There are times when I wonder: Why does the same type of annoying person keep entering our lives, or why does a problem keep reoccurring? I always try to blame fate or the universe, but slowly it is starting to dawn on me that I’m the common factor. It is also dawning on me; I can’t use food as an escape anymore! OH NO! I have to put on my big girl panties and stand up for myself instead of avoiding conflict (I hate conflict).

Last night, I thought it was interesting on The Biggest Loser; Gina was having a problem with blowing things out of portion to avoid working on herself-it was easier for her to blame others than to take a serious look in the mirror.

Yes, I watched the Biggest Loser; one of my things to change this week was turning off all electronics at 9pm. It was broken badly. In my defense, I had the day off and took a nap earlier in the afternoon.

This is my first blog and thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I am a WW girl going to meetings on Sunday mornings. I started competing in Dietbet to keep on track and to have competition without comparing myself to other members in my WW group. In Dietbet, the only one I am competing with is myself—but I always look at other people progress. 4% and I win too!

Monday, Monday

Good Morning to all,

Yesterday’s weigh-in went great, and I’m down -3.2 pounds (196.6) with 28.6 more pounds to go. There are a few things I will have to change for this week: 1). I have to get more sleep…all electronics will be turned-off at 9 pm. My morning starts at 5:00 am. UGH! 2). Exercise-It is time to get back onto my bicycle. Last week, my back was hurting, and I didn’t want to injure it further. My goal with my activity link is 20 points during the week. 3). Eating in front of the TV has to stop! It is time to eat at the table, even if I am eating alone.

The things I did right last week: 1). I tracked and tracked and tracked! It really helped to keep me on the program. 2). I joined and it was funny when MY money is involved, I can stay on-program. When my job was stressing me out, I didn’t bury my head into a chip bag, but rather looked for solutions and turned it over to God when I realized it was out of my control.

Hope everyone has a great day! See you tomorrow…

Weigh-In Sunday

Good morning all,
It is weigh-in time!!! Yes, I am a little excited since this is my first weigh-in since joining weight watchers. I found this week to be easy even with Valentine’s day on Thursday. I tossed the chocolates and bought myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Often, I forget to love myself, and I need to take the time. This week, I tracked my points and didn’t have to use any of my activity or extra points. I wore my active link everyday, but I didn’t always exercise. 🙁 Water was an issue on some days for me with the repeated mad dashes to the restroom during my workday; I switched to drink more water at night…that caused lack of sleep and stepping on my poor dog at 3am. 🙁
One thing I love is I feel good about myself! <3