It’s Homecoming week and today is Pajama Day.  Do I dare?  We have PJ Day a couple of times a year and I always envy those teachers and students who are running around in comfy flannel pants and house shoes.  I always mean to join them but I never remember. 

I thought about buying new PJs since I really need some and I have to spend the night at the sleep clinic this coming Thursday while we try to figure out why I can’t sleep anymore.  But I didn’t.  And now, I need to decide if I’m going to wear an old pink flowered pair of flannel pants and a tee shirt to school today.  The best part would be be running the halls in a pair of Dearfoam houseshoes.  Guess I’ll go ahead and wear them but take a pair of jeans just in case.

I didn’t sleep much last night. Maybe it’s a good idea to wear PJs all day.  I might get a chance to catch 40 winks.


jewlz280 says 3rd October @ 10:27

I say go for it. I mean, they are your real PJ’s and I’m sure the kids are going to wear their real PJ’s. You might as well and enjoy the day! Do you get to carry your coffee with you all day? That would be the only way to make my look legit. LOL

brseay says 3rd October @ 19:08

I really hope you wear them. Our homecoming was last week and I couldn’t wait to wear my flannel pants and slippers! I even had to go to a funeral during the day so I went to school in jammies, changed for the funeral and then changed back into jammies when I returned.

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