance.

fast forward a year and a half since his birth and Im a woman in love! I finally found my prince charming, the man of my life! I love him more than words can say!

He's a special baby! I had some complications during pregnancy and delivery and he was born with mild cerebral palsy. He's been in theraphy since he was 7 months old so he could learn how to move and sit and stand up! Now I can proudly say that he walks! when some people told me he would never be on his feet without a "walker" I said no, no way and I was right.

He walks with difficulty, he falls down a lot but he walks and he will get better and better as time goes by! I promised myself I would have him walking by his second birthday but he had other plans =D

He doesnt speak, he grunts and screams sometimes, he doesnt laugh but he smiles and makes a squeeking noise so I know he feels happy. He started recognizing me a few months ago and it was around the same time he started taking a few steps on his own... let me tell you, the feeling of getting home and your child who used to just stare at a wall and not even look at you when you talked to him, turn around, see you, smile and taking two steps towards you...

I fell on my knees, I really did, I hugged him and cried like I hadnt in so long. He sees me now, everytime I get home from work he smiles at me and that's the greatest feeling in the world!

I was expecting one child, who wasnt in the end who I tought he would be but he's showing me to be the person I was surpose to be all along. He's teaching me about life and that's priceless!
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