This week I will…….

I found an awesome forum that has you state goals you want to achive in a week. I’m posting these goals everywhere (my dry erase board in my room, facebook, here) so that I constantly see these goals and I’m reminded to achieve them. I have been kicking my fat to the curb and I  desperately want to continue this wonder wight lose. I started seeing a chiropracter/weight lose specialist (Dr. Wano in Washington PA) and he has me on a diet plan that is working excellently for me. I’ve tried weight watchers, the south beach diet, calorie counting, and regretfully depriving myself of food, all ending in failure. Therefore my excitment with this new diet plan is long awaited. I don’t dread waking up in the moring, because I know I will be just fine with what I eat that day. In just 2 short weeks I went from weighing 223 to weighing 216.6. That is a total of 6.4 pounds lost forever! I see the weight coming off and it makes me thrive to lose more. So at last the long awaited list, This week I will………..

1. drink 68 oz of water daily

2. go to the gym 4x and workout for an hour

3. home cook dinner every night

4. keep up my food journal daily

5. do 50 sit ups and 30 push ups daily