My latest weigh in woes… lol.

Is anyone on 3FC still reading? It seems like people are not updating blogs half as much as they used to, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the recent issues on here, but I am begging to wonder if I should bother posting updates over here at all.. Time will tell.

I have posted twice since the last time I dropped a link over here:

Weekly Weigh In 3 & Frustration & Mold.

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I hope everyone in 3FC land is getting their blogs fixed! I can comment now, so I think mine is good to go!

I was able to post my first comment in weeks, so maybe 3fc is finally fixed? Who know’s? I am still alive and posting on blogger. I have enabled all comments over there so that visitors from here can now comment if you so choose. Good luck chickies!