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10 May, 2012

Dinosaur dipshit day.

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Oh yeah. That sucky. (I’m going to complain a lot today. I just wanted to make sure you knew before getting started :P) SUCKY DAYYYY!. First, it’s cold and raining. Again. But the most sucky part of the day actually started last night, while I was out to have a coffee and dessert with a […]


10 Apr, 2012

How does brownies can fit into a healthy diet?

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Answer : probably never. Oops. Hello! Tuesday morning. I’m back at my lab after the Easter weekend, still kinda tired, with the contacts that want to literaly jump off my eyes, sore from the pilates and feeling miserable about the bad food choices I made this weekend. I hate feeling miserable :-( Even if I […]

26 Mar, 2012

A weekend to forget.

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Hello. Disclaimer : that post is going to be a long and annoying rant. I had the worst weekend EVER. In term of calories tracking AND relaxing/having fun. Everything started out great on friday. I had a piece of dessert at the weekly lab meeting friday afternoon for the birthday of a friend/collegue. It was […]

20 Mar, 2012

October 2010 to March 2012.

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Hello, whoever you are, who randomly happened to click on this page! One thing I love about training is when you suddenly realize that you improved at something. You know, the little feeling, the click in your head that pops ”God, I wasn’t able to do that (insert random numbers of weeks here) ago!” I […]