Wednesday weigh in

March 6th, 2013

Down .8 of a pound from last week, when I was actually UP .4 of a pound from the week before that. So my grand total for 3.5 weeks on WW is exactly 2 lb down. I was really hoping for more. Baby steps… baby steps… baby steps…

Jan. 1 we reinstituted our family activity contest. A mile equals a point, and 45 minutes of physical activity equals a point. So for example, DD14 gets a point for her PE class and a point for a dance class. Everybody is a winner for participating, but the person with the most points gets to choose what the “treat” will be. If DD14 gets the most points, we get frozen yogurt. You get the idea…

I’m the big winner for February with a whopping 48 points! Five of my points were dance classes (west coast swing with DH) but the other points were all MILES, either walked or run. So I logged 43 miles in February and I am totally thrilled about that! I’ve got a walking buddy that I’m going 3-4 miles with every Saturday morning and the rest of the points were my couch to 5k runs. My running partner that i trained with and rain a half marathon with in 2011 is ready to get back in the game and we ran together on Monday, four miles, and it was fabulous. Then the weather turned to shit, but I now feel totally inspired and motivated to be out on the sidewalk, and that makes me happy : )

If anyone has any pointers for me on the Weight Watcher program, I’m happy to hear them! My activity points earned in the first 3 weeks on WW are 23, 40 and 30. I’ve never used all of my “extra” points and I’ve been diligent about logging everything. How have I not lost more than 2 lb???

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