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Long time no talk! March 17, 2013

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Its been a while since I have been on here… I am not great about signing on everyday and writing.. However, I do have an excuse.. With teaching, spending time with my 15 month old son, and the weather being so nice.. Being on the computer hasn’t been on my mind much… but since I already did my outside exercise today, and my son decided to play on his own.. I thought I’d sign in and say hey!!

Good news… I AM IN THE 2-TEENNSSS 🙂  I am officially at 219.. I haven’t seen the 2-teens in a while.. I am so excited.. so once I found that out (yesterday) I celebrated by working out for an hour.. oh.. and 1 piece of a hersheys kiss that has been calling my name for over a week now.. but I am proud I only had one hershey kiss instead of a handful.. so thats 2 accomplishments in one day.. yes 🙂 very proud of myself.

Well my school is on spring break (thank god!) tomorrow suppose to be bad storms with possible tornados.. so I assume no outside workout.. but I will go to the gym.. then rest of the week.. NICE AND SUNNY 🙂 so tons of walks with my son 🙂

Other than that I have been eating very healthy.. I had one coke on friday.. my first coke in about 2 weeks.  (oh sorry it was a diet coke).. so I am proud.. I havent had another since.. also no fried food for a week.. so I am really proud of my eating habits right now 🙂  How are ya’ll doing on the weight loss journey 😀


Tired!! March 11, 2013

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I am so tiredd.. Me and father of my son have been arguing a lot lately.. I have been working out everyday, along with taking care of my son, making lessons plans, and grading papers.. I am EXHAUSTED! literally.. Aunt flow is visiting this week; therefore, it has caused me to gain weight.. so I am ready for her to leave so I can really see how much weight I have lost within the past month.. oh did I say that next week it has been ONE month since I started my weight loss journey.  This is the longest I have ever stayed on a diet/weight loss journey!  I am so excited 🙂   I haven’t lost THAT much weight.. but I am going down.. and not up.. and thats all that matters 🙂

I did a 21 day challenge on 3FC.. and thats was to work out everyday.. and I did that for 21 days! Today was my last day of the challenge.. so tomorrow I start another challenge.. drink 32 oz of water, and 3 days of working out a week 🙂

Spring Break is next week 🙂 Hopefully it will be nice weather, and I can be out more and walk around with my son 🙂

I love working out!! But I am exhausted.. I know I am so off track and I am just randomly talking.. but I haven’t been on here in a while and I have nothing to do right now.. Watching Biggest Loser, while my son throws EVERYTHING from my bed on the floor.. I had a nice workout.. I ran a total 11 minutes out of the 15 minute workout I had.. Omg I am happy 🙂

Okay ta ta for now <3


Rough week so far~ March 7, 2013

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I have been EXHAUSTED this week.. with barely NO work outs and a lot of EATING out.. BLAH.. First off.. I teach math.. and we just had our benchmark test.. and now we preparing for the ARMT+ test in less then 2 months.. therefore; I have to reteach/review all the materials from this entire year… Well let me say.. Its not REVIEWING its teaching all over again.. these students act like they never seen anything.. but going over it again is really helping them and actually helping them understand it more than they did when they first learnt it.  Well the weather as been REALLY cold here in Alabama so I havent been able to workout outside with my son.. and also because his dad keeps him ALL day, when I get home I rush right to my son so his dad can have a break.. therefore right after school.. I have no time to run to the gym.. but thankfully being a teacher means being on my feet ALL day so I got my “semi” workout at work with walking around.. over today I got to go outside and have a walk/speed walk workout for 26 minutes.. it was nice to be outside with my son.. I am up 2 pounds.. which means over all in almost 3 weeks I am only down 3 pounds but its the time of the month (tmi I know i’m sorry).. and i heard at the TOM girls gain water weight so hopefully thats why I have gained weight.. maybe also because I am gaining muscles.  tomorrow is friday.. TGIF!! I am ready for this weekend.. then next week is last week before SPRING BREAK!! woooohooooo.. It will be nice to sleep in and most importantly SPEND TIME WITH MY SON! well.. tonight for dinner…. a bowl of cereal and fruit.. not that healthy or probably the best dinner.. but I have lesson plans to create and a son to spend time with and bathe 🙂

ta ta for now my fellow weight loss friends 🙂


Two weeks in! March 3, 2013

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Hey all!! I am two weeks into my weight loss and this is my first time on my blog.. First let me tell you about myself.. I am 22 years old.  I just graduated from university 3 months ago with a degree in education and mathematics.  I now am hired as a full time teacher for 7 and 8th grade mathematics.  I am very proud of myself because not only am I at a young age of 22 with a degree and a full time job.  I have also done all of that while being a single mother of a currently 15 month old son.  So many people doubted me that I wouldn’t finish college, and therefore I would be on welfare or living off my parents and working at a low end job.  People also had high expectations for me since I was young because I was so smart and well behaved.. And when I got pregnant at the age of 20 they were very disappointed in me and doubted me from then on.. But I have proved everyone wrong.

Now my weight journey.

I have always been a little chubbier then the rest every since I can remember.  In 7th grade I was wearing a tank top and someone made fun of my because I had fat in my armpits that hung over the shirt.. so i never wore tank tops again until I got into high school in a complete different country.  I am from canada, but moved to america in 9th grade.  I still struggled with weight.. Trying every diet possible.. and then getting tired of it and trying a new one again.. over and over i repeated that cycle.. College rolled around and I moved out at the age of 17.. so living on my own (I had my parents help of course) I couldnt cook for real and plus I was so busy with work and school that I never had time to even CARE about my health.. 3 years later I got pregnant.. I only gained about 20 pounds with my son.. then lost it all when I had him.. but I was still fat.. I weighed myself recently and saw 226 on the scale.. I broke down in tears.. I never thought I was that big. I am pretty tall (5’11”) so I do not look that big so I never thought I was in the 200’s.. So that day I decided.. NO MORE EXCUSES.. I downloaded apps on my phone.. joined 3FC for the billionth time.. and made a promise to my son (even though he doesn’t understand probably nor cares because he is to young) that by this 2nd birthday I will be down to 165.. so then it began.. and that was 2 weeks go..


I am currently down to 222.4.. I am moving down slowly but surely.. but I am happy.. I work out everyday.. I only drink 1 can of soda a week.. I limit myself to 1 meal that includes fried foods a week.. and only 2 chocolate bars a week.. that might seem like a lot still.. but I never limited myself before.. and eventually I will be at the point where I can cut that ALL out.. and just treat myself every few months..

Well that’s all for now.. I am tired.. my chicken is in the crock pot.. and i hear my son crying.. I hope I can help others lose weight as well as other help me lose weight..

until then!