Day 4/60

Today is day 4! yep day 4 and I have to say I’m loving Insanity! I mean how can you not stay pumped up while doing this work out when Shaun is doing it as well, grunting sweating and yelling at you to keep pushing as if he’s right there in your own home! I’m not going to lie it is not an easy workout I’ve had to take numourous of breaks and motify some of the workouts when it comes to the upper body, but starting this is has been amazing, it’s exactly what I needed to get my butt back in gear! Yesterday was Cardio power and resistance and I also did 30 minutes day one of C25K! I’d like to push myself a little harder when it comes to C25K but you know what it was only day one. I’m happy I bought the app for my Iphone so much easier to work with then what a friend and I were trying to do with timing it ourselves! My calves hurt like hell but you know what totally worth it! SOO WORTH IT! If you think you’re not fit enough or if you’re stuck and need motivation or even just a change in workouts I’d suggest getting Insanity, whether you buy it or download it, GET IT!

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