Homeward Bound

We spent the night in Charleston, WV last night.  That means we have a short four hour drive and we’ll be home.  We wanted to spend another night in Ocrakoke but our room wasn’t available for another night.  They offered to move us to another one but we figured if we had to pack everything up, we might as well hit the road.  We’re taking our time.  Driving five or six hours a day and then pulling over for the night.

Now, we’re within four hours of home and I’m anxious to get back to my bed.  Sleeping in a double bed with DH is NOT comfortable.  We’re used to an extra long king size bed and I haven’t slept well the last couple of nights.  Now, I’m heading for the shower and then hitting the road.


brseay says 15th July @ 12:16

Have a safe trip home 🙂

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