Morning everyone and Happy no humping day. It’s a busy morning and I am in email hell. It’s not like I took two days off for FUN. Why doesn’t everyone understand that and leave me alone! Can’t win.


The weekend was nice, but busy. I went to the gym on Saturday, did some cooking and tried to relax. Sunday was my day to fast and I had to go to church so off I went. I had greeter duty. After church there was the congregational meeting and a potluck, so I sat there and slurped my water. It was a long boring meeting, but aren’t they all?  Sunday evening I had to start taking the pills. They tasted icky, and were huge, but you have to do what you have to do. I got some sleep Sunday night but not a whole lot. Monday morning my ride showed up at 8:20 and off I went to the doctor.  I got checked in and hooked up to a billion machines and then cooled my heels until after 11am when the finally wheeled me in for the procedure. Well, I have a funky digestive system because the prep I did was inadequate and they couldn’t complete the procedure because they couldn’t see everything. All she could tell me was there was no cancer (not that this was a concern or anything, but just the one thing she was able to see) but they couldn’t see if there were any polyps. So they wheeled me back to recovery and had me lay around for a while and then sent me home.  Since I had trouble last time I had this procedure done, they are going to have me do the two day prep next time instead of the one day. Freaking peachy. They were going to try and get this done again on Thursday but they didn’t call me in time so I wouldn’t have been able to fast for two days. It has been rescheduled for Monday 2/22 so whoopee do. I get to do this all over again!  Not eating for 2 and a half days is going to make me a royal b1tch… gads! Anyway, once I got home on Monday, I ATE!!  😀  I had some pasta and laughing cow cheese and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I sort of dozed off and on the rest of the day. Monday I was good for nothing except sofa time.


Tuesday I took the day off to rest and take the kitty to the vet. It was a very good decision to stay home as I felt fine, but was tired. I took kitty to the vet for her shots. She was not happy. I was not happy because she loudly told me she was not happy.  Sigh. The vet says she is fine and healthy, gave her the shots and sent us home. I spent the rest of the day taking a nap and resting. I got changed a little after 4pm and went over to the gym to meet with the trainer. It was a tough workout, partially because I was still a little weak and partially because he is a big meanie! 😛 He had me doing 50 reps of stuff, 50! He has never had me do such hi reps before! After my time with him, I did my cardio and then went home. Dinner was green beans, chicken, stuffing mix and diced tomatoes.. all baked in a pan. Came out really good and very filling. I also had some zucchini and hominy on the side. I had barely finished dinner and a few minutes online when it was 8pm and Biggest Loser time. I am sorry, but that red team chick was lying through her teeth. How funny she lost weight this week, just as Jillian predicted she would. I think the mother on the green team should have gone home instead of the daughter but IMHO they both are an emotional mess. They never smiled, always seemed angry. Did you check out their body language.. arms crossed, glaring at everyone? They have issues and are not letting them out. I wish them well but until they deal with what’s eating them, they are going to keep eating their feelings. I know. I’ve been there.  I went to bed right afterwards and slept well.


Up this morning on time with a confused kitty next to me. After a few extra days off, she had already gotten into the later sleeping routine. Poor thing.  I got up, had breakfast, got changed and on my way. The commute was fine. As I mentioned above, I had email hell waiting for me.. 115 messages for being gone for 2 days.   Sigh. I’ve plowed through a lot of them but some will take time. After work, it is off to the gym for a cardio only day. Hopefully it will be easy than yesterday. Dinner afterwards which is pumpkin chili and a breadstick.  TV is whatever is on, some computer time, Furball time and bedtime at a decent time.


That’s all for me. It’s lunchtime and I’ve got things I need to do. Have a nice Wednesday and don’t forget to sweat

The stress has begun

May 26th, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Tuesday. I hope you had a nice long weekend, those of you that had it that is. It was a nice weekend here and I enjoyed the extra day off. Wish I had more. 🙁  


Friday work was pretty mellow. Most people left early so I spent the afternoon doing some busy work. I left work a little after 3pm and had a nice drive to Trader Joe’s. I got all sorts of stuff and then went to the grocery store to get the rest. I spent way too much money and I don’t know what I bought! I went home afterwards, had dinner and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I hadn’t been sleeping well last week and it caught up with me. I woke up around 9pm, watched some TV and then went to bed around midnight. Saturday I tried to get to the gym early, but it just didn’t happen. I did get there a bit after 10am and ended up being right near my trainer when he was with another client most of the time. Another day I couldn’t get away from him!  I got my cardio in and then went home for lunch. After lunch I took a nap and did some cooking alter on in the evening. I played on the computer and just hung out for the evening. Sunday I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. I wanted to go to the gym early and then go to church, but I felt awful. No, I didn’t drink the night before. I ended up going to the gym during the time I would have been in church.  I had lunch, took a short nap and then did a bunch of chores. I finished up my cooking by grilling some chicken and had some for dinner. Monday was an at home day, most of the time. I ended up cleaning the carpets. Ugh what a nasty job that was. I have a machine I bought a few years ago that I use and it does a good job, I think. I am sure it doesn’t do as good of a job as the commercial ones, but that just won’t work for me. I took a short nap after that and then got cleaned up. The kitty sitter came over to make sure her key still worked and to get any instructions for my trip. The Furball hid under the bed the entire time. After she left, I went to Target to pick up a few things and then came home and had dinner. I made a yummy Curry cashew, pear and grape salad. I added chicken to it. Quite yummy and I’ll add my review to it later today. I also had a garlic cheese breadstick from Trader Joe’s. I watched some TV, washed my hair and was in bed about 10pm.


Up at my usual time this morning. Not happy about it, but what can you do? I had a Linda McMuffin, got cleaned up and on my way to work. It’s pretty quiet this morning so far which is nice.  The idiot vendor called me first thing and I don’t know what I have to do to give these people a freaking CLUE. I had to repeat what I said in my email again and again and I am sure it still will be done incorrectly. Sigh. I have no meetings today and no calls aside from the usual stuff. After work I am off to the gym to meet with the trainer. I am sure today is upper body day because that is how he has been lately, but he could surprise me.  Dinner tonight is Asian grilled chicken, snow peas and water chestnuts and sesame zucchini.  TV tonight will be a House re-run and that’s it. Bedtime right afterwards.


The title of the entry is the stress has begun and it has. I hate traveling and I hate flying and I have to go to Georgia this coming Sunday for five days.  I am arranging everything I can to take away at least some of the problem, but I just don’t like being away from home and I don’t like flying. I don’t like the hours of time you have to suck up to get to the airport, to sit there, then there is the time on the plane.. oh the whole thing is just awful.  Then I don’t like being away from home or the Furball. I worry she is going to miss me. I worry that she’ll be scared. I worry she’ll get sick or hurt. I worry she’ll get out. I just worry. Sigh. I have Valium at home and I’ll be taking a pill before I get on the plane. I am taking my MP3 player and my Kindle to keep me occupied. I have my timers all ready to set up at home to turn lights off and on, the kitty sitter will take care of kitty, bring in mail, turn on and off other lights. I’ll have a radio on inside. I won’t relax until I get home from my trip.  😆  I do intend to try and post from there. I won’t be posting until probably after they’ve gone to bed at night so look for my entries when you get up in the morning. I’ll need your nice comments to get me through the visit. 😀  Right now I know the stress is why I am not sleeping well, why I am eating like  a famine is coming and why I am cranky.


So that’s all for me today. Time to post this and get back to billing. Have nice Tuesday and don’t forget to sweat.



Hello world!

March 4th, 2009

The Furball
New Home sometime soon.. I will show all of you journal Ladies how to add people’s blogs to your links area.  Have faith!