Let’s try this again

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After graduating from college in 2005, I decided to change my life.  I had been heavy, obese, chubby, fat, etc for as long as I could remember.  After years of concerned parents and doctors trying to convince me to lose weight, i decided to do it myself.  By myself.  For me.  I was moving to a new city, starting grad school, and attempting to be an adult.

So I did it.  In one year, I lost 100 lbs.  I started at 280 and a size 18/20 in August 2005; by my sister’s wedding in September 2006 I was 180 and a size 12.  Since then I have been mostly successful at keeping the weight off with fluctuations here and there around 190.  At my lightest, I weighed 169.  At my heaviest I was 205.

205 was last week.  I do not have a good excuse for this, but I know that anything over 200 is not acceptable for me.  It’s been a combination of \ a stress/anxiety producing job that led to a few months of SSRI’s.  After the job switch 6 months ago I have been unable to get the weight off.

My goal is to be 180 again.  I was 180 in May 2012 when I got married.  I plan to be there again.  Not for my first anniversary, but comfortably for the 2nd.

The first time around I stuck to a very strict South Beach diet plan- and lots of exercise.  It worked!  When I have been successful at maintaining my weight or losing the lbs that creep on, it has been by going back to South Beach phase 1 and starting over again.  I have maintained my commitment to exercise over the last 8 years.  But I need to step it up.

Let’s do this.


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  1. butterflyemergingsoon on May 15, 2013 4:42 am

    Ijust did the same thing (loss then re-gain)
    Good for you getting back on track and wokring your way back to where you want to be. You can do this! 🙂


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