I love/hate weekends

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I love the weekend.  Who doesn’t?  Sleeping in, spending time with friends and family, no work- weekends are great.  Except when it comes to my eating.  I struggle to stay “on the wagon” (or for me ‘on the beach’) every weekend.  Some are more successful than others.

This past weekend I attended a friend’s wedding.  I was very good.  Mostly.  I had salad and asparagus and lean meats at the buffet lunch and champagne.  Lots of champagne.

Although alcohol is a tricky issue in dieting and South Beach, dry, brut champagne (my favorite) is one of the best choices.  It is low in sugar and one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages.  Which is why a glass or 2 of champagne is ok.  More than that an I start to make bad food choices.

Anticipating that I would have more than 2 glasses of champagne, I planned ahead and asked for my husband’s help resisting wedding cake and other delicious things at/after the wedding.  although I was not pleased with the lecture he gave me when I quickly joined in the chorus to get pizza after the wedding- I am very glad that he did.

I generally take a few steps (lbs) back on the weekend and spend Monday and Tuesday chastising myself for my bad decisions and trying to get back on track and lose the lbs I gained over the weekend.  With my husband’s help, this Monday I was pleased to see that I had not gained any weekend weight.  I didn’t lose anything either, but it was a small victory for me.

I hope to continue my weightloss success this weekend.  As I write this, I am already dreading the 3 day weekend with family and friends at the beach- for what it might do to derail my weightloss journey.  I am so looking forward to spending a few days with family and friends at the beach.  It is just the temptation that abound in those circumstances that I dread.  So this is me starting to psych myself up and get my willpower flowing to resist the poor choices that come after a few glasses of wine on the patio, or the family trip to the local ice cream parlor.  I need to resist those things and take advantage of the beautiful weather and wide beaches that are meant for early morning runs, sandcastles, and jumping the waves.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I have good news to report on Tuesday!


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