I started back up at the gym last week. I did weights for the second day, and realized that my abs and my strength is not where it was last year. I worked hard when I was in Kuwait to build up to a 5km run. I also had a personal trainer for two months. I then got sick, and then went through some really stressful times. I stopped going to the gym, and then moved back to Canada, where I had no money to join a gym. Anyway, all that aside, I felt a bit down last night, but know that I have to work extra hard to get back to where I was. My abs are weak, but I do notice that things are a bit easier because I’m 18 pounds lighter. I was doing the standing ab lift machine, and I remember how hard I worked to do three sets of 10. Now I struggled to do two sets.

Thinking back, I remember moving so much over the last seven years, and that it wasn’t always easy to join a gym either because of location or cost. I know my lifestyle did not help help me keeping consistent. Now that I recall though, I did always try to get back into it everywhere that I lived which is a good thing. I’ve always been an off again on again gym goer. I’d love to be able to do Muay Thai again, which isn’t feasible right now as it isn’t offered in my city. I’d just love to go back to Thailand to be able to train.

I’ve been thinking about looking into getting certified with CanfitPro which is the certification I’d need to be a personal trainer in Canada. I was a trainer in university, and I took the course the uni offered. I remember something happened that made me not finish the canfitpro test, and I didn’t get the certification. I hate not accomplishing certain things, and there hasn’t been that many goals I’ve set that I haven’t accomplished. The two that I regret the most are not finishing the 5km race, and not getting that certification. I can’t beat myself up, but I can push myself to accomplish both of those in the future. I’d like to do a 5km race this spring or summer. I’d also like to look into getting certified, and doing some part-time training in the future.

I’ve been thinking about goals, and how important having goals and dreams are. I really need to sit down and think about what I want for myself in the next five to ten years.