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Can I make it? August 10, 2010

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I already wrote earlier then I was thinking while I was at work bored…. “it’s my blog I can write whenever and whatever I want” .. so here I am … I always comment on people’s blogs, etc. But I never get anything so I don’t even know if anyone is even reading this!!!

Anyways I called the gym to schedule for the day care for my girls (to me if I schedule and have an apt with them it makes me more inclined to go since it’s an apt.) And so I have a scheduled apt with them Today, wed, and Thursday. I would have done Friday too but they close at 6 and I get off at 5 so that wouldn’t work out. But they watch the girls up to 90 minutes so that will be way good. I am super excited and kind of nervous. I remember how it was and how much it took to do it everyday and get into the groove of things.. and now because of the choices I made here I am faced with this again and if I would have never fell off the wagon then I would be like 160 lbs right now.. But would have could have should have.

I am way nervous to weigh in tomorrow morning. I will just feel better in my head when i work out tonight. I kept telling myself in my head… “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.” But then when I was making the apt with Gold’s Gym.. I just said.. What do you have today!!! ??? !!! I NEED to START TODAY!!! I NEED A CHANGE

Then after my work out and my shower then I’m going to go home cook rice and veggies for my lunch at work tomorrow. .

One thing that I want to talk about that I think will help my motivation is how I felt last time. I miss FEELING good. I miss LOVING working out. I miss the healthy way it made me feel even though I hadn’t lost that much weight it made me FEEL good. I miss all of this. I can’t wait. Today is going to be my break threw day and I can do this!!! I hope my weigh in number isn’t toooooooo bad tomorrow *fingers crossed*


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  1. msshiraz Says:

    Enjoyed your blog! If you can take each day, and do one “good” thing for yourself, that works you toward your fitness and progressive weight loss, you will get there. And don’t beat yourself up too much- what’s done is done. Learn from it, and move forward with your new challenge-

    Hope it goes well!

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