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Wow, I lost 1/2 lb now down to 234.5!  I had an omelet cooked in cooking spray this AM with a little cheese and spinach.  Yum!  I don’t work today so I HAVE to do 15 min on the elliptical.  It’ll be rough staying on it today, but I’m actually hoping to try 3 min at a time on it.  We’ll have to wait and see if I’m up to it!

If I have a chance today or tomorrow I want to pick up some more lavash bread.  It was so good and so low in carbs, I can’t wait to get more.

I am a little worried about today.  When I’m off work it’s a little harder to keep my mind occupied and sometimes I tend to graze a bit.  Since I’ve been good about posting everything I eat in fitday I’m going to try to be careful about keeping everything under 1800 calories.  Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  Did a total of 4 min on the elliptical!  Ye 4 min in a row!!!!!!!!  Can’t guarantee I’ll manage that much next time around, but who cares I did it now!!!!!!

2ND UPDATE:  Did 3 more min all at once on the elliptical.  Total now 7 min.

3RD UPDATE:  Did 3 more min!!!!

4TH UPDATE:  Did 3 More!

5TH UPDATE:  3 more minutes!  16 min total!  WOW 1 min over my goal.  Maybe more to come????

6TH UPDATE:  Yeah did 4 min all together.  Grand total, 20 min!!!!!

I feel myself getting stronger and it’s getting a bit easier to add the extra min.  As the weeks go on I just want to keep adding more min until I’m up to a 15-30 min workout. 


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