5/20/09 10 more days…

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of school left before I have all 3 kids home with me 24/7. Ladies, if you are the praying sort, pray for me that I keep my sanity until August 20-ish or whenever school starts again. Part of me is looking forward to them being here, but at the same time I am not sure if I can handle the nit-picking of fights and attitude issues 24 hours a day. I will try and stay positive…and optimistic. This is going to be the best summer ever! That will be my new mantra!

Thankfully there will be lots of things to do around the area, it is just harder when you have a toddler because right now Rhi has the attention span of a gnat and is more interested in just running around. I still get nervous taking all 3 anywhere because I’m constantly terrified that one of them is going to get separated from me. But I do have lots of fun things planned. Library programs, local touristy stuff, swimming at the pool, free movies and bowling, etc. I can do this, I can do this!

Been spending the last couple of days trying to get a bunch of crap out of my house. I can’t believe how much JUNK is here..I finally got fed up with trying to get the boys to clean their room, so the other day I basically did it for them. All the broken toys or toys with missing pieces are gone, clothing that doesn’t fit is in a bag for Goodwill or being washed and put into storage if it is something I can pass down from older ds to younger ds in the fall/winter. There isn’t much left in their room, but at least it is clean. And if they complain, they have no one to blame but themselves for not taking care of things. Next up is Rhi’s stuff..she’s got a lot of “baby toys” that she doesn’t play with anymore so those will either be pitched or donated depending on what shape they are in. And then…I have to tackle my bedroom 🙁 That in itself is going to be a major project. I hope I don’t get lost in there!

Thinking about calling in to the drs. office this morning and having them call in something for my allergies. The OTC stuff is not doing anything for me and I’m sick of dealing with this itchy stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes and sore throat. I hate taking meds as it is but enough is enough! It is so energy draining. And it makes me feel housebound because if I step outside it just gets worse.

Welp, apparently it is time for me to go entertain the Princess of the house…or at least, try to keep her out of trouble! Have a great day ladies!

5/14/09 Still here!

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! I’ve been having trouble getting the time to post, or more like the opportunity. Whenever I get on the computer, Rhianna thinks she needs to jump in my lap and while it’s not too bad trying to surf the net, it’s a PITA trying to type! However, she is currently being thoroughly entertained by the Happy Monster Band on tv lol. So hopefully I have a few minutes…she cracks me up..anytime music plays she just has to move! If I ever manage to remember to buy more batteries I am going to get it on video and upload it to YouTube!

Today has started off well, even dealing with the allergies that hit me like a truck yesterday afternoon. I haven’t really had a problem with allergies in years but once Rhi was born something switched and now I have them year round it seems, off and on. I am also very allergic to cats and right now I feel like someone has stuck one right in my face =\ DD slept through the night last night, one of the few times she has done so. I even had to wake her up this morning! It would have been even nicer if I could have stopped getting up every few hours last night to check on her lol. Got the boys off to school without too much drama, although the fact that I took them I think had something to do with it. One of my boys is NOT a morning person so he got an extra half hour of sleep even though I still had to wake him up. My other boy was up around 6:30 =S After that DD and I went to the grocery store, and she was SO good for a change. I’m thinking that bribing her with a banana was the trick lol. She hadn’t had breakfast yet so she was hungry, and when she saw the bananas in the store she went nuts, so I told her if she behaved she could have one after I paid for everything. That and having my list and coupons super organized made it a relatively quick trip. It was a bit crazy as the grocery store was having another $10 off of $50, and I wound up in the line where the cashier was my neighbor, so I think it may have taken me close to the same amount of time waiting as shopping when all was said and done. Still, I can’t complain..my bill before coupons was $97 something and after it was $35 🙂

Stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got myself an iced coffee..they are running some kind of deal where you can get a Grande iced coffee for $1.99 through some time in June. I rarely get Starbucks because it is so $$$ but for $1.99 I will be indulging myself more often while I can 😉

Must clean the living room today..it is covered in paper and toys and I am constantly tripping over things. If the weather holds out I will let DD play outside and I will clean out her water table for her to play in. I bought her a new swimsuit last week and I keep catching her running through the house with it on lol. I am amazed that she actually puts it on right and not backwards or something!

This weekend I am hoping to go to the zoo, but I am not sure yet if the weather will be cooperating. Saturday morning they are still calling for showers but clear by afternoon, so we’ll see. I am just ready to be outside doing fun stuff before it gets too hot and muggy (love that St. Louis weather!). Crud, Happy Monster Band is over and I’m being summoned for more cheese. I swear I should just buy a dairy cow…

Have a good day everyone and hopefully I can get back to posting more often!