Pink Shampoo

It’s 11:00 pm. and I finally got a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Of course, it’s bedtime now so this will be brief.  I colored my hair yesterday evening and I just now shampooed it.  Must be a lot of red in there.  It sure made a pretty pink head of lather.

I had another hectic day that had me stressed out and ready to scream.  The principal said I could leave for a couple of hours tomorrow for my doctor’s appointment but today was so wild I couldn’t get anything to go right.  At the end of the day, I couldn’t find anyone to cover one of my classes for a measly twenty minutes so I’m going to have to take a sick day after all.  In fact, there’s a huge field trip tomorrow for all the kids who made honor roll this grading period and it seems like half the staff is going with them and the other half is doubling up to cover all the kids who don’t get to go.  I couldn’t find anyone to cover for me.  In fact, one of the APs told me he needed me to cover another teacher’s classes tomorrow and I told him I was trying to find someone to take care of my own kids from 9:00 to 9:20 so I could go for an appointment at 9:30.  I told him I’d planned on being back by 10:30 but I just couldn’t work it out so I’d have to take a sick day and have a sub all day.  He asked if I planned on coming in at all tomorrow and I said I wanted to come in but couldn’t work out the coverage so I’d just take the whole day.  Then (can you believe this?) he said if I was going to finish up at the doctors at 10:30, would there be any way I could come in after my appointment and cover some classes.  Are you kidding me???  Am I hearing this right????  I’m taking a full sick day and you’ll have a sub all day who will only be covering my classes two periods and be available for whatever for the rest of the day and you’re asking me if I’m planning on coming in to help cover someone else’s classes???  Not likely!  I said, “If I have to take a sick day, I won’t be coming to school tomorrow.  Even if I’m finished at the doctor’s at 10:00, I still won’t be coming in.”  I kept wondering if I understood him correctly.

Alright, my hair is dry and I’m going to bed.

Goodnight, chickies…


Joy says 18th March @ 6:52

Holy cow. Some people can be so highly educated and just not GET IT.
I hope that your appointment goes well Patty. I also hope that you get a chance to rest today.
Sooooooo? 😉 You went back to being a red head huh? Good for you! It suits you more. 🙂 You take care

When does your school year end??

Joy says 18th March @ 6:54

PS that teacher who wanted you to sub would be what my dad used to call “Book smart-life stupid”. I guess that was not very nice but oh well he messed with my sister chick 😆

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