Great…JCPS (Jefferson County Public Schools) is notorious for making last minute decisions about snow days. They wait until the absolute last minute and then we all have to scramble or we’re already up and waiting for their decision and can’t go back to sleep when they finally decide.

Jake and Scout spent the night because everyone was convinced that we wouldn’t have school today.  All the secondary roads are a mess.  DS picked them up yesterday after DIL went to work and left them sleeping at her apartment.  We decided to have them spend the night in order to avoid a repeat of that scenario.  So…here they are.  No school uniforms, twenty miles from Scout’s elementary school, no backpacks…and JCPS decided (at 5:00 a.m.) to go ahead and have school.  Every single county around us is cancelled but we have school.  sigh….this place is a madhouse with five of us needing showers and trying to get out of here.  The plan is for me to take Jake to school with Steven and I, DS is driving to Fairdale to pick up backpacks and uniforms and then taking Scout to school, driving 13 miles to bring a uniform and backpack to Jake and drop it off at school so he can change and have his books.  The fun never ends.

Me…205.5 and holding…


omai says 12th January @ 11:37

What a pain in the booty! Kudos to you all for pulling this one off. 🙂

beerab says 12th January @ 12:31

Sooo close to onederland again girl- you can do it 🙂
What a pain- too bad your son didn’t grab their uniforms.

optimismconfidencelaughter says 15th January @ 18:00

Hey, here in Toronto the snow can be yay high and they NEVER call a snow day. Last year I called the parents to send kids home when the snow was close to the top of my tires. I sent my staff home but i had to stay.

At least yours closes sometimes.


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