After work at home

May 19th, 2010

Evening everyone. It’s been another goofy week so here I am at home blogging for the day.. Finally. It’s a nice evening and I am glad to be home. Furball is happy too.

Weekend was nice but too short as always. I did the usual stuff and also went to church. Nothing exciting other than me smacking myself on a slant board and giving myself yet another lovely bruise. Monday at work was busy but not crazy. Tuesday was pretty busy. Co-workers were told on a conference call that I was going to be working on procedures and they needed to help cover the issues. Of course they didn’t. When I cam up for air to check, stuff had been sitting there for five hours! I called my boss and asked her what she wanted me to do since she had told me my number one priority was working on the process documentation. She pulled me off that to handle the stuff that piled up. She called my co-worker and I know she was pissed. We had a meting about it today and they both played dumb that they didn’t understand what they were being asked to do at the meeting yesterday. DUH. I think they ignored it on purpose because they never planned to do it or neither one of them was paying attention. My boss FINALLY gets that they both put the other divisions issues first. I’ve been telling her that from the get go and she finally sees it. Anyway, because they were so uncooperative, she had to set up a schedule when they would be responsible for the entire queue of issues.. When I would be unavailable! It’s shame it came to that but when I tried I got stonewalled. I went to the gym after work and had a good upper body session with the trainer. Home for dinner and then The Biggest Loser. Spoilers so leave now if you haven’t seen it. I am really worried about Koli and Daris and those were the two that seemed to have it together. The fact that Koli had to leave his family after a week and go to another state because he was felt too bombarded let me know this man really need to develop some coping skills for the real world/ Daris too. When we saw at the end of the show last week that someone had gained 2 pounds, I would have be money it was Michael . I was shocked it was Daris, but boy do I get that night time eating thing. He is in control and so structured all day long and then at night, when it is quiet and nothing to do.. He went nuts. Poor guy. Anyway, I am rooting for Michael to win I think. I wouldn’t be unhappy if any of them won though

Right before bed last night I was reading Craigslist. I love to read the personals because they are free entertainment/ 😀 Anyway, I was reading the Missed Connections area and I saw the title of a post about the gym I go to, so of course I was curious. LOLOLOL. It was from a man who is lusting after my former heterosexual MALE trainer… heehehe and wondering if the trainer is into guys? Oh man.. I can’t tell you how much I giggled at that. Even today it makes me laugh. I’ll have to tell him about it if I see him at the gym this weekend. 😆

Work today was another busy day. I didn’t get everything done but I did make some good progress on the process documentation I think, I didn’t go to the gym after work because I had a dentist appointment to get an old filling re-done.. I know my jaw is going to be sore tomorrow from having it open like that for so long. I didn’t get un-numbed enough to eat until nearly 8pm. Anyway, TV tonight doesn’t appear to be much so I’ll be hitting bed probably in an hour or so.

Have a nice Thursday if I don’t get to post and don’t forget to sweat.

5 Responses to “After work at home”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Sorry to hear about your office troubles. I’m glad you are enjoying the day though and embracing a carefree attitude!

    Have a great Thursday 😀

  2. sunnydaze Says:

    I totally agree with you re BL. I’m rooting for Michael to win, also. LOL about the guy lusting after your former trainer. I wonder what he’ll say. Almost the weekend, girl! 🙂

  3. moonfairy Says:

    HA HA HA @ craig’s list ad. what are the odds? you know, i’ve resorted to reading those ads too when i’m bored at work and i’m beating my brain for something to read. helps pass the time.

  4. laura705 Says:

    LOL – the craigslist site. Too funny that you saw something about somebody you know in there!! Every once in a while I’ll check out the Best of CL – always something entertaining.

    Enjoy your long weekend, and have a happy birthday!!

  5. loosingme Says:

    popping in to wish you a very happy birthday…I hope you get some birthday treat ( other than a furball from the furball) and celebrate a bit!

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