Finding The Best Pilates DVD For Your Workout

A good Pilates DVD will teach you how to balance, strengthen, and tone your entire body. With a Pilates DVD, you will have a Pilates workout with a qualified instructor to follow any time of day or night. DVDs are helpful when you are learning how to do Pilates exercises correctly because you can replay and rewind the instructions as often as you need, and you can review proper exercise techniques and positioning.

Types of Pilates DVDs

A variety of Pilates DVDs, as well as yoga DVDs for warming up, are available for purchase. You can find Pilates DVDs that demonstrate the safe and proper use of different Pilates machines, equipment, and Pilates balls. Some DVDs will show you what to look for in a Pilates mats. Other DVDs will demonstrate hundreds of effective Pilates fitness programs. If weight loss is your goal, consider a Pilates DVD that features Winsor Pilates, which uses a series of exercises performed in an upbeat rhythm to make losing weight enjoyable. Winsor Pilates have become a popular program for Hollywood stars, fashion models, and dancers who need to stay in top shape for their careers. The popularity of Winsor Pilates is growing exponentially as more people learn about the health and wellness benefits the exercises provide. 

Find the Right Pilates DVD

Finding the best Pilates DVD for your workout is easy if you know what to look for. Look for DVDs that provide an entire exercise program with a qualified instructor. You can find DVDs to accommodate any skill level. Some DVDs will include use of Pilates equipment including balls, trapezes, towers, arcs, barrels, and more. Be sure before you buy the DVD that you either have access to the Pilates equipment used in the DVD or are ready to purchase it. It would be disappointing to not be able to use the entire DVD only because you don’t have the same Pilates equipment the instructor uses. It would not be beneficial to skip parts of the program because Pilates workouts are designed for a complete mind and body workout. To skip any steps can compromise the benefit of the entire workout.

Get the Most Out of Your Pilates DVD

One of the most popular and effective Pilates machines is the Pilates Reformer. If you invest in a Pilates Reformer or any Pilates machines or Pilates equipment, be sure to watch the DVDs that will show you how to use them properly and safely.

To maximize enjoyment and fitness, vary your workouts with a variety of Pilates DVDs, Pilates equipment, and Pilates machines. This variety will keep your workouts interesting and fun as you learn new exercises and techniques.

As you begin to see results in how you feel, look, and move from Pilates, you will see why Pilates has become one of the favorite forms of exercise around the world.


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