It’s less about the number and more about the trend…

Ordinarily, I would be counting down the minutes to my 10k on Sunday, because I would be very anxious, but I have been reading about ChiRunning, and I’m actually kind of excited to see how mindfulness can help my running. There are 5 principles, and one of them is “Gradual Progress,” which teaches building on […]

Forest, Food, and Fun

I started a hiking group a little more than 4 years ago, and this past weekend was our annual backpacking trip. We hiked along Opal Creek in the Willamette National Forest. The hike is 10.5 miles of gorgeousness, a hell of a work out, and so worth the effort to pull it all off. I […]

I rocked it today!

My Friday workout goal was to run for 5.75 miles, but I noticed that running today was a little easier than last week’s 5 miles, and I felt that .25 to 6 miles was nothing, so as I was running, I decided to go to 6 miles. It’s constantly amazing to me that I can […]

Why do nervousness and excitement work in cahoots?

I’m not sure why I get so freaked out about having to do my long runs? I think I might fear failure, but the thing is I know I will survive and I know I can do this. So, why do I stress out? I wonder if it’s because it’s really hard to set high […]

I survived!

I am a State worker and it’s a furlough Friday. I slept in this morning, walked the dogs on a refreshingly gorgeous day, and returned home to my treadmill to tackle my “long run” for the week. I was a little nervous that 5 miles might kill me. I’ve run 4 to 5 times a […]

Pushing myself…

After 3 weeks of losing, I finally hit my loss/plateau pattern. I knew last week’s loss was a bonus and something to take to the bank. So, when I weighed in this morning and saw that I was exactly at my last week’s weigh in weight, I was satisfied. I could be pissy and upset, […]

Loving the whooshes!

I am down again this week. I typically lose two weeks in a row and then flat line for a week or two before my next loss. But not this week, I lost another 1.4 lbs and that’s awesome. I totally expected to see no change, so to be honest, if it had been a […]

Happy Easter!

I wish the best for everyone this Easter. Ready for an update? This is a picture of the newest addition to our family, my beautiful grandson, Easton. We welcomed him into this world on April 2nd at 5:21pm. Good Friday it was, and it was the most amazing day ever. Starting early, my step-daughter, her […]

Where to begin?

My head is spinning and I am beginning to feel exhausted from all the excitement. I’m feeling totally unemotional from all of the overwhelming emotion of the last few hours. So, where to begin…   First, the most important development, my 21 year old step-daughter is going to be induced at 6:30am tomorrow. She’s 4 cm […]