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Weigh in week #6 June 21, 2009

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Yesterday marked the end of week 6 on WW.  I was down -3.8 for a total weight of 228.3.  I finally broke out of the 230’s and I am headed down the right road.  I did not eat so well this weekend, but I have had worse weekends, so I won’t complain.  In the 6 weeks I have been on WW I have really only followed the plan 2 weeks.  I have to say it works if you count your points and write it down.

On another note, Father’s Day was wonderful.  We went to church for the second week in a row….there are miracles after all,lol.  The kids love it and Jason is conforming, even if he does not want to.  I feel like I belong at this church and I hope we join soon, but I am giving Jason a little more time to warm up to the idea.

Exercise…..went after WW Saturday morning.  Why do people say the sweat like a pig, I have never known a pig to sweat.  Even if they do…….a pig could not possibly sweat the way I did at the gym!!!  Seriously, I was pouring and I only did 10 min on the elliptical and 15 on the recumbent bike.  That little workout whooped my butt though.  I felt like I was going to die when I left that place.  My legs were like spagetti and I can say I do not think I have ever sweat like that before.  Although, being fat….I most likely avoid things that might cause sweating, but that is not the point.  I am going Tuesday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday and Sunday if possible.

I have got the exercise thing down, now if I could stop eating out.  I tell you, this is a world of convenience and I like convenience.  What is a girl to do?  Next goal to work on is PLANNING!!!!


Y-M-C-A!!! June 18, 2009

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Yay me, I did join today and it is great.  They keep the kids for up to 2 hours, do fun stuff with them and they even have a 3 story indoor playground for them to play on.  We went through the tour and the kids cried when we left before they could play.  We stopped their to join on our way to the mall, but I let them play on the playground in the mall so they were okay.

I also did something else today that I am proud of……I did the whole 30DS on level 1, but still I had tried it before and could not do it.  I am ashamed to say that at the mall we ate Red Robin for dinner and my burger and fries were 30 points… what I had for breakfast and lunch, I was over 11 points today.  I think I am going to meet my goal for my WI this week though, I was 228 this morning and I want to get to 227 by Saturday morning.  I am going to get up and do 30DS in the morning and hopefully go to the gym tomorrow night.

I have been so tired lately and so busy with school that I have not been able to keep up with my blog reading and the forum.  I seem to have become a lurker I guess.  Oh well I still get inspired even if I am not chiming in much.  I have to go read Hamlet now so see you later.


Peanutbutter Pie, Oh my… June 14, 2009

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My mother made a peanut butter pie today…..I do not like peanut butter very much, so tell me why I have eaten 2 pieces already?  I did not track my points again today, and that is what is keeping me off plan.  My goal is to hit 229 this week, so I am going to bust my tail to get it done.  I really have some high goals and I love my WW meetings.  I have though about rewards for each mini goal I hit and i think I am going to list them on my progress chart.  I would like to get a pedicure, buy a bathing suit, and stuff like that.

We went to church this morning….something we do not ever do.  But now that I have kids, I feel like they need some sort of religious structure.  I grew up with a single mother who was Catholic but never went to church.  This gave me serious issues and doubts over the years.  I do not want my kids to struggle with their spirituality like I did.  Jason is so not happy with the idea but he is on board and for now i am satisfied with that.

Because we went to church and took the kids to see my boss afterwards, then to eat lunch (yes I ate out), I did not have time to go by the YMCA.  However I am going to do that on Tuesday if I can, I think I have to have Jason to do it because we get a discount on the joining fee because of where he works.  That means we would have to take the kids with us to sign up.

I have Comp II tomorrow night after work and we have to do an in-class essay.  We have 50 minutes to write about a topic that we don’t even know yet.  She will pick a topic on 2 short stories we were assigned for homework, this does not look good for me.  I have terrible test anxiety and it all revolves around being timed and the fear of not having enough.  I hope the meds my doctor put me on help, if not I might have to have her increase the dose.

Added to yesterday’s goals!!!


Weigh in day, week #5

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Hello peoples,  how has everyone been lately?  Joy, thank you for the kind words, I also found Autism for Dummies in a draw if you are interested I will send you that book also.

Okay I have a question for you all, I usually only see you on the blog so I wondered if and where you all post on the boards at 3FC?  Do you have a different user name on there?

So today I went to WW, and I had missed last week.  I was +.4, so I am 232.2.  I am going to stay on plan all week and try to get in the 220’s. I made a decision to join a gym today, I am going to sign up for a family membership at the YMCA.  They have free child care and a lot of programs I can get for free.  I really want to take classes like kickboxing or spin but I don’t know if they cost extra.

I got a new couch today and moved it in and the old one out so that was some exercise.  That sucker was heavy, it has double recliners and it was hard to get in and out of my van.

I slipped off my no coke thing about a week and a half ago and I am bloated, but I got them all out of the house now.  I am back to water, water, water…….I am going to sign up for the YMCA tomorrow and I have set my summer goals.

July 4th 217 (party) GET PEDICURE

August 15th 199 ONEderland!!! (trip to St. Augustine) BUY BATHING SUIT

October 31st 174.5 (Halloween pictures with the kids) BUY 5 NEW OUTFITS

January 1st 150 (Get surgical consult if needed)


I’m here June 11, 2009

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Hi guys, it has been a few weeks since I posted, so I thought I would update.  I started my classes and I feel somewhat overwhelmed with essays.  I have Literature and Humanities this summer and because the summer session is shorter, they cram it all in.  I have not lost any more weight, and maybe gained a pound.  I skipped WW on Saturday and decided to scrap and paint some of our house.  I got so unbelievably burnt and haven’t felt good, but it is going away and I am starting to peel.

I started a challenge with DH last Friday.  he told me I could not go without eating out for 2 weeks.  If I loose I have to feed the dog for 2 weeks and if I win he has to lose 50 pounds.  Why do men not realize telling us we CAN’T do something makes us more determined.

I will try and post tonight if I get all of my reading done.