Finding the Right Cardio Workouts for your Lifestyle

One sure way to keep up a cardio exercise routine is to choose the right cardio workouts for your lifestyle. Finding exercises that not only are enjoyable, but that work and fit into your routine, will help ensure that you continue to do them week after week. 

Social Time

If you are someone who is very social and likes to incorporate social time into exercise time, then joining a running club or bike club might be a great idea for you. Running is an excellent form of cardio that requires only a small investment of comfortable shoes. An average sized person can burn up to 600 calories per hour by running. Running is a great way to get together with others and catch up on your week while still fitting in your workout. Running with friends also keeps you on a schedule that you will stick with.  When you have someone counting on you to run with her, you are more apt to run even if you don’t feel like it. 

There are running clubs in many communities which you can join if you don’t have anyone to run with. Running clubs organize weekly outings in different areas and run together. This is also a great way to stay safe when running at odd hours of the day or night.

If running isn’t for you, biking might be. Biking is easier on the knees, and you can cover more ground than running. It can burn anywhere from 500 – 100 calories in a single hour, depending on the intensity. Biking tends to be more expensive than running though because a sturdy bike and helmet are required. Additionally, most bikers purchase special shoes and outfits, especially if they intend on entering any type of bike-a-thon. Just like running, biking has its own clubs too. Many local bike shops sponsor bike clubs which get together regularly for bike outings. This is a great way to try new trails and meet new friends with the same interests while burning some major calories. 

Alone Time

If you prefer to exercise alone, running and biking can still be great options for you. Running by yourself can be a rewarding form of exercise because not only will you burn lots of calories, but you can have precious time to think or just clear your mind from daily stress.  Likewise, biking alone will allow you time to be on your own if you have precious little time to yourself. Plus, when you are alone, you can put on your headphones, turn up your favorite music and get lost in the music while you exercise. Regardless if you are alone or with friends, biking and running can be a great form of cardio for your lifestyle. 

Zumba Time

If you don’t like running or biking, Zumba might be a great choice for you if you like to dance. Zumba is a form of dance-aerobics that is set to fun, uplifting music. Many gyms across the country have incorporated Zumba classes into their schedules because of its wide spread popularity. Zumba classes generally run for 60 minutes, and are great for people of all ages. During a 60 minute class, you will sculpt your body and burn fat while moving between fast and slow songs. So, if you like to dance and be with people, Zumba may be what you are looking for in a cardio workout.



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