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Well, I seemed to have forgotten about this blog! I’ve been using the one over at www.sparkpeople.com (yes I moved there from the daily plate)

Anyhow…I spent about 3 months losing and gaining the saem 5 lbs. I am back on track now though, have recently become vegetarian and will start back exercising in a week or so.

It’s weird…the way the motivation comes and goes, I was so ‘meh’ about weight loss the last few months. I guess I was happy that i was pretty much able to maintain (within’ a 5 lb range on and off  that is 😉 ) for the last 3…..well, almost 3.5 months! Oh well, at least I”m not starting over from scratch, having gained it all back. Thanks for small miracles. haha.

July 21st, 2009 at 3:24 pm