Enhance Vegetarian Recipes With These Underused Spices

If you are tired of the same old meals and tastes as a vegetarian, try enhancing your favorite vegetarian recipes with some new spice or old spice, with a new perspective perhaps. 


Although we’ve all heard of paprika, and it’s been around for a very long time, its main use has traditionally been for deviled eggs as a ‘decoration,’ if you will, rather than as a flavor enhancer. 

The truth about paprika is that the honest flavor of it is not released until it is heated, so most of the time it’s not even fully realized or utilized.  That is why it is excellent in vegetarian stir-fries.  It’s also high in vitamin A and has three times the amount of vitamin C as lemons.  Who knew?


Sumac has a tart flavor and is great when used on rice dishes and dressings; it can be a great addition to simple vegetarian recipes.  You can use it as a substitute for lemon, and when used on hummus, it is delicious.


Did you know that the smell of cinnamon has actually been shown to increase brain activity? 

You can add cinnamon to black beans and burritos for unique flavor, and spice up warm drinks in the winter.  You can also add cinnamon to high carbohydrate foods, and that will help lessen their impact on your blood sugar levels.  Now you have another good reason to enjoy your cinnamon toast.

Tofu and other soy products are usually staples in the vegetarian recipe world; now you can try these spices to enhance those simple vegetarian recipes, and make them extraordinary!


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